How to Find Cheap Quartz Countertops

Installing new countertops can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz countertops in particular have become very popular in recent years due to their stylish appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance. However, quartz is also one of the more expensive countertop materials on the market. Use this guide to learn tips and tricks for finding affordable quartz countertops without sacrificing quality.

Shop Around For The Best Deals

The first step is to research prices from different suppliers in your area. Quartz pricing can vary widely, so it pays to spend some time calling around. Get quotes from big box home improvement stores, material suppliers, and countertop fabricators. Let each company know you are shopping around for the best deal. They may be willing to negotiate or price match a competitor’s quote.

Some places to find cheap quartz countertops include:

  • Big box home improvement stores – Check stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s for quartz remnants and special buys. Monitor sales and clearance items.
  • Local stone yards – Stone suppliers sell to both homeowners and contractors. Ask whatquartz brands and colors they have in stock at discounted pricing.
  • Fabricators – Quartz fabricators may have remnants or discontinued colors for very low costs.
  • Online retailers – Online companies like eBay or Cortzestone sell quartz at wholesale costs with shipping.
  • Discount warehouses – Check discount building material warehouses for quartz options.

Consider Lower-Priced Quartz Options

All quartz is not created equally. Certain brands such as Caesarstone and Cambria cost more because they invest heavily in marketing, have unique patterns, or use proprietary technology. However, you can find high quality quartz from less expensive manufacturers.

Some budget-friendly quartz brands to look for include:

  • IKEA – IKEA offers very affordable quartz in popular colors and styles.
  • Silestone – This brand is known for lower-priced quartz in many color options.
  • Vicostone – A mid-range brand with styles mimicking natural stone.
  • Quartz Master – Budget-line quartz in classic white and gray shades.
  • Cimstone – Known for cheaper neutrals and unique patterns.

Choose a Simple Shape and Edge

The complexity of your countertop’s layout and edge profile also impacts the price. Opting for a simple shape instead of a dramatic curve and clean edges rather than ornate edge details can lower costs.

  • Stick with a basic rectangular shape instead of curves or angles.
  • Select a standard eased or small bevel edge profile.
  • For kitchen islands, a square or rectangle with straight edges offers savings.

Inspect Remnants for Your Size

One of the best ways to save on quartz counters is to use a remnant. Remnants are cut from larger slabs and are sold at a steep discount. Visit local stone yards or fabricators and inspect their remnant selection. Bring measurements to find pieces large enough for your project.

Larger remnants can be cut to fit smaller areas like bathroom vanities or laundry rooms. Try to visualize pieces rotated or with seams to cover your countertop space. Flexibility increases the chances of finding an ideal remnant.

Time Your Purchase Right

As with most big ticket home items, timing your quartz purchase to align with sales and rebates can lead to big savings:

  • Shop end of year sales in fall and winter when stores are clearing out inventory.
  • Look for coupons and discount codes from online sellers valid on quartz purchases.
  • Ask about any seasonal promotions or rebates available on quartz.
  • Consider delaying your project a few weeks or months if a sale is on the horizon.

Get Quotes for Integrated Sinks

Getting a sink integrated into your quartz countertop rather than having a separate sink drop-in can often be achieved at no added cost. Since fabricators are cutting out the sink hole anyway, installing the sink requires little extra effort.

Be sure to inquire about integrated sink pricing when requesting quotes. This can end up being a free upgrade over a drop-in sink.

Go for a Merchant Blend Slab

Another cost-saving option is to choose a merchant blend slab. Merchant blend slabs incorporate smaller cut pieces from other jobs into a new slab. This results in an eclectic, mosaic look at a reduced cost. If you like a unique, mixed pattern aesthetic, a merchant blend quartz can provide big savings.

Consider Do-It-Yourself Installation

For DIYers with remodeling experience, installing quartz yourself can yield considerable savings on labor costs. The main requirements are having a helper, proper tools, and following precise measurements. Watch online tutorials to gain the necessary skills.

However, take care to avoid mistakes – faulty quartz installation can be expensive. Consider your skill level carefully before attempting do-it-yourself quartz counters.

Protect Your Investment

Once you’ve scored a deal on inexpensive quartz, take measures to keep your counters looking like new for years:

  • Use cutting boards instead of cutting directly on quartz.
  • Wipe up spills quickly to prevent stains.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.
  • Have counters resealed every 1-2 years by a pro.

With some savvy shopping techniques, it is possible to find gorgeous and affordable quartz countertops to transform your kitchen or bath within almost any budget. Take the time to research different suppliers and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Your persistence will pay off with stunning new quartz counters at a price you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find cheap or discounted quartz countertops in my area?

Some of the best ways to find affordable quartz options include checking big box stores and local stone suppliers for sales and remnants, looking at lower-priced quartz brands, considering simpler layouts, and shopping end of year sales and promotions.

What are quartz manufacturer brands that offer lower prices?

Some quartz brands known for more budget-friendly pricing include IKEA, Silestone, Vicostone, Quartz Master, and Cimstone. These offer stylish options at mid-range to low price points.

Should I consider remnants or DIY installation to save money?

Yes, using a remnant piece that fits your space is an excellent way to save on quartz counters. DIY installation can also yield big savings but requires skill and experience. Carefully consider your abilities before a DIY quartz project.

Does getting an integrated sink cost more for quartz countertops?

No, most fabricators will install an integrated sink at no extra charge compared to a drop-in sink installation. Be sure to ask for integrated sink pricing when getting quotes.

What are some tips to keep inexpensive quartz counters looking nice?

Use cutting boards, wipe spills quickly, avoid abrasives, clean with a gentle stone cleaner, and have a professional apply a sealant every 1-2 years. Taking good care will keep even affordable quartz counters looking pristine.