How Much Per Square Foot Is Quartz Countertop Installation?

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels due to their durability, appearance, and ease of maintenance. When budgeting for a quartz countertop installation, one of the key factors is determining the cost per square foot. Here is a detailed overview of what impacts the quartz countertop price per square foot and what you can expect to pay.

What Influences The Cost Per Square Foot Of Quartz Countertops?

Several variables affect the total price of quartz countertops on a per square foot basis:

Quartz Slab Quality and Pattern

  • Entry-level: Basic solid color slabs in subtle patterns cost $40-$65 per square foot installed.
  • Mid-range: Bolder patterns and colors in popular brands like Caesarstone run $65-$100 per square foot installed.
  • High-end: Premium designer quartz with intricate patterns and details ranges from $100-$200 per square foot installed.

Edge Styles

  • Basic Straight Edge: A simple polished or rounded edge adds minimal cost.
  • Beveled: Angled edges run $3-$8 more per linear foot.
  • Full Bullnose: A rounded polished edge costs $5-$12 extra per linear foot.
  • Ogee: S-shaped edges range from $8-$15 per linear foot.
  • More Complex Edge Work: Unique edges like Dupont’s Edge Grip design cost over $25 per linear foot.


  • 3cm: The standard thickness suitable for most applications costs less.
  • 2cm: For vertical surfaces only, costs at least 20% less than 3cm.
  • 4cm+: Extra thickness for heavy duty use adds $10-$20 per square foot.

Cutouts and Special Fabrication

  • Extensive cutouts for sinks, cooktops, and fixtures add $150+ per cutout.
  • Special fabrication like laminated edges, notches, grooves, and points add $50+ per cutout.
  • Intricate pattern design, inlays, mixed thicknesses further increase fabrication costs.

Installation Labor

  • Simple layouts and seamless countertops as low as $50 per hour.
  • Complex jobs, seamed edges, difficult access $70+ per hour.
  • Highly skilled fabricators for ornate jobs $90+ per hour.
  • Total labor 10-30 hours for average kitchen.

Average Costs: What To Expect For Quartz Countertop Installation

With all these factors considered, here are typical price ranges:

  • Low Budget: $40-$60 per square foot for basic slab, simple edges, and DIY installation
  • Average Cost: $70-$110 per square foot for mid-range materials, standard edges, professional installation
  • High End: $120-$200 per square foot for premium slabs, intricate edges and fabrication, expert installers

Total cost to install quartz in the average 35 sq ft kitchen:

  • Budget: $1400-$2100
  • Mid Range: $2500-$3900
  • High End: $4200-$7000

So in summary, while many factors impact the final price, you can expect to pay around $100 per square foot for a quality quartz countertop installation in most kitchens. Carefully select your slab, edges, and fabrication to control costs yet still achieve the high-end visual appeal of quartz.

FAQs About Quartz Countertop Price Per Square Foot

How does quartz compare to granite and marble?

Quartz is competitively priced with granite and marble. While high-end natural stone is pricier, basic granite/marble countertops start around $60 per square foot installed compared to $70-$100 for quartz.

Is it cheaper to install quartz yourself?

In theory, yes. But the heavy materials, special tools, and experience required make DIY quartz countertop installation difficult. Hiring a pro ensures proper handling and fabrication.

Does thicker quartz cost more?

Yes, going from standard 3cm to 4cm thick adds around 20% more per square foot. Only go thicker if you need the extra durability.

Is quartz more expensive than laminate?

Yes, quartz costs approximately 5-10 times more than laminate countertops per square foot. But quartz offers superior appearance, durability, and resale value.

Can I find quartz remnants or seconds for less?

Sometimes. Check stone yards and fabricators for remnant pieces from previous jobs or minor defect slabs for savings of 20% or more.

Should I expect quartz prices to drop over time?

Quartz pricing has steadily declined over the past decade as manufacturing improves and competition rises. Gradual price drops are expected to continue.

Does color choice impact the cost of quartz?

Yes. More complex patterns, finer details, bolder colors and other aesthetic elements can increase the slab cost by 25-50% or more. Opt for simpler styles to save money.

Key Takeaways: What Impacts Quartz Countertop Price Per Square Foot

  • Expect to pay around $100 per square foot for professionally installed quartz countertops in most kitchens.
  • Focus your budget on high-quality and visually appealing slabs – edges and fabrication can be simplified to control costs.
  • Hiring experienced professionals, while an added expense, saves headaches and typically yields better results.
  • Carefully measure and plan your layout to minimize seams, cutouts, and custom fabrication.
  • Simple, solid color patterns in 3cm thickness offer an attractive, durable option at lower cost.
  • Price per square foot is a useful budgeting tool, but many other factors impact your total project cost.


Determining the installation price per square foot for quartz countertops requires careful consideration of the grade of materials, edge details, thickness, cutouts needed, and labor costs. While quartz is pricier than options like laminate, it provides an upscale look, durability, and maintenance-free convenience that make it a smart long-term investment for kitchen and bath remodels. With an average cost around $100 per square foot installed, quartz achieves the aesthetic appeal of natural stone for less. Focus on minimizing seams and custom cuts, and simplifying edges and patterns if cost control is critical. An experienced professional fabricator and installer is recommended to ensure optimal results from your new quartz countertops.