How to Calculate Cost for IKEA Quartz Countertop

Measure the Dimensions of Your Countertop Area

The first step is to carefully measure the length and width of your existing countertop space in inches. Be sure to account for any irregular shapes or angles. Measure separately if you have multiple disconnected countertop sections, like an island or peninsula. Having accurate measurements is crucial for calculating the total square footage.

Choose the Thickness and Edge Style

IKEA offers quartz countertops in standard thicknesses of 1 1/8″ or 1 1/2″. Thicker countertops are more durable and can support heavier items. You’ll also need to decide on the edge style – square, bullnose, or laminate strip. The edge can increase costs by $3-5 per linear foot.

Identify the IKEA Quartz Collection

IKEA carries three main quartz product lines: Karlby, Folkstone, and Stockholm. Each collection offers different stone patterns, colors, and price points. Generally, lighter quartz colors tend to be less expensive than darker variegated tones. Expect to pay $50-100 per square foot for IKEA quartz.

Calculate the Square Footage

To determine the total estimated cost, multiply the linear square footage of your countertop by the cost per square foot of the quartz material you selected. Be sure to multiply the cost by 1.1 to account for 10% overage that is typically ordered.

For example:

  • Countertop length: 108 inches
  • Countertop width: 48 inches
  • 108 x 48 = 5,184 (total square inches)
  • 5,184/144 = 36 square feet (144 inches per sq ft)
  • 36 sq ft x $75 per sq ft = $2,700
  • Add 10% overage: $2,700 x 1.1 = $2,970

So for a 108″ x 48″ quartz countertop at $75 per sq ft, the estimated cost is $2,970.

Factor in Installation, Tax, and Other Costs

You’ll need to account for the cost of professional installation, which can range from $40-$100 per hour. IKEA also charges a cutting fee based on the number of sink cutouts and seam cuts. Finally, don’t forget to factor in applicable sales tax. Expect the total project cost to be 25-50% higher than just the cost of materials.

Get an In-Store Estimate

For the most accurate quote, visit your local IKEA with your measurements and product selections. An IKEA kitchen specialist can provide a detailed in-store estimate accounting for all costs – materials, labor, tax, etc. This will give you the total project cost.

With some careful planning and budgeting, an IKEA quartz countertop can be an affordable and worthwhile investment in your kitchen’s functionality and beauty. Proper measurement and cost estimation will ensure there are no surprises during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does IKEA charge for quartz countertop installation?

IKEA contracts professional independent installers and charges by the hour, typically between $40-$100 per hour depending on your region. The total time required depends on the size of the job.

Does IKEA offer any discounts on quartz countertops?

IKEA frequently runs promotions on kitchen countertops, usually 10-15% discounts or rebates. Ask an IKEA employee if any quartz countertop discounts are being offered.

Should I install the countertop myself or hire a pro?

Due to the heavy material and need for seamless installation, it’s highly recommended to pay for professional countertop installation unless you’re an experienced DIYer.

What thickness of quartz countertop should I choose?

1 1/8″ is sufficient for most homes, but 1 1/2″ offers more durability for heavy usage. Go thicker if installing a cooking range directly on the countertop surface.

How much overage should I order for a quartz countertop?

Most installers recommend ordering 10% extra to account for potential breakage and seam miscalculations. IKEA may cover material overages, another benefit of professional install.


With some handy DIY measurements and considerations around edge profiles, thickness, color, and installation, you can accurately estimate the cost of a beautiful new IKEA quartz countertop for your kitchen remodel or replacement project. Careful planning and budgeting will ensure you get the high-quality quartz look you love at the price you want.