How Much Per Sq Ft for Quartz Countertops


Quartz countertops have become an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in recent years. Made from engineered stone, quartz combines natural quartz crystals with resins and pigments to create a durable, low-maintenance, and stylish surface. When deciding on new countertops, one of the first questions that comes up is how much quartz countertops cost per square foot. In this article, we’ll break down the factors that impact quartz countertop pricing so you can budget accurately and get the best value.

What Impacts the Cost of Quartz Countertops?

Several key factors determine how much you’ll pay per square foot when installing quartz countertops:

Quartz Type and Quality

Not all quartz is created equal. The price per square foot can range from $40 on the low end to $100+ for premium designer brands. The quality of the quartz is based on the percentage of natural stone, the quality and size of the stone particles, and the resins used. Higher-end quartz contains more quartz crystals for increased durability. Brand names like Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone are on the higher end.

Color and Pattern

Quartz slabs come in a vast array of colors and patterns. More unique and vibrant colors tend to cost more. An exotic pattern like granite-looking marble will be pricier than a simple solid color. Neutral tones usually start around $45 per square foot while bold colors can exceed $65.


Fabrication refers to the cutting, shaping, and installation of the quartz. Complex edge profiles, intricate cutouts for sinks, and full backsplashes will increase labor time and materials, driving up the total price per square foot. Simple flat island countertops will be the most affordable.


Quartz slabs typically come in 3/4 inch or 1 1/4 inches thick. The thicker the quartz, the stronger and more durable it will be. Thicker quartz costs $5-15 more per square foot but is recommended for heavily used surfaces.

Local Market Conditions

Regional variations in installation costs and different company profit margins mean quartz prices can be higher in some markets. Metropolitan areas are generally more expensive than rural areas due to higher shop overhead costs.

What’s the Average Cost of Quartz Countertops?

The typical range for quartz countertops is between $50 to $80 per square foot, installed. This is for a mid-range quality quartz in popular colors. Here’s a breakdown of typical costs per square foot:

  • Low-end quartz: $40 – $55 per square foot
  • Mid-range quartz: $55 – $75 per square foot
  • High-end quartz: $75 – $100+ per square foot

According to the Remodeling Calculator, the national average cost for a mid-grade quartz is about $57 per square foot installed. Higher labor costs in areas like Southern California or New York City push it closer to $70-75 per square foot.

For a typical 25 square foot kitchen countertop project, total costs would be in the range of $1,375 to $2,000 with most homeowners paying around $1,500. Bathroom vanity countertops start around $700 for an 8 foot section.

Factors That Impact Total Quartz Countertop Cost

While the cost per square foot of quartz is the biggest component, a few other factors also impact your total expense for a quartz countertop installation project.

Countertop Area

Your total quartz countertop square footage directly impacts overall costs. Measure lengths and widths precisely to get an accurate estimate. More surface area means higher total cost.

Demolition and Disposal

If you’re replacing old countertops, the tear out and disposal fees add to costs. This typically adds a few hundred dollars for a full kitchen.


Adding a quartz backsplash increases material and labor. Full backsplashes cost $50-100 per linear foot installed.

Sink, Faucet, and Accessory Installation

Connecting sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, and other accessories adds labor time and expenses to the total project cost. Any electric or plumbing work would also increase price.

Sales Tax

Sales tax varies locally but averages around 8% nationally. Check your local rates. Sales tax applies to materials and labor.

Tips for Saving on Quartz Countertops

Here are a few ways to get the best value on your quartz countertop installation:

  • Shop around and get at least 3 installer quotes to compare costs per square foot. Be sure you’re comparing the same thickness and quality.
  • Go with a simplified square or rectangular layout. Avoid complex shapes and excessive seams.
  • Select a smaller quartz backsplash or tile backsplash instead of full quartz walls.
  • Choose a simple ease or square edge profile instead of an ornate ogee or chamfered edge.
  • Go with a neutral solid color rather than bold patterns which are pricier.
  • Purchase quartz slabs directly from a supplier and then hire a fabricator/installer to save on markups.
  • Time your project to take advantage of winter or end-of-summer discounts when demand is slower.

Quartz Countertop Price Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of estimated quartz countertop costs per square foot at different price levels:

| Quartz Price Range| Cost per sq ft| Total Cost 25 sq ft | Total Cost 35 sq ft |


Does thicker quartz cost more?

Yes, a 1 1/4″ thick quartz countertop runs $5-15 per sq ft more than 3/4″ thickness. The added durability and strength are worth the investment for most homeowners.

What thickness is best for kitchen quartz?

A 3/4″ slab is fine for kitchen islands and counters that won’t see heavy use. For main kitchen work zones, the extra strength of 1 1/4″ thickness is recommended.

Is Caesarstone more expensive than Silestone?

Caesarstone and Silestone are both high-end designer quartz brands that carry similar price points, typically starting around $70 per square foot. which has a slightly higher reputation, but prices are close.

Should I get a quartz backsplash?

A 4-6 inch quartz backsplash is stylish and easy to keep clean. Alternatives like tile or no backsplash save money. The full wall quartz backsplash is expensive at $50-100 per foot but makes a bold statement.

Can I install quartz countertops myself?

Quartz must be cut and installed by a professional fabricator for proper support and alignment. But you can install your sink and accessories later. Hire a Great Contractor to ensure a quality installation.


When the time comes to install new quartz countertops, understanding what impacts the per square foot price will help you plan and budget accurately. While many factors like color, thickness, and fabrication come into play, new quartz countertops for a kitchen generally run $50-$80 per square foot installed. With some smart design choices and savvy shopping, you can select beautiful new quartz countertops that add value and elegance to your kitchen or bath within your budget. Reach out to the top local quartz countertop installers to get started with an estimate!