How to Buy Cheap Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Made from ground quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments, quartz counters offer an attractive, low-maintenance, and durable surface. However, quartz is also one of the more expensive countertop materials on the market. With strategic shopping and clever installation, it’s possible to purchase stylish quartz countertops while sticking to a budget. This guide will provide tips for finding affordable quartz counters that don’t sacrifice quality or aesthetics.

Choose the Right Thickness

Quartz slabs are available in different thicknesses, most commonly 3/4 inch (2cm) and 1 1/4 inch (3cm). Though thicker slabs tend to look more high-end, the 1 1/4 inch option is largely unnecessary in most residential kitchens. Opting for 3/4 inch thickness can bring significant cost savings without compromising durability. This standard thickness can support plenty of weight and withstand cracks or scratches under normal residential use.

For most home kitchens, 3/4 quartz provides an affordable option that will perform beautifully for years. Only choose the 1 1/4 slab if you specifically desire the luxurious aesthetic of an especially thick counter.

Select a Simple Shape

The more complex the shape of the countertop, the more expensive the installation will be. When designing your kitchen layout, opt for simple countertop shapes like rectangles and squares. Avoid dramatic curves, bevels, and cutouts that will drive up fabrication costs.

Keep countertop seams to a minimum as well. Seams require extra finishing work, increasing the installation charges. A seamless stretch of countertop is the most budget-friendly route.

Consider Alternative Edges

Fancier edge profiles and treatments can greatly increase the price of quartz countertops. A basic straight edge with a light polish will keep costs down without detracting from the quartz’s sophisticated appearance.

Although bullnose, bevel, and ogee edges are attractive choices, they’re unnecessary luxuries on a budget. Skip special treatments like hand-scraped edges as well to maximize savings.

Choose an Integrated Sink

Opting for an undermount sink adds extra fabrication time and expense to the project. An integrated sink simplifies installation. Combination quartz countertop-sinks come ready to install as one piece, reducing labor costs.

This style also gives the counter a streamlined, modern look. The smooth transition between countertop and sink makes cleaning easy as well. Just confirm that the included sink fits your needs before ordering.

Shop Discounted Materials

Searching for sales and shopping discontinued or irregular slabs are great ways to find quartz counters at a discount.

  • Check manufacturer websites for sales on leftover inventory.
  • Look for third party quartz suppliers advertising discounted materials.
  • Ask fabricators if they have any specials on quartz remnants or irregular pieces.

With some flexible planning, you can often find high quality quartz for 30% off or more. Be prepared to adapt your design to the discounted materials available.

Choose a Simple Color

Vibrant colors, deep patterns, and special finishes like metallic flecks come at a premium.Neutral Quartz in white, grey, and beige is widely available and more budget-friendly. These versatile colors match most décor as well.

Though bold quartz counters make a statement, muted tones offer an elegant and adaptable aesthetic at a lower cost. Visit warehouse showrooms to view a wide selection of affordable color options.

Select Quality Brands on Sale

High-end quartz brands like Caesarstone and Cambria offer excellent quality and endless customization. Unfortunately, their top-of-the-line products often come with top-of-the-line prices.

Seeking out sales on premium brands, rather than opting for questionable cheap quartz, is the best value. Monitor promotions from manufacturers and retailers to snap up deals on luxury quartz when available. Sales, clearances, and discontinuations are the ideal time to score designer quartz on a budget.

Use Large Format Slabs

Quartz is priced per square foot, so minimizing seams from multiple slabs will provide savings. Look for sizes like 30 square feet or larger to cover wider expanses of countertop in your kitchen design.

Fewer slabs means less fabrication time and cost for your project. This does limit customization somewhat, but the trade-off can be worth it if your priority is budget. Just maintain reasonable expectations for seam placement based on the slab sizes.

Install as Full Slabs

Fabricating quartz into complicated shapes with cutouts and irregular edges results in increased waste material and labor costs. Stick to a layout using primarily full slab installations to control expenses.

Strategic planning to align your design with straight-edged whole slabs will provide the most affordable quartz installation. Simple is best when seeking discounted counters.

Consider Prefabricated Counters

Instead of costly custom fabrication, some big box stores offer affordable prefabricated quartz countertops made to standardized sizes. Though customization is limited, these budget-friendly options deliver durable, stylish quartz surfaces for a fraction of the price.

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco, and IKEA all sell prefab quartz counters in limited colors and sizing. For a simple kitchen on a budget, this can be an effective solution. Just confirm measurements and seam placement when ordering.

Install Yourself

While professional installation is recommended for natural stone surfaces, quartz’s durability makes DIY installation an option. For the cost-conscious, self-installing prefab quartz slabs or pieces could save thousands in labor fees.

With helper hands and proper planning, quartz can be installed directly on cabinetry with adhesive and some basic tools. Take care to thoroughly research proper techniques before tackling a DIY quartz counter install.

Use anAffordable Fabricator

Quartz prices can vary widely between fabricators. Get quotes from several sources, focusing on smaller businesses that may offer more competitive rates. Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true from questionable sources.

Find a fabricator that specializes in affordable options like prefab counters and integrated sinks to maximize savings. Never sacrifice quality or service solely for the cheapest bid. Vet installers thoroughly through reviews and references as well.

Choose a Neutral Backsplash

While your main counter surface can be a statement, stick to affordable backsplash materials to limit overall costs. Mosaics, intricate patterns, and natural stone backsplashes can quickly inflate the project budget.

Clean-lined porcelain or ceramic tile in neutral tones makes an attractive, budget-friendly pairing with bold quartz counters. Or consider paintable textured backsplash panels for an ultra-low-cost option to complement your counters.

Omit Decorative Edging

Specialty accents and upgrades like decorative metal trims or glass tile inlays on the counter edges add significant expense. Though beautiful, these details are unnecessary frills that busy DIYers can likely live without.

Maintain a minimalist look by skipping embellishments. The natural pattern and radiance of quartz alone makes a striking statement. Limiting decorative touches is an easy route to savings.

Skip Extraneous Structural Supports

Some fabricators recommend added structural supports like brackets or corbels along lengthy spans of countertop. However, quartz’s durability and rigidity rarely requires these extra supports in residential kitchens.

Unless you’re creating an exceptionally long run of countertop, skip the unneeded brackets. Today’s quartz can easily handle normal use when securely fastened to cabinetry.

Get Multiple Estimates

Never accept the first bid. Price shop numerous fabricators and installers to gain a clear sense of the average cost in your area. Provide the exact measurements and details of your project to ensure the most accurate price comparisons between estimates.

Be wary of quotes substantially lower than the rest. Either the installer may be cutting corners or underestimating the work needed. Invest time upfront gathering several bids to find the optimal balance of quality and affordability.

Choose Simple Faucets

Quartz can match faucets ranging from sleek modern designs to ornate old-world styles. But if your budget is tight, stick to simple chrome or stainless steel options that coordinate without drawing the eye.

Add visual interest through quartz patterns and colors instead of costly faucets. Reliable mid-priced faucet brands like Moen offer attractive designs that won’t break the bank.

Pair with Affordable Cabinets

You may need to adjust expectations in other areas of your kitchen remodel to accommodate quartz countertops in the budget. Opting for affordable cabinetry leaves more room for investment in high-quality, durable counters that will last.

Stock, semi-custom, and RTA cabinetry provide attractive options at lower price points than full custom cabinetry. Materials like laminate and thermofoil also help control costs.

Ask About Payment Plans

Many fabricators offer financing programs to help ease the burden of expensive kitchen upgrades. This allows you to get the counters you want installed on a timeline that works for your budget.

Just be sure to get full terms in writing and clarify details like interest rates. Consulting your own financing sources like banks or credit unions can provide alternatives as well.

Time Discounts and Sales

Shopping for countertops during a season when business is slow or a new product is launching can lead to major savings. Ask fabricators the ideal time to buy and be flexible if possible with your timeline.

Factory discounts in winter or holiday sales provide great opportunities to find quartz deals. Having the flexibility to purchase at just the right discount moment can translate to 25% or more in savings.


With strategic planning and smart shopping techniques, installing budget-friendly quartz countertops is an achievable goal. Prioritize simple slab sizing and layouts, neutral colors, and skipping unnecessary accents in your design. Seek quartz deals from big box stores, fabricator discounts, and premium brands on sale to find quality at the best price. Installation savings come from using integrated sink tops and considering DIY. Compromise on cabinets, backsplashes, and other features wisely to make room in your budget for discount quartz that still looks and performs like a million bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Cheap Quartz Countertops

Is it really possible to buy high quality quartz countertops cheap?

Yes, with the right shopping strategies and careful project planning, you can install beautiful quartz counters while sticking to your budget. Taking advantage of sales, clearances, odd-sized remnants, and neutral colors makes top brand quartz achievable even on a tight budget.

What’s the difference between cheap quartz and high end options?

Beware of very cheap quartz options, as rock bottom pricing likely indicates low quality. Stick to reputable brands on sale. High end quartz will offer greater customization and intricate patterns. But affordable quartz in classic neutral tones still provides the same durability and functionality.

Should I consider materials other than quartz for cheap counters?

Laminate and tile can also provide affordable options. But quartz’s durability and style surpass most other budget-friendly materials. Investing in top quality quartz now means decades of enjoyment without costly repairs or replacement that can come with cheaper materials.

Is it a bad idea to install quartz counters myself?

DIY installation is not advisable for beginners, as improper technique with quartz can lead to damage. But with ample preparation and research, self-installing prefab quartz counters or cut-to-size pieces can greatly reduce costs for the handy DIYer.

What are signs of low quality with cheap quartz?

Avoid quartz with visible imperfections like cracks, chips, stains, or uneven coloring. Cheap quartz should still feel smooth, solid, and consistent. Durability should not be compromised even at lower price points. Always inspect slabs thoroughly before purchase.

How can I customize cheap quartz counters?

While budget quartz limits customization, integrated sinks, matching backsplashes, and faucet finishes allow for personalization. Adding texture through etching designs into the surface expands options as well. Bold quartz colors and patterns still energize a space.

Will cheap quartz counters resale value of my home?

While very high-end options may recoup costs more effectively, quality quartz counters at any budget level will elevate your home’s value. Quartz outperforms laminate and tile for investment return. Just focus on durable materials from reputable brands.

Can I negotiate prices on quartz counters?

Absolutely. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, especially if buying remnants, clearance materials, or ordering multiple slabs. Many fabricators expect some back and forth. Just maintain reasonable expectations, get all terms in writing, and don’t sacrifice quality solely for the lowest bid.

Is it worth stretching my budget for quartz?

In most cases, yes. Quartz provides a beautiful yet extremely durable surface that will last for decades with proper care. The initial investment pays dividends over time by avoiding repairs, stains, or replacement that come with cheaper options down the road.