How to Cut Quartz Countertops – A Complete Guide

Quartz countertops are increasingly popular options for kitchen and bathroom remodels due to their durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. However, cutting quartz requires special tools and techniques to get professional looking results. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to properly cut quartz countertops.

Planning the Cuts

Before cutting, you need to carefully plan where and how you will make the cuts.

  • Take precise measurements of the space and the quartz slabs. Mark where you need to make cutouts for sinks or cooktops.
  • Plan the seams between slabs. Try to make seams in inconspicuous areas rather than highly visible spots.
  • Minimize the number of seams for a seamless look. Cut adjoining pieces from the same slab to match patterns.
  • Account for overhangs when planning measurements. Standard overhang is 1 1⁄4 inch.

What You Need to Cut Quartz

Cutting quartz requires specialized tools not found in a typical toolbox:

  • A wet saw with a diamond-tipped blade specifically for stone. A quality quartz blade is essential for clean cuts.
  • A circular saw with a granite blade to make straight cuts outdoors.
  • Silicone carbide sandpaper in varying grits like 60, 200, and 400.
  • A carpenter’s square to mark cuts.
  • Safety supplies – goggles, N95 mask, ear protection, gloves.

Cutting the Quartz

Follow these steps for smooth cuts:

Prepare the Work Area

Outdoors is ideal to control overspray. Lay a rigid foam under the slab to protect the surface. Have plenty of water available.

Mark Guidelines

Use a carpenter’s square and sharp pencil to mark straight cutting lines. Mark curved cuts with template guides.

Cut with Wet Saw

Cut outdoors or use wet saw indoors. Continually spray the blade and cut line with water to minimize chipping and overheating. Cut slowly for cleanest edge.

Make Finishing Cuts

For facets, bevels, or polished edges, use a circular saw outfitted with a diamond blade. Cut along the edges of the quartz slab.

Smooth Edges

Use 200 grit sandpaper on cut edges to smooth. Bevel edges and round corners slightly for safety and aesthetics.

Clean Up

When done cutting, wash the quartz slab with water and mild soap. Inspect for any leftover debris or residue along cut lines. Rinse thoroughly.

Cut-Outs for Sinks and Cooktops

Cut-outs require patient, incremental cuts for best results:

  • Clamp a template guide in place where you need the sink/cooktop cutout.
  • Drill holes inside the cutout area using a masonry bit.
  • Use a jigsaw to connect the holes. Cut just inside the guide outline.
  • Use a router with granite bit to refine and smooth the hole to your template outline.
  • Finish edges with sandpaper and a file. Test fit the sink/cooktop.

Tips for Cutting Quartz

Follow these tips to help ensure clean, precise cuts:

  • Keep the quartz slab wet when cutting to minimize heat and friction.
  • Work slowly and steadily. Rushing increases chances of slip-ups.
  • Apply firm, even pressure when cutting. Don’t bear down too aggressively.
  • Use new blades. Old, worn blades make ragged cuts.
  • Support cut off pieces to avoid cracking and breaking.

Cutting Quartz Countertops FAQs

How thick should quartz countertops be?

The standard thickness is 3/4 inches. Thicker 1 1/4 inch slabs are heavier and more durable options.

Can I cut quartz countertops with a circular saw?

Yes, a circular saw with a diamond blade can make straight cuts through quartz outdoors. Keep the cut line constantly wet.

What blade do I need to cut quartz?
Use a diamond-tipped blade specifically formulated for cutting stone and quartz. Continuous, smooth-edged blades work best.

How do I cut holes in quartz for sinks?
A combination of drill holes, jigsaw cuts, and router smoothing allows you to cut accurate sink holes in quartz.

Can I cut quartz countertops with a jigsaw?
A jigsaw alone cannot cut quartz cleanly, but it can help make interior cutouts when used with other tools.

What should I use to cut quartz edges?
Use a wet saw for long edges, and a circular saw with a diamond blade for short seams and polished edges.


Cutting quartz countertops is a manageable DIY project with specialized tools, patience, and proper planning. Following the techniques outlined here will help you achieve smooth, clean cuts worthy of professional installation. Take it slowly and always use water cooling when cutting quartz to get the best possible results.