How to Get Coffee Stain Out of Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for many kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability, stylish appearance, and low maintenance. However, like any surface, quartz can get stained, especially by stubborn substances like coffee. Don’t panic if you spill coffee on your quartz – with the right techniques and supplies, you can get coffee stains out of quartz countertops and restore their original beauty.

What Causes Coffee Stains on Quartz?

Quartz is non-porous, so coffee and other liquids don’t actually soak into the material. However, the dark pigments and oils in coffee can leave a stubborn stain if allowed to dry on the surface. The heat from a hot cup of coffee can also cause the stain to ” bake” onto the countertop.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Quartz Countertops

Removing coffee stains from quartz requires using the right combination of cleaning solutions and techniques tailored to lift the stain safely from the surface. Here are the recommended steps:

Blot Up Excess Coffee Immediately

As soon as you notice the spill, blot up any excess coffee from the quartz using a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. Don’t scrub or wipe the stain at this point – blotting prevents the coffee from spreading.

Mix a Mild Cleaner Solution

Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water in a spray bottle. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach that could damage the quartz sealant.

Spray and Let Sit for 5 Minutes

Lightly spray the cleaner solution directly onto the coffee stain. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to lift the stain.

Scrub Gently with a Soft Cloth or Sponge

After letting it sit, gently scrub the stained area using a soft cloth, sponge, or non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Apply light pressure as you scrub.

Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the countertop thoroughly with clean water to remove all cleaner residue. Make sure no soap remains on the quartz.

Repeat as Needed for Stubborn Stains

For stubborn stains that don’t budge after the first try, repeat the process using a little more scrubbing pressure. Most coffee stains will lift after 1-2 treatments.

Dry Completely

After removing the stain, dry the area thoroughly with a soft towel. Make sure no moisture remains on the quartz.

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Coffee Stains

Preventing future coffee stains on your quartz countertops is easier than removing them after the fact. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Use coasters under coffee cups and mugs to prevent contacting the surface
  • Immediately wipe up any splashes or spills
  • Avoid placing hot cups or pots directly on the quartz
  • Seal your quartz countertop every 6-12 months to protect from stains
  • Don’t let coffee or any liquids sit on the surface for long periods

Powerful Stain Removers for Stubborn Coffee Stains

For coffee stains that resist normal cleaning methods, these heavy-duty removers may get the job done:

  • Baking soda paste – Mix baking soda and water to form a paste. Rub it into the stain and let sit before scrubbing and rinsing. The mild abrasiveness lifts deep stains.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Apply peroxide directly to the stain and let bubble for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing clean.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Gently rub the stain with this melamine cleaning pad. It can lift stubborn stains without scratching.
  • Bar Keepers Friend – This powder cleanser mixed with water cuts through tough coffee stains on quartz.

Be very gentle when using any heavy-duty cleansers on quartz. Test first on an inconspicuous spot to ensure they don’t dull the surface.

When to Call for Professional Help

If you’ve tried every cleaning method with no success, reach out to a professional quartz countertop cleaning service. With commercial-grade cleaners and powerful polishing equipment, pros can remove even the most stubborn coffee stains without damaging the quartz. Leaving stains too long can risk permanently marking the surface.

FAQs About Removing Coffee Stains from Quartz

How long can I leave a coffee stain on quartz before cleaning?

It’s best to blot and clean coffee spills immediately before the stain has a chance to set. The longer coffee sits, the harder it’ll be to remove. Attend to it ASAP.

Can I use bleach or abrasive cleaners on quartz?

No, avoid harsh cleaners like bleach and anything with abrasives. They can dull and damage the quartz sealant leaving it prone to staining. Use only mild soaps and cleaners specially formulated for quartz.

Is it ok to use vinegar on quartz countertops?

Yes, diluted white vinegar is generally safe for cleaning quartz. Mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water and use it to lift coffee and other stains. Avoid colored vinegars which could discolor the surface. Rinse thoroughly after using.

How can I make DIY quartz cleaner at home?

An effective homemade quartz cleaner combines a few drops of dish soap with warm water and a splash of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. You can also add some essential oils for a nice scent. Always use a soft cloth to gently apply.

Can I use Magic Eraser on all quartz countertops?

Most quartz manufacturers approve using melamine foam magic erasers for stain removal as long as you apply light pressure. But check your specific brand’s care instructions to be sure.


Coffee stains on quartz countertops are certainly a nuisance, but with the proper cleaning methods, they can almost always be removed. Blot spills immediately, use mild soapy cleaners, scrub gently, and repeat as needed for stubborn stains. For best results, keep quartz sealed and maintained properly to prevent coffee and other stains from setting in. With some elbow grease and the right supplies, you can get your quartz counters looking like new again after a coffee mishap.