How Much to Replace Countertops with Quartz

Replacing your outdated or damaged countertops with new quartz countertops can transform the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. But before taking on this project, it’s important to understand the costs involved so you can budget accordingly. Here is an overview of how much you can expect to pay to replace countertops with quartz.

Quartz Countertop Costs

The cost of quartz countertops will depend on several factors:

Quartz Material

  • The type of quartz material you choose will impact the price. Basic quartz starts around $50 per square foot while premium quartz can cost $100 per square foot or more. Popular mid-range quartz options cost $70-$80 per square foot installed.


  • Installation is where a significant portion of the cost comes from. Expect to pay an average of $80-$100 per hour for professional countertop installation. The time and complexity of the project will determine total labor costs.

Countertop Size

  • The total square footage of your countertops will directly affect the overall price. Measure the length x width of each section of countertop to determine the square footage. Most kitchens have 25-40 square feet of countertops.

Edge Profiles

  • Decorative edge profiles like ogee, bevel, or chamfered add $5-$15 per linear foot to the install cost. Simple eased or straight edges are the most affordable.

Sink Cutouts

  • Cutouts for sinks and cooktops are usually straightforward for installers, but each one adds around $50-$100 to the total job cost.

Demolition and Disposal

  • If you have existing countertops that need removal, add an average of $2-$4 per square foot for this demolition and disposal work.

Considering these factors, you can expect to pay around $80-$150 per square foot for basic quartz countertop installation. Here are some examples:

  • Small galley kitchen with 10 sq ft of countertop area: Around $800-$1,500 total
  • Large open kitchen with 40 sq ft of countertop area: Around $3,200-$6,000 total
  • Master bathroom vanity with 8 sq ft of countertop area: Around $640-$1,200 total

These estimates are for mid to upper-tier quartz materials and professional installation. Bumping up to premium quartz or complex edge profiles can increase costs 35-50%.

Cost Comparison to Other Countertop Materials

How does the cost of quartz compare to other popular countertop materials? Here is a quick cost comparison per square foot installed:

  • Laminate countertops: $20-$50 per sq ft
  • Butcher block: $60-$100 per sq ft
  • Granite: $80-$150 per sq ft
  • Marble: $100-$200 per sq ft
  • Quartz: $80-$150 per sq ft

So quartz is on par with higher-end options like granite and marble, while being more affordable than top-tier natural stone. And it comes in well above bargain materials like laminate.

Factors That Increase Quartz Countertop Costs

Several factors can increase the cost of your quartz countertop installation:

  • Choosing premium or designer quartz will increase the material costs significantly. Some luxury brands can cost over $200 per sq ft.
  • Complex shapes, edges, cutouts, and backsplashes will require more labor time and expertise, increasing installation costs.
  • Extensive demolition of old countertops and modifications to make space for new countertops will add cost.
  • Access issues that make installation challenging, like tight corners or staircases, will also increase labor time and difficulty.
  • Specialty finishing like polishing edges or applying treatments will add per linear foot costs.
  • Any repairs or modifications needed to substructures, walls, plumbing, or electrical underneath will add expenses.

How to Get the Best Value

Here are some tips to get the highest quality quartz countertops while minimizing costs:

  • Shop for mid-range quartz options around the $70-$80 per sq ft range to balance affordability and quality.
  • Standard eased or straight edge profiles are the most budget-friendly.
  • Get multiple quotes and negotiate pricing with installers.
  • Compare material costs from different suppliers to find the best deal.
  • Install during the remodeling off-season when demand is lower.
  • Choose an efficient layout that minimizes seams, edges, and cutouts.
  • Install quartz yourself if you have remodeling experience to save on labor.


Does quartz have to be professionally installed?

While DIY installation is possible for experienced renovators, it’s recommended to hire professionals for flawless results. The cutting and fitting of quartz requires special tools and techniques best left to experts.

Is it cheaper to replace just a section of countertop?

Partial countertop replacement costs a little less per square foot than a whole kitchen remodel but not drastically so. The labor time and effort remains significant.

Can I install new quartz countertop over existing countertops?

It’s generally not recommended to install new countertops over old ones. Proper support and anchoring require installation onto a clean base.

Should I expect to pay more for white quartz?

White and light-colored quartz does generally cost $5-$10 more per square foot than darker color options which help hide imperfections better.

Is there an eco-friendly and affordable quartz option?

Recycled glass quartz uses more sustainable materials and starts around $70 per square foot installed, combining eco-friendliness and affordability.


Quartz delivers stylish durability and ease of maintenance, making the investment of $80-$150 per square foot installed worth it for many homeowners. Get multiple estimates, shop sales, and hire experienced installers to get this beautiful and functional material within your budget. With smart planning, you can gain gorgeous quartz countertops that will last for years to come.