How to Add Shine to Quartz Countertops

Use a pH-Neutral Cleaner

  • Quartz is resistant to acids, but repeated acid exposure can etch the surface over time. Use a pH-neutral cleaner specifically formulated for stone surfaces. Avoid vinegar, lemon juice, and other acidic cleaners.
  • A pH-neutral stone cleaner will thoroughly clean without stripping away the top layer of shine. Look for cleaners like Method Daily Granite Cleaner or StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner.

Clean Regularly

  • Regular cleaning is key to preventing buildup and maintaining shine. Quick daily wipe downs keep quartz free of grease, food spills, and dirt that can dull the surface.
  • Deep clean quartz 1-2 times per week with a stone cleaner and soft cloth. Pay extra attention to high traffic areas around the sink and stove.

Use a Polish or Sealant

  • For added shine and protection, use a quartz polish or sealant every 3-6 months. These provide an extra layer of gloss and repel stains.
  • Opt for a polish made specifically for quartz like Granite Gold Polish. Or try a sealant like StoneTech BulletProof Sealant which deepens shine.

Remove Etch Marks

  • If you notice etched spots or dull areas, use a quartz polish to remove acid etching. Apply a small amount of polish to the area and rub in a circular motion.
  • For severe etching, wet a 1500 grit sandpaper and gently smooth the area, moving in a circular motion. Finish by polishing the sanded spot.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

  • Never use abrasive cleaners like Comet or Magic Erasers on quartz. And steer clear of bleach, ammonia, alkali, or alkaline-based cleaners which can damage the finish.
  • If accidentally exposed to one of these chemicals, immediately rinse the area well with water and clean with a pH-neutral stone cleaner.

Consider Professional Restoration

For quartz that has lost its shine due to years of wear and tear, professional restoration services can work wonders. A professional can:

  • Use a diamond abrasive pad to lightly resurface the quartz and restore the smooth finish.
  • Apply a specialty polish to fill in micro-scratches and pores, leaving behind a glassy, reflective surface.
  • Seal the quartz to protect it from future stains and etching.

With the proper routine maintenance and occasional restoration as needed, it is possible to keep quartz countertops looking like new for years to come. The key is being gentle and using the right quartz-safe cleaners and polishes. With a bit of elbow grease, you can bring back the beautiful shine!

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Shine to Quartz Countertops

How can I make my quartz counters shine like new?

To make quartz shine, clean regularly with a pH-neutral stone cleaner, use a quartz-specific polish every 3-6 months, and avoid harsh chemicals that can dull or etch the surface. Removing etch marks with sandpaper and polish can also restore shine to dull spots.

What is the best product for shining up quartz?

Granite Gold Polish is a top product specifically designed to shine up quartz countertops. Apply a thin layer, allow to haze, and buff to reveal a glossy surface. StoneTech BulletProof Sealant also deepens shine while protecting quartz.

What should I not use to clean quartz?

Avoid vinegar, lemon juice, Comet, bleach and alkaline cleaners which can damage and dull quartz over time. Only use a gentle pH-neutral stone cleaner made for use on engineered stone.

Will sealing quartz make it shinier?

Yes, applying a sealant formulated for quartz will enhance the shine while also creating a protective barrier against stains and etching. Reapply sealant every 1-2 years. StoneTech BulletProof is a top choice.

How do you get rid of cloudy spots on quartz?

Cloudy spots and etched areas on quartz can be polished out using a powdered quartz cleaner. Rub a small amount of polish into the affected area using circular motions. For severe etching, smooth with sandpaper before polishing.

Can you restore the shine on old quartz countertops?

Yes, professional quartz restoration services are able to resurface and polish worn quartz countertops to restore their original shine. This involves abrasive smoothing and high-gloss polishing. DIY polish can also help enhance shine.


The glassy, reflective finish of quartz countertops provides a beautiful, upscale look. But maintaining that shine requires routine cleaning and polishing. By using the right products and being careful to avoid harsh chemicals, you can keep your quartz counters gleaming indefinitely. With a bit of work, even dull, etched quartz can be restored to its original sparkling luster.