How Much is Quartz Countertop per Square Foot in Canada?

Quartz countertops have become an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom renovation projects in Canada. With their durability, low maintenance, and wide variety of colors and patterns available, it’s easy to see why quartz has become a top contender when choosing new countertops. But before taking the plunge, it’s important to understand the cost factors involved when budgeting for quartz countertops. Here is a comprehensive overview of what to expect when it comes to how much is quartz countertop per square foot in Canada.

Average Cost of Quartz Countertops per Square Foot

The cost of quartz countertops can range anywhere from $50 per square foot on the low end, up to $120 per square foot on the high end. The average price that most Canadian homeowners pay falls right in the middle at $70 – $100 per square foot installed.

Several factors affect the overall price:

  • Brand of quartz – Popular brands like Caesarstone, Silestone, and Cambria tend to be pricier than less known brands.
  • Color and pattern – More complex veining and patterns add to the cost compared to solid colors.
  • Thickness – Standard 2 cm thickness is fine for most homes. Go thicker (3 cm) if you need a sturdier surface.
  • Edge treatments – Decorative edges like ogee and bevel add $10-$15 per linear foot. Standard straight edge is the most affordable.
  • Installation – Approximately 50% of your total cost will go towards professional installation.
  • Location – Prices are generally a bit higher in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal versus other areas.

Factors That Impact Quartz Countertop Cost

There are several key factors that go into determining the overall investment for quartz countertops in your home. Being aware of these details will help you plan and budget the project wisely.

Type of Quartz

As mentioned above, quartz countertop pricing can vary significantly based on the brand and style you choose. Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, and Viatera are among the top premium brands known for quality and innovation. High-end designer brands like these will be pricier than lesser known, budget options. Within each brand, there is also a wide selection of colors, finishes, and patterns – from solid whites and blacks to bold variegated swirls. More complex designs and heavy veining patterns tend to increase the price over simple solid colors.


The standard thickness for most quartz countertops is 2 cm (just under 1 inch). This provides an ideal balance of durability and affordability. If you need extra sturdiness for a commercial setting or heavy-use kitchen, opt for 3 cm thickness instead. Going up to 3 cm will add $10-$20 per square foot typically. Anything thicker than 3 cm is unnecessary for residential kitchens.


Professional installation will take up about 50% of your total budget for the project. Leaving installation to the experts ensures proper cutouts for sinks, precision seams, and secure mounting. Expect to pay $40-$70 per hour for installation. Simple countertop layouts in small kitchens take less time than large, complex designs.

Edging Styles

The edge of your countertop plays a big role in the overall aesthetics and cost. A standard square edge is the most affordable option. More ornate edges like bevel, ogee, or dupont add unique visual appeal at an added cost of around $10-$15 per linear foot.Details like backsplashes and special cutouts (e.g. for cooktops) will also increase labor time and expenses.


Like most renovation projects, location impacts how much you’ll pay for quartz countertops. In high-cost metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, expect to pay 10-15% more for both materials and installation compared to rural or remote regions. Shipping fees and labor rates tend to be lower in small towns.

Countertop Layout

Long, straightforward countertop layouts require less cutting and installation work compared to designs with multiple corners, edges, and cutouts. Complex kitchen layouts and geometric designs will drive up the installation time and difficulty, resulting in a higher overall price.

Cost Breakdown for Quartz Countertops

To give you a better idea of what goes into the total price, here is a typical cost breakdown for quartz countertops, using $80 per square foot as an example middle-of-the-road price point.

  • Materials (quartz slabs): $40 per sq ft
  • Professional installation: $40 per sq ft
  • Total for 2 cm thickness: $80 per sq ft

For a medium-sized kitchen of 30 square feet, you would be looking at a total investment of around $2,400 for the countertops. Again, this is for a typical installation in a mid-range home with standard edge details. Higher-end materials, complex installations, and special edge treatments could bring that total closer to $4,000 or more for a larger, luxurious kitchen.

Factors That Reduce the Cost

Fortunately, there are ways to control costs on a quartz counter installation if you are on a strict budget. Consider the following money-saving options:

  • Select a lower-priced quartz material rather than premium brands
  • Stick with a solid white or black color instead of石英台面加拿大小面积费用





  • 石英品牌 – Caesarstone、Silestone和Cambria等知名品牌的价格往往比不太知名的品牌贵。
  • 颜色和图案 – 与纯色相比,更复杂的脉络和图案会增加成本。
  • 厚度 – 2厘米的标准厚度对大多数家庭来说就足够了。如果需要更坚固的表面,则应选择更厚(3厘米)的台面。
  • 边缘处理 – 装饰边缘的加工,如鸽尾形和斜角边缘,每线性英尺增加10-15元。标准直边是最实惠的。
  • 安装 – 大约50%的总成本将用于专业安装。
  • 位置 – 温哥华、多伦多、蒙特利尔的价格通常比其他地区略高。


确定您家总体投资有几个关键因素。 了解这些细节将帮助您明智地规划和预算该项目。


如上所述,根据您选择的品牌和款式,石英台面定价可以有很大差异。Silestone、Caesarstone、Cambria和Viatera是以质量和创新而闻名的顶级品牌。这样的高端设计师品牌价格肯定会比预算产品更贵。在每个品牌中,也有各种颜色、终止处理和图案的广泛选择 – 从纯白和纯黑到大胆的变化交织。与简单的纯色相比,更复杂的设计和繁复的纹理通常会增加价格。













  • 材料(石英板):每平方英尺40元
  • 专业安装:每平方英尺40元
  • 2厘米厚度总计:每平方英尺80元




  • 选择价位较低的石英材料,而不是高端品牌
  • 选择简单的纯白色或黑色,而不是复杂的图案
  • 选取2厘米的标准厚度,避免3厘米更厚的台面
  • 只要简单的方形边缘,不要昂贵的装饰边缘
  • 安装较小的厨房台面,而不是大或复杂的布局
  • 请专业但收费合理的安装商,不要最贵的
  • 在特价季或销售时购买石英材料
  • 考虑DIY安装如果你有专业技能

通过谨慎选取材料,设计简单的布局,并与预算安装商合作,您可以实现高端石英台面而不会造成严重财务损失。只要做好准备并了解所有涉及的成本因素,您就可以在预算范围内实现您的理想厨房 update are truly pristine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertop Costs in Canada

How much more expensive is quartz than granite?

Quartz countertops tend to cost 20-50% more than granite. The exact price difference depends on the specific materials chosen. Expect quartz to range between $80-120 per square foot and granite $50-100 per square foot.

Is quartz worth the extra cost over granite?

For many homeowners, the advantages of quartz make it worth the investment over granite. Quartz is nearly maintenance-free, more durable, and available in a wider array of colors/patterns. Granite remains popular for its natural beauty though.

Does quartz add value to a home?

Yes, quartz countertops will add value and appeal to your home for potential buyers. Quartz is among the most desired countertop materials. Recent real estate data shows homes with quartz counters sell for 3-5% more on average.

Is it cheaper to install quartz in new construction?

Installing quartz in new construction or a full remodel is often cheaper since demolition/removal costs are avoided. Expect some cost savings on labor too. Pre-fabricated quartz slabs designed for new construction can also lower material costs slightly.

Can DIYers install quartz countertops?

Quartz fabrication and installation is best left to the professionals in nearly all cases. However, for very experienced DIYers doing a small simple layout, self-installation may be an option to reduce labor costs. Most homeowners are better off hiring a pro.

The Bottom Line

When budgeting for new quartz countertops in your Canadian home, expect to invest an average of $70-100 per square foot for typical mid-range materials and standard installation. Higher-end quartz, greater thickness, and more intricate edges/patterns will fall in the $100-150 per square foot range, while more affordable options can cost as low as $50 per square foot. With some smart planning and cost-saving steps, quartz can fit into nearly any kitchen renovation budget.