How Thick Are Cambria Quartz Countertops?

Standard Thickness

The standard thickness for Cambria quartz countertops is 2 cm or 3/4″. This is the most common thickness used for most home installations. A 2 cm slab provides an elegant profile while still being extremely durable.

Some key benefits of the standard 2 cm Cambria quartz thickness include:

  • Provides adequate strength and rigidity for most residential uses
  • Thicker than natural stone like granite or marble which are usually 1-1.5 cm
  • Easier fitting with standard base cabinets designed for 3/4″ countertops
  • More affordable than thicker options
  • Suitable for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, backsplashes

A 2 cm thickness is ideal for most home kitchens and baths. It offers the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

Thick Options

For a more substantial look and feel, Cambria also offers thicker 3 cm (1-1/4″) and 5 cm (2″) slabs.

The 3 cm option provides some advantages:

  • 25% thicker profile than standard 2 cm
  • Recommended for heavy usage areas like kitchen islands
  • Minimizes seams for a seamless look
  • Ideal for undermount sinks to prevent sagging

The 5 cm thick Cambria quartz creates a very bold, heavy-duty countertop:

  • Provides the highest durability and strength
  • Eliminates seams for a smooth unified surface
  • Maximizes sturdiness when using very large slabs
  • Works well in commercial settings like restaurants

Thicker Cambria quartz is better for high traffic zones where strength is important. The thicker profile also creates a more substantial, high-end look.

Thickness Recommendations

Here are some general guidelines for selecting the right thickness:

  • 2 cm – Best for most residential kitchen counters, bathrooms, and backsplashes
  • 3 cm – Recommended for kitchen islands, prep zones, and undermount sinks
  • 5 cm – Ideal for very heavy use areas, commercial installations, and minimally seamed aesthetics

Make sure your installer confirms that the base cabinets and support structures are suitable for thicker 3 cm or 5 cm slabs. The standard 2 cm remains a great choice for most home settings in terms of functionality, cost, and ease of installation.

Customizing Your Cambria Thickness

One of the best aspects of Cambria quartz is the ability to customize. You can choose different thicknesses for different areas:

  • 2 cm for standard countertops
  • 3 cm on the kitchen island for extra durability
  • 5 cm for a chef’s prep zone to support chopping and kneading
  • 2 cm for the bathroom vanities
  • 1.2 cm for shower wall panels or backsplashes

Combining different thicknesses allows you to optimize performance and aesthetics precisely where needed. This degree of customization enables truly unique designs.

Cost Impact of Increasing Thickness

As expected, thicker Cambria slabs come at a higher cost. Going from 2 cm to 3 cm may add 10-20% to the overall price. Increasing to a 5 cm thickness can add 50-100% more to the project budget based on extensive slab work.

Added costs come from:

  • More expensive thick slabs
  • Potential modifications to cabinetry for support
  • Additional fabrication expertise required
  • More complex transportation and installation
  • Higher scrap rates and wastage

Be sure to factor this into your budget planning. The investment may be warranted for heavy use areas or to minimize seams, but start by pricing standard 2 cm slabs.

Achieving Design Harmony Across Various Thicknesses

An experienced designer can recommend the ideal thicknesses for each application. They will also ensure a cohesive finished look when combining different slab thicknesses.

Some tips for seamless design include:

  • Use thicker edges on standard countertops to align surfaces
  • Allow thicker sections to overhang slightly to match heights
  • Utilize coordinating edging and decorative enhancements
  • Expertly finish seams using splicing and polishing methods

With careful planning and execution, combining Cambria thicknesses can lead to truly one-of-a-kind designs with both aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality.

Consulting the Experts on Cambria Quartz Thickness

Cambria offers an incredible range of thicknesses, colors, and designs to match any project needs and preferences. Be sure to consult with Cambria experts early in the process to ensure you choose the perfect quartz surfaces.

The Cambria team can provide guidance on:

  • Recommended thicknesses for each application
  • Design techniques for visually cohesive mixed thicknesses
  • Installation considerations for thicker countertops
  • Budget impact of increasing slab thickness
  • Available color and finish options

Leveraging Cambria’s expertise will help you gain maximum value. Their guidance allows you to fully utilize the possibilities of quartz to construct your ideal kitchen or bath.


With a standard 2 cm thickness perfect for most uses along with the option to customize areas with 3 cm or 5 cm profiles, Cambria gives you ultimate flexibility. Their quartz surfaces enable you to strike the perfect balance of form and function while creating a truly signature project that matches your vision.