How Much Per Sq Ft to Install Quartz Countertop?

Installing quartz countertops can significantly upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. With their durable, stylish, and low-maintenance nature, quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners. But how much does it cost to install quartz countertops per square foot? Here is a detailed overview.


Quartz countertops, made of ground quartz crystals combined with resin, are engineered stone countertops known for their strength, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. Quartz is non-porous, so it does not need to be sealed. It resists scratches, stains, and heat. With various colors and patterns available, quartz offers design flexibility.

When considering quartz countertops, the installation cost per square foot is a key factor. By understanding the price range and variables that impact it, you can budget and plan your quartz countertop installation project more effectively.

Cost Factors for Quartz Countertop Installation

The average cost to install quartz countertops ranges from $80 to $140 per square foot. However, many factors go into determining the total installation price:

  • Quartz slab cost – The quality, color, pattern, and thickness of the quartz slab have a significant impact on cost per square foot. Basic colors and patterns are more affordable. Premium slabs with intricate designs can be over $100 per square foot.
  • Edge treatments – Options like beveled, ogee, or laminated edges add $10 to $15 per linear foot. Intricate edges like full bullnose can add $20+ per foot.
  • Cutouts and seams – The complexity of cutouts for sinks and cooktops, plus seams needed, increases fabrication time and costs.
  • Labor – Installation is very labor-intensive. Expect to pay $50 to $150 or more per hour for an experienced installer.
  • Market factors – Contractor supply and demand plus the cost of materials in your area also impact overall pricing.

What Impacts the Quartz Slab Price Per Square Foot?

The biggest driver of the cost per square foot for quartz countertops is the slab itself. Here are some factors that impact quartz slab pricing:

  • Color and pattern – More complex designs and vivid colors tend to cost more than basic white/neutral slabs.
  • Quartz grade – Premium brands like Caesarstone generally cost $70 to $120+ per sf. Lower-priced slabs from IKEA or home improvement stores can be $50 or under.
  • Thickness – Standard 1.25′′ thick slabs cost less than 1.5′′ or 2′′ thick options. Thinner 3/4′′ slabs are the most affordable.
  • Rarity – Some exotic quartz slabs with rare mineral content or intricate production techniques can be over $200 per sf.
  • Inventory availability – Slabs in stock at local distributors typically cost less than special ordering.

Cost Ranges for Quartz Countertops by Grade

Here are typical per square foot price ranges based on quartz grade:

  • Economy ($40-$70 per sf): Lowest grade options from IKEA or home centers. Limited colors/patterns. No premium finishes.
  • Standard ($70-$100 per sf): Middle grade quartz like Caesarstone, Silestone, Vicostone. Good variety of styles.
  • Premium ($100-$150+ per sf): High end designer brands like Pietrafina, Compac, DuPont Zodiaq. Exotic styles.
  • Exotic ($150-$250+ per sf): Luxury boutique quartz with handpicked minerals and intricate patterns. Maximum visual impact.

Keep in mind, the per square foot cost for the slabs alone will land in the lower end of these ranges. Total installed costs with labor, edges, cutouts, etc. will reach the higher ends.

Factors That Reduce Quartz Installation Costs

While many factors increase quartz costs per square foot, some elements can actually reduce your total spend:

  • Choosing a low-cost quartz grade like IKEA rather than premium materials.
  • Using standard thickness 1.25′′ slabs rather than thicker options.
  • Keeping edges simple – eased or minimal bevel rather than intricate ogee or laminated designs.
  • Opting for simple cutouts for few or zero seams. Avoid elaborate curves and edges.
  • Buying pre-fabricated countertops to avoid custom fabrication fees.
  • Installing yourself if experienced with countertops rather than hiring a pro.

Installation Cost Example

Here is an example of estimated costs to install 30 square feet of quartz counters in a small kitchen:

  • Quartz slabs – $80 per sf x 30 sf = $2,400
  • Basic eased edge – $10 per linear ft x 10 linear ft = $100
  • Cutouts and seams – $200 basic fee
  • Adhesives and supplies – $50
  • Delivery – $100
  • Installation (4 hours @ $100/hour) = $400

Total estimated cost: ~$3,250

Cost per square foot: ~$108 per square foot

This provides a realistic idea of budgeting $100 to $150 per square foot for installed quartz countertops with mid-grade materials and professional installation. Exact pricing will vary for your specific project.

How to Get the Best Value on Your Quartz Installation

To get the most value from your project, consider these tips:

  • Gather 3-4 bids to compare quartz fabricators on pricing.
  • Opt for mid-grade quartz rather than ultra-premium.
  • Choose a simplified edge treatment like eased or beveled edges.
  • Design the layout to minimize seams using larger slabs.
  • Use an experienced installer comfortable with quartz. Read reviews and verify licensing.
  • Provide all measurements, sink/cooktop specs, and schedule access for installers.


Installing new quartz counters can make a huge visual impact in your home. Understanding the average per square foot cost factors, from $80 to $140 installed, allows you to adequately budget and shop for your project. Simplified edge treatments, minimized seams, and shopping mid-grade vs premium quartz all allow you to control costs. With some careful planning upfront and professional installation, you can enjoy gorgeous, durable quartz countertops within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Installation Costs

How much does it cost per square foot to install quartz countertops?

The typical range is $80 to $140 per square foot installed. Actual costs depend on the slab grade, edge treatments, cutouts needed, and local labor rates.

What are the most affordable options for installing quartz?

Choosing lower-priced slabs, standard eased edges, and simple layouts without seams helps reduce quartz installation costs per square foot.

Does quartz cost more than granite?

Quartz countertops tend to cost $10 to $20+ more per square foot than granite when you factor in material and professional installation.

Can I install quartz countertops myself?

With experience installing countertops, you can DIY quartz and save on labor costs. But precise cuts, seam placement, and polishing edges take skill.

Should I hire a pro for my quartz installation?

Unless you’re very experienced with countertops, hiring a professional fabricator and installer is best to ensure proper seaming, overhangs, alignment, etc.