How Much Per Foot for Quartz Countertops? A Detailed Pricing Guide

Quartz countertops have become an immensely popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in recent years. Often referred to as “engineered stone”, quartz counters provide the look and feel of natural stone with increased durability and less maintenance.

When budgeting for a quartz countertop installation, one of the first questions that comes up is: how much per foot for quartz countertops? Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The price per square foot for quartz can vary quite a bit based on the specific brand, color and pattern you choose. Thickness of the slabs, edge profiles, localization and fabrication costs also impact the overall price.

This in-depth guide covers all the factors that influence quartz countertop costs per square foot. We’ll provide typical price ranges and average costs per square foot. You’ll also gain insights on ways to get the best deal on your quartz countertop installation.

Typical Price Per Square Foot for Quartz Counters

In most cases, expect to pay $40 to $100 per square foot installed for quartz countertops. The more premium the brand, the more unique the color/pattern, the thicker the slab, the more complex the job – the more you’ll pay towards the higher end of that range.

Here’s how quartz counters typically price out per square foot based on three budget levels:

  • Entry-level – $40 to $70 per square foot installed. This includes brands like IKEA, Home Depot house brands and low-priced imported quartz. Great option for DIY projects or rentals. Fewer color/pattern options.
  • Mid-range – $70 to $90 per square foot installed. Includes widely-available brands like Caesarstone, Cambria and Silestone. More colors and styles. Professionally installed for quality results.
  • Premium – $90 to $100+ per square foot installed. High-endquartz manufacturers like Pental, MSI, LG Viatera, etc. Exotic patterns and colors. Often thicker slabs. More custom work.

These price ranges assume the nationwide average across the U.S. for professional installation. Exact quartz countertop cost per square foot depends on your local market conditions. Bigger metropolitan areas typically sit at the higher end while rural areas trend cheaper.

Factors That Impact Quartz Countertop Price Per Square Foot

Many variables play into the overall investment for quartz worksurfaces. Here are some of the biggest factors that cause prices to range between $40 and $100+ per square foot:

Brand of Quartz

Quartz countertop pricing can vary wildly based on which brand you choose. There are over 50 major quartz manufacturers worldwide, each offering unique colors, patterns, and quality.

Entry-level brands ($40-$70/sq.ft.)

  • IKEA – Affordable option but limited styles and warranty concerns with IKEA installation
  • Home Depot/Lowes house brands – Decent quality with lower pricing
  • Imported/Chinese quartz – Very low cost but higher risk of defects

Mid-range brands ($70-$90/sq.ft.)

  • Caesarstone – One of the most popular premium quartz brands
  • Cambria – Great reputation, styles like marble and natural stone
  • Silestone – Large color/style selection, popular brand

Premium brands ($90-$120+/sq.ft.)

  • Pental, LG Viatera, Compac, Okite – High-end exotic styles & top quality
  • Cosentino Dekton – Ultra-premium durability for outdoor kitchens
  • Custom One-of-a-Kind – Exclusive unique designs

Higher priced premium quartz generally offers more unique colors/patterns, better warranties and higher-quality manufacturing. If budget is a concern, you can opt for a mid-range brand and still get great results for most homes.

Color and Pattern

The specific color and pattern (sometimes called “material”) you select for your quartz has a direct impact on price per square foot. More exotic and unique colors/patterns cost more than plain whites and solid colors.

  • White/neutrals – Most affordable option starting ~$50/sq.ft.
  • Light patterns – Subtle speckles & veins add ~$5-15/sq.ft extra
  • Bold patterns – Dramatic designs add ~$10-25/sq.ft over solid colors

If you love the look of exotic marble, stone or wood-grain patterns, expect to pay toward the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Multi-colored quartz and heavily patterned slabs require more raw materials and manufacturing effort – boosting the costs.

Thickness of the Slabs

Quartz countertops are commonly fabricated in 2 cm (0.8 inches) or 3 cm (1.2 inches) thicknesses. The thicker the slab, the more expensive it will be on a per square foot basis. Here are approximate costs based on thickness:

  • 2 cm (0.8″) thick quartz – $70 – $90 per square foot
  • 3 cm (1.2″) thick quartz – $80 – $100+ per square foot

For most residential kitchen counters, a 2 cm slab provides enough strength and durability. Areas like kitchen islands or bathroom vanities can benefit from the additional thickness for structural support. Thicker 3 cm slabs also allow for more elaborate edge profiles.

Edge Profiles

The edge of your countertop plays a big role in aesthetics and pricing. From simple flat polished edges to fancy ogee shapes, edge work can add $10 to $30 per linear foot to the overall quartz price.

Basic Edges

  • Eased/Beveled – Angled flat edge
  • Minimal upcharge

Bullnose Edges

  • Rounded – Half-circle rounded edge
  • Small upcharge ~$3-5/linear ft

Ogee Edges

  • S Curve – Elegant double curve
  • Large upcharge ~$10-15/linear ft
  • Double Ogee – Dramatic raised edge
  • Highest upcharge ~$15-30/linear ft

In most cases, a standard eased or bullnose edge looks great with quartz. Only splurge on fancy ogee edges if your budget allows and you want to make a design statement.

Cutouts & Specialty Work

Any cutouts required for sinks, cooktops, etc will bump up your per square foot price. The more cutouts and intricate fabrication needed, the more labor involved. Here are some examples:

  • Standard sink cutout – Minor upcharge
  • Multiple sink cutouts – Medium upcharge
  • Cooktop cutout – Medium upcharge
  • Intricate tile backsplashes – Major upcharge

Undermount sinks generally cost a bit more than top-mount installation because of the precision cutting required. viele Design elements like drain grooves and trivets also increase custom fabrication time (and price).

Installation Location

Where you live plays a significant role in per square foot costs. Like most home improvement services, you’ll pay more for quartz countertop installation in major metropolitan areas compared to rural regions.

Higher prices ($80-$120+/sq.ft)

  • New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles
  • Difficult access to remote areas

Average prices ($60-$90/sq.ft)

  • Most major cities
  • Neighboring suburban areas

Lower prices ($50-$70/sq.ft)

  • Small towns and rural areas
  • Low cost of living regions

It comes down to supply and demand as well as general cost of living for an area. When getting estimates, look for a fabricator located outside a major city center to get the best deals.

Level of Service

Hiring an experienced professional fabricator for measurement, templating, manufacturing, transportation, and installation typically delivers the best results. But it comes at a higher cost.

You can save 20-30% opting for DIY or just installation if you don’t mind taking on more work. Here are two ways to reduce costs:


  • Purchase materials yourself & do fabrication
  • Watch for sales at home centers
  • Requires skills/tools for fabrication

Installation Only:

  • Hire pro for install after DIY templating
  • Save on fabrication costs
  • Need skills for accurate measurements

Keep in mind quartz requires seamless installation to avoid cracks and alignment issues. Unless you have remodeling experience, pros deliver a better outcome in most situations.

Average Quartz Countertop Cost Per Square Foot By Market Segment

To give you a better idea of typical pricing, here is the estimated cost per square foot for quartz broken down by low, middle and high market tiers:

Entry-Level Quartz Counters

At the lower end of the market, expect to invest $40 to $60 per square foot for materials plus installation.

This provides a basic durability upgrade from laminate with limited color and style options. Quality may be inconsistent.

Best for:

  • Budget kitchen/bath remodels
  • Rental properties
  • DIY installations
  • Simple jobs with few cutouts

Mid-Range Quartz Counters

The vast majority of homeowners opt for mid-range quartz at $70 to $90 per square foot installed.

This offers outstanding durability with hundreds of colors/styles to choose from. Excellent value for the investment.

Perfect for:

  • Most residential renovation projects
  • Busy family kitchens
  • Neutral and light patterned designs
  • Jobs with standard fabrication needs

Premium Quartz Counters

On the top end, expect to budget $90 to $125 per square foot for the highest quality quartz materials and professional installation.

Luxurious exotic styles, top brand names and maximum durability come at a premium price point.

Ideal for:

  • High-end home renovations
  • Design enthusiasts
  • Heavy use areas
  • Jobs with intricate fabrication

No matter your budget or project requirements, there is a quartz countertop solution that will meet your needs while providing lasting quality.

Cost Saving Tips for Quartz Countertops

Here are some tips to get the most value from your quartz project and reduce the overall investment:

  • Pick a mid-range brand – Skip premium names for most homes
  • Choose neutral colors – Whites, grays and solid tones are budget-friendly
  • Standard thickness – 2cm slabs sufficient for most applications
  • Minimize cutouts – Each cutout adds time and price
  • Standard edge profile – Fancy edges cost more with little added value
  • Leverage sales – Time purchases around seasonal sales events
  • DIY or installation only – Skip pro fab to save 20-30% if skilled
  • Get multiple quotes – Compare bids apples-to-apples

With some savvy planning and design choices, you can get a beautiful quartz countertop installation that doesn’t break the budget.

FAQs on Quartz Countertop Price Per Square Foot

Here are answers to some of the most common questions homeowners have about the cost per square foot of quartz countertops:

What’s the average total cost for a medium size kitchen?

For a typical 10×10 kitchen with 30 square feet of counter area, expect to invest $2,100 to $3,000 for mid-range quartz installed. Higher-end materials or more complex jobs can jump to $4,000+.

How much does full slab quartz cost?

Quartz countertops are sold in slabs ranging from 115 to 125 inches long by 55 to 65 inches wide. A full slab runs $400 to $700 for entry level options. Premium exotic quartz slabs can cost $800 to $1,200+. Always calculate cost based on total square footage needed.

Is quartz more expensive than granite?

In most cases quartz runs $5 to $15 per square foot higher than granite. The price difference has narrowed over time but natural granite remains a bit cheaper. Quartz compensates with easier maintenance, consistent coloring and more durability.

Can quartz be installed DIY?

With the right tools and skills, quartz can absolutely be installed as a DIYer. The critical steps are accurate measurements, seamless slab joining, and proper support underneath. Patience is a virtue! DIY installation can save 20-30%.

Is Caesarstone more expensive than Silestone?

Caesarstone and Silestone are the two largest quartz manufacturers and direct competitors. Pricing is very similar – within $5 per square foot on average. Both offer outstanding products. The biggest difference comes down to colors and styles offered.

Is Cambria quartz worth the extra cost?

Cambria quartz is priced at the higher end of mid-range brands. The premium pricing buys unique natural stone-like patterns and an excellent reputation. For many homeowners, the upgrade is worth it. But you pay a little extra for the brand name.

How much does quartz cost vs. Corian?

Solid surface like Corian runs $55 to $75 per square foot installed. Quartz counters are typically $70 to $120 per square foot installed. So you’ll pay about $10 to $30 more for the visual look and durability of real stone.

Is Caesarstone or Silestone better?

It’s hard to crown one as “better” since both Caesarstone and Silestone offer outstanding performance. Each brand has pros and cons in terms of colors, patterns, pricing and warranties. It largely comes down to personal preference on styles.


When it comes to quartz countertop pricing per square foot, expect to invest anywhere from $40 to $100+ installed depending on the quality level selected. Choosing a mid-range brand in the $70 to $90 per square foot range gives homeowners an ideal blend of durability, beauty and value.

With hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find beautiful quartz countertops to fit your budget and style needs. Careful shopping based on total project square footage rather than full slab prices is the key to getting the best deal.

Quartz delivers a great return on investment. With just a bit of research and planning, you can find affordable quartz counters that stand up to years of use while adding value and beauty to your kitchen or bath.