How to Cut Out a Sink in Quartz Countertop


Installing an undermount sink in a quartz countertop can really upgrade your kitchen’s look. While quartz is durable, cutting out the hole for the sink requires special tools and techniques to avoid cracking or chipping. With proper planning and care, cutting out space for an undermount sink in quartz countertops is a doable DIY project.

Gather the Right Tools and Materials

Cutting quartz requires diamond-tipped blades designed for this hard material. You’ll need:

  • Circular saw with diamond-tipped blade
  • Jigsaw with diamond-tipped blade
  • Drill with diamond-tipped bits
  • Safety gear – goggles, ear protection, gloves
  • Tape measure and marker
  • Straight edge
  • Clamps
  • Sealant/adhesive for sink

Use denatured alcohol and clean cloths to keep the cut area free of debris. Have a vaccum ready to control dust.

Prepare the Countertop

First, check the underside of the quartz countertop to be sure it’s properly supported, with no hollow spots. Use shims if needed to prevent sagging when cut.

Remove the sink from its packaging and trace the outline onto the countertop with a marker. Mark the faucet holes as well.

Tape around the line to prevent chipping. Clamp a straight edge guide securely to the countertop aligned just outside the sink outline. This will guide the circular saw for a straight cut.

Make the Cutout

Drill holes at the corners of the outline using a diamond-tipped bit. This allows the saw blade to turn easier.

Use the circular saw to make the long straight cuts following along the straight edge guide. Go slowly to control chipping. Stop cutting about 1 inch from the corners.

Finish the corners with a jigsaw fitted with a diamond blade. Cut towards the hole to prevent chipping. Clean cut lines frequently with denatured alcohol.

Smooth any rough edges with a diamond sanding pad or diamond file. Test fit the sink and use the jigsaw to trim any tight spots, taking care not to overcut.

Drill the faucet holes with diamond hole saws matched to the faucet size. Place tape dots to guide the drill bit.

Secure the Sink

Clean the underside of the sink and mating countertop surfaces with denatured alcohol. Apply a bead of silicone adhesive caulk around the sink rim. Place the sink in position and press down firmly.

Allow the adhesive to cure fully before using, usually 24-48 hours. Apply sealant along the seam from above to complete installation.

Tips for Cutting Quartz Countertops

  • Always use specialty diamond blades and bits. Carbide blades won’t work.
  • Cut very slowly and steadily to avoid chipping.
  • Keep the cut area clean as you work.
  • Clamp a guide to ensure straight cuts with the circular saw.
  • Make relief cuts at corners prior to the long cuts.
  • Cut curved shapes like the sink radius with a jigsaw.

FAQs About Cutting Out a Sink in Quartz

Is it hard to cut out a sink opening in a quartz countertop?

While quartz is extremely durable, it does require specialty diamond-tipped blades to cut smoothly. The process itself is not necessarily difficult, but care must be taken to get clean, chip-free cuts.

Can I cut quartz countertop with a regular saw?

No, you should never cut quartz with a regular wood or metal cutting blade. Only diamond-tipped blades will cut through quartz cleanly. Using the wrong blades will result in jagged edges and chips.

What tools do I need to cut a sink hole in quartz?

You’ll need a circular saw and a jigsaw fitted with diamond-tipped blades made for quartz. Diamond-tipped drill bits are needed for the starter holes and faucet holes. Safety gear like goggles is also a must.

Is there an easy way to cut quartz countertops?

There are no shortcuts when working with quartz. Allowing ample time and following proper technique using the right diamond-tipped tools will make the job easier. Rushing through the job or using the wrong blades can ruin the countertop.

Can I cut the sink hole myself or do I need a pro?

With caution, patience, and the proper tools, an experienced DIYer can cut their own sink opening in a quartz countertop. However, since mistakes can be costly, many homeowners prefer to have a professional make the cutout.


Installing an undermount sink in a quartz countertop adds beauty and functionality to your kitchen. While quartz is an extremely strong material, take care when cutting to avoid cracking and chipping. With diamond-tipped specialty tools, proper planning, and patience, creating the sink opening can be a manageable DIY quartz countertop project.