How Much Is Quartz Countertops Per Square Foot in 2023?

Quartz countertops remain one of the most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom remodels due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. But with so many options on the market, many homeowners wonder – how much do quartz countertops cost per square foot? Here is a detailed overview of quartz countertop pricing per square foot in 2023.

What is Quartz?

Quartz countertops, also known as engineered stone, are made from crushed quartz combined with resin and other materials. The resulting slabs are non-porous, stain resistant, and harder than natural stone. Quartz combines the beauty of high-end countertop materials with excellent durability.

Some key advantages of quartz countertops:

  • Extremely durable and scratch resistant
  • Resists stains, etching, and heat damage
  • Non-porous – does not require regular sealing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in wide range of colors and patterns
  • Long lifespan compared to other countertop materials

Cost Factors for Quartz Countertops

Many factors go into the total installation cost of quartz countertops on a per square foot basis. Here are some of the key considerations:

Quartz Slab Price

The type of quartz material you choose will largely determine the base price. Premium brands like Caesarstone generally cost $50-70 per square foot for the slab alone. Lower-priced quartz from IKEA or Lowe’s starts around $35 per square foot. Slab prices can range from as low as $25 on the very low end, to $100+ per square foot for luxury designer brands.

Color and Pattern

More complex quartz patterns and unique colors tend to be more expensive than simple white/black slabs. Multi-colored quartz with realistic veining or sparkles can add $5-15 per square foot on average.


Standard quartz thickness is 3/4″. Going up to 1 1/5″ or 2″ thick quartz costs $10-25 more per square foot. Thinner 1/2″ slabs save about $5-10 per square foot.

Installation Costs

The fabrication and installation of the countertops also affects the final per square foot price. Simple countertop layouts start around $40 per square foot installed. Intricate installations with special edging, cutouts, or backsplashes cost $60-100 per square foot installed.


Some quartz brands and distributors offer rebates or seasonal sales, letting you save 10-20% on the slab. This can equate to $5-15 per square foot off.


Like all remodeling services, location affects average costs. Prices in expensive urban areas will be higher than suburbs or rural areas. Shipping fees also apply if slabs are not locally available.

What’s the Total Investment for Quartz Countertops?

Taking all these factors into account, the total price for installed quartz countertops generally ranges from:

  • Low end: $60 per square foot
  • Average cost: $75-100 per square foot
  • High end: $120+ per square foot

According to the Remodeling Calculator by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average national cost for installed quartz countertops is $105 per square foot.

As a very rough estimate, for a typical 25 square foot small kitchen with mid-range quartz, total costs would be around $2,500. A larger 50 square foot kitchen could cost $5,000 or more with higher-end materials.

How Does Quartz Compare to Other Countertop Materials?

Quartz countertops price out very competitively versus natural stone and solid surface materials:

  • Quartz vs. Granite: Quartz is generally $10-20 less per square foot than granite. Both are excellent choices that will enhance your home’s value.
  • Quartz vs. Marble: Quartz is slightly less expensive than marble, and requires less maintenance and sealing. Marble is prone to etching and stains.
  • Quartz vs. Corian/Avonite: At $40-80 per square foot installed, solid surfaces like Corian are comparable or sometimes cheaper than quartz. Quartz offers more color/pattern options.
  • Quartz vs. Laminate: Laminate only costs $20-50 installed, making it the least expensive option. But quartz offers a more high-end look and better durability.

So in terms of upfront costs, quartz delivers an outstanding combination of value, beauty, and durability. And it comes with lower lifetime maintenance needs than natural stone.

Quartz Countertop Price Per Square Foot By Brand

To give you a better idea of real-world quartz pricing, here is an overview of costs per square foot by major brands:

  • Caesarstone: $57 – $85 per square foot. The pioneer of quartz surfaces, Caesarstone remains priced at the higher end.
  • Cambria: $55 – $100 per square foot. Cambria is known for unique designs and premium quality that command higher prices.
  • Silestone: $50 – $80 per square foot. Popular Spanish brand owned by Cosentino. Wide range of colors and textures.
  • LG Viatera: $55 – $75 per square foot. High-performance quartz that competes with top brands.
  • Quartz Master: $35 – $50 per square foot. Budget-friendly quartz available at Home Depot.
  • IKEA Quartz: $35 – $45 per square foot. Affordable option for IKEA kitchens. Limited color selection.
  • Lowe’s Allen + Roth: $35 – $65 per square foot. Quartz exclusive to Lowe’s, offering good value.
  • Wilsonart Quartz: $45 – $65 per square foot. Large variety of patterns from a trusted laminate brand.
  • Hanstone Quartz: $55 – $75 per square foot. Mid-range designer quartz made in South Korea.

This gives a sampling of prices from affordable DIY-friendly big box store brands, up to premier designer quartz lines only sold through kitchen & bath showrooms.

Is Quartz Worth the Investment?

At $60 to over $100 per square foot installed, quartz is a significant investment. But most homeowners find it well worth the cost when you consider:

  • Extreme Durability: Quartz shrugs off heavy use, cuts, scratches, and stains that can damage other surfaces.
  • Easy Maintenance: No sealing needed! Just use soap & water to clean. Minimal upkeep.
  • Stylish Appearance: Quartz mimics high-end surfaces like marble and granite, but adds modern colors.
  • Increased Home Value: Upscale quartz countertops can boost your home’s resale value and appeal to buyers.
  • Long Lifespan: Properly installed quartz counters last for decades. Avoid future replacement costs.

While cheaper countertop options exist, quartz offers outstanding performance, beauty, and value overall. Investing in quality quartz surfaces can really pay off long-term.

FAQ About Quartz Countertop Pricing

Here are answers to some common questions homeowners have about the cost of quartz:

Is quartz more expensive than granite?

Quartz pricing is very comparable to granite. In most cases, quartz will be $10-20 less per square foot than granite.

What thickness of quartz should I get?

The standard thickness is 3/4″. Going up to 1 1/5″ or 2″ thick quartz costs $10-25 more per square foot.

Is white quartz cheaper than colored quartz?

Generally yes, a bright white or black quartz slab will be $5-10 less expensive per square foot than bold colors or patterns.

Is Caesarstone more expensive than Silestone?

Yes, Caesarstone is generally priced $5-15 per square foot higher than Silestone quartz.

Can I install quartz myself?

Quartz requires professional installation. However, you can save on labor costs by doing cabinetry prep work yourself.

Is quartz cheaper than solid surface countertops?

Quartz and solid surfaces like Corian have similar price ranges of $60-100 per square foot installed. Quartz requires less maintenance.

Is IKEA quartz good quality?

IKEA quartz is very affordable but limited in colors and patterns. The quality and durability is excellent though for the low price.

Get Your Free Estimate for Quartz Countertops

We hope this gives you a better understanding of quartz countertop costs per square foot in 2023. Prices can vary greatly based on your preferred brand, colors, and installation factors. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to get in touch with a professional countertop company in your area. They can provide a free quote tailored to your specific kitchen or bath needs. Feel free to reach out if you have any other quartz pricing questions!