How to Fix Chips in Quartz Countertops

Chips and cracks in quartz countertops can occur over time from regular wear and tear. Thankfully, there are several effective DIY methods to repair minor chips and prevent further damage. With a little bit of effort, you can restore the flawless appearance of your quartz countertops.

What Causes Chips in Quartz?

Quartz countertops are made of ground quartz crystals combined with resin for binding. This makes them durable and resistant to scratches. However, they can still chip from impact damage. The main causes of chips are:

  • Dropping heavy or sharp objects on the countertop – This can cause small dents or chips.
  • Applying too much force when cutting on the surface – Using excessive pressure when slicing foods can stress the material.
  • Impact from objects bumping the edge – Quartz edges can chip if hit forcefully by metal pans or appliances.
  • Settling foundation – If the countertop installation has shifted slightly, chips may form from the stress.
  • Minor manufacturing flaws – Small natural fissures in the quartz can lead to chips down the road.

Best Methods to Repair Quartz Chips

Here are the most effective DIY techniques to fix chips in quartz countertops:

Use a Countertop Repair Kit

Specialized quartz countertop repair kits are available with epoxy fillers to patch small chips. The process includes:

  • Clean and dry the damaged area thoroughly.
  • Mix the epoxy filler according to kit instructions.
  • Fill the chip with the epoxy using a putty knife.
  • Let cure completely overnight before polishing smooth.

Repair kits match the quartz color well and can fix chips up to 1 inch wide.

Apply Clear Nail Polish

For tiny quartz chips less than 1/4 inch wide, brushing on a coat of clear nail polish can disguise the flaw.

  • Clean the chipped section and allow to dry.
  • Use a small art brush to apply a layer of clear polish only in the chipped area.
  • Allow to fully harden for at least an hour.

The clear polish fills in the nick and blends seamlessly. Repeat coats as needed until smoothed over.

Use Krazy Glue

Super glue can also work to fix small quartz chips.

  • Clean and dry the chip thoroughly first.
  • Squeeze a small drop of Krazy Glue into the chipped spot.
  • Wait 60 seconds for it to cure and harden fully.

The glue fills in the flaw decently well. Be very careful to avoid getting glue on the surrounding area.

Sand and Buff the Chips

For shallow surface chips, gently sanding and buffing can remove the imperfections.

  • Lightly sand the chipped section with 400 grit sandpaper.
  • Use a smooth polishing pad and mineral spirits to buff the area.
  • Finish by polishing with a quartz countertop polish product.

Take care not to sand too aggressively or you may create deeper grooves. Work slowly and check often.

Call a Professional for Repair

For chips wider or deeper than 1 inch, it’s best to call a professional quartz fabricator. They have the right tools and epoxy fillers to repair larger damages. This will ensure long-lasting results. Expect to pay $100 or more for professional chip repair.

How to Prevent Quartz Countertop Chips

The best defense is preventing chips and cracks in your quartz countertops in the first place. Follow these tips:

  • Always use a cutting board instead of slicing foods directly on the quartz.
  • Don’t let pots, pans or appliances bang on the countertop edges. Use pads to prevent impact.
  • Clean spills quickly to avoid moisture seeping in cracks making them worse.
  • Use quartz-safe cleaners to avoid damaging the protective finish.
  • Have the countertops re-sealed by a pro every few years for added protection.
  • Handle the surface gently and avoid placing very hot items on it.

With proper care, it’s possible to keep quartz countertops chip-free for many years. But if damage does occur, the repair techniques above can restore their flawless look. Just be sure to address any chips quickly before they grow larger.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixing Quartz Chips

Can I use superglue to fix a chip in my quartz countertop?

Yes, superglue (cyanoacrylate) can work decently for repairing small chips in quartz. Just be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the chipped area first. Apply a small amount of superglue to the nick and allow it to cure fully. Be very careful not to get glue on the surrounding countertop.

What’s the best way to smooth chips on a quartz edge?

For small chips along the edge of a quartz countertop, start by gently sanding with 400 grit sandpaper to smooth and round out the imperfections. Follow up by polishing the area thoroughly with a buffing pad and mineral spirits to blend it. Avoid aggressive sanding to prevent making the damage worse.

Can I use enamel paint to fill in chips on my kitchen quartz?

Enamel paint is not recommended for repairing chips and cracks in quartz surfaces. It will not bond well and can eventually peel away. Use a specially designed quartz epoxy repair filler instead for the best long-lasting results.

Is there a homemade solution I can use to fix quartz countertop chips?

There’s no truly effective homemade solution for repairing damages to quartz. Your best option is to use a commercial epoxy-based quartz repair kit found at your local hardware store. Make sure to follow the product instructions closely for proper curing and hardening times when using the repair filler.

Should I hire a professional to repair larger quartz chips and cracks?

Yes, for any chips or cracks wider than 1 inch, it’s best to hire a professional quartz countertop fabricator. They have specialized tools and materials to properly fix larger damages. Attempting DIY repairs on bigger chips risks making the problem worse. Paying a pro now can save you from a full quartz replacement later.


Minor chips and cracks in quartz countertops are common but can detract from their appearance. With DIY repair methods like using epoxy filler kits, super glue, sanding/buffing, or clear polish, you can often fix small quartz chips yourself. Just be sure to address any damage promptly to prevent it worsening over time. And take care to prevent chips by handling your countertops gently and using cuttings boards. With a bit of care, your quartz can stay chip-free for many years.