How to Fix a Broken Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are popular in many homes due to their durability, stylish appearance, and easy maintenance. However, like any other countertop material, quartz can become damaged over time. Cracks, chips, stains, and other issues can occur. Fortunately, many quartz countertop problems can be repaired without having to completely replace the countertop. Here is a detailed guide on how to fix the most common problems with quartz countertops.

Assessing the Damage

The first step is to thoroughly examine the quartz countertop damage. This will help determine the best repair method. Here are some of the most common quartz countertop problems:

Small Chips and Cracks

Small chips at the edges or hairline cracks through the surface are relatively minor issues. These can often be repaired with a quartz countertop repair kit.

Large Chips and Cracks

Deep cracks, large chunks missing from the edges, or cracks extending across the full surface are more serious. These may require a professional repair or quartz countertop replacement.

Stains and Discoloration

Food stains, water marks, and other discoloration that cannot be removed through cleaning will require a deep cleanse and re-polishing.

Impact Damage

Major cracks, chips, or crunching from a heavy impact may mean the underlying quartz material is structurally compromised. Replacement may be needed.

Cleaning and Prepping the Surface

Before attempting any repairs, thoroughly clean the quartz surface. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing hard at stains. This will prep the surface and help assess the full extent of the damage.

Make sure the countertop is fully dry before applying any repair products. Sand down any rough edges around chips and cracks with fine-grit sandpaper. This will create a smoother surface for repairs to adhere to.

Applying a Color-Matched Quartz Repair Kit

For minor chips, cracks, and other surface damage, a quality do-it-yourself quartz countertop repair kit can often take care of the problem. These kits contain color-matched epoxy resin filler, adhesive, applicators, sandpaper, and instructions. Here is the basic process:

  • Choose a kit with filler that closely matches your quartz color and pattern. White quartz is easiest to match while darker quartz with veining presents more challenge.
  • Mix the epoxy resin filler according to the product directions. Work quickly as the mixture will harden fast.
  • Fill all chips and cracks fully with the epoxy using the provided applicators. Apply slightly more than needed to account for sanding.
  • Let the epoxy cure fully, usually about 24 hours. It should harden to a sandable solid.
  • Use the included sandpaper to smooth and shape the repaired areas. Blend edges evenly into the surrounding quartz.
  • Clean the countertop fully to remove all dust once repairs are sanded smooth.

With careful color-matching and application, quartz repair kits can make chips, cracks, and other damage virtually disappear.

Repairing Impact Damage

For quartz countertops with impact damage like major cracks or crunching, professional help may be required. Trained technicians have materials and methods for removing and replacing sections of a quartz countertop. This avoids having to do a full replacement.

The process involves:

  • Mapping out the damaged section to be removed. This is cut out with specialized tools.
  • Custom fabricating a new quartz piece to exactly fit the open space.
  • Securely bonding the replacement quartz slab in place.
  • Re-polishing and finishing the surface.

With precision cutting and bonding, the repair can be practically seamless. This saves time and money versus a whole new countertop installation.

Deep Cleaning and Re-Polishing

For stains, etching, discoloration, and general dullness that cannot be removed through normal cleaning, a deep cleanse and re-polishing by a professional is often the solution.

The process typically involves:

  • Using heavy-duty cleaners and scrubbing to remove staining deep in the quartz pores.
  • Multi-stage polishing with diamond abrasive pads to restore the quartz sheen and smoothness.
  • Applying a professional-grade quartz sealer to protect the renewed surface.

This intensive cleaning and polishing can restore the original factory finish of a quartz countertop. It can be priced very reasonably compared to replacing the whole countertop.

When Full Quartz Countertop Replacement is Needed

In some cases of extreme damage or when a new look is desired, a full quartz countertop replacement may be necessary. Here are common reasons:

  • Extensive cracking over large areas that repairs cannot address.
  • Major impact damage like fracturing or chunks missing that compromise structural integrity.
  • When it is preferred to change the quartz color or style that repairs cannot alter.
  • If proper adhesive bonding of the quartz slab was not done originally and the countertop detaches from the base cabinet.

Quartz countertop installation is best left to professionals. They have the skills to remove old countertop material, accurately measure and cut quartz slabs, securely bond the new tops in place, shape edges, finish seams, and complete the installation professionally.

FAQs About Fixing Quartz Countertops

How much does it cost to repair a quartz countertop?

For DIY kits, costs are very affordable, usually between $10-$50. Professional repairs like impact damage or re-polishing range from $200-$1000 based on size. Full replacements average $60-$100 per square foot installed.

Can you repair quartz yourself?

Small chips, cracks, and damage can be repaired yourself with quartz repair kits. But extensive damage or replacements are best done by quartz countertop professionals.

Does homeowners insurance cover quartz countertop repairs?

This depends on your policy. Some cover accidental damage. Others only cover repairs needed due to a covered peril like fire, storms, etc. Check with your insurance provider.

Is it worth fixing quartz or just replacing?

For minor damage, repairs are very worthwhile. Even some impact damage can be cost-effectively repaired by a pro versus full replacement. But extensive cracking or when you want an entirely new look may mean replacement is better.

How long do quartz countertop repairs last?

When properly done, quartz repairs can last for years of continued use. Much depends on how well you maintain and avoid further damage to the countertop.


Quartz countertops are a long-lasting and damage-resistant material. But problems can develop over time. Instead of living with unsightly damaged countertops or undergoing full replacements, many issues can be fixed. DIY repair kits, professional repairs, deep cleaning, and targeted replacements of sections can restore the beauty of quartz countertops while saving homeowners significant time, hassle, and cost compared to complete new installations. With the right approach and methods, quartz countertops can provide many extra years of dependable service and good looks.