How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost at Home Depot?

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodels due to their durability, low maintenance, and wide variety of colors and patterns. Home Depot offers a quality selection of quartz countertops at competitive prices. Here is a closer look at what to expect when budgeting for quartz countertops from Home Depot.

Quartz Countertop Cost at Home Depot

The cost of quartz countertops at Home Depot ranges from $50 to $120 per square foot installed. This includes both the materials and professional installation. The exact price depends on the brand, color, and edge profile you select.

Some of the factors that affect the total cost of your quartz countertops include:

  • Brand – Home Depot carries quartz from leading brands like Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, and Viatera. Higher-end designer brands like Cambria tend to cost more than value lines like Home Decorators Collection. Expect to pay $60-$100 per square foot for mid-range quartz.
  • Color and Pattern – Simple solid white or gray quartz is the most affordable option. Unique colors like bold blues or patterns like veining will add $5-$15 per square foot to the price.
  • Edge Profile – Straight, minimal edges are the most economical. Decorative edges like ogee, bevel, or bullnose add $10-$20 per linear foot to the total installed price.
  • Thickness – The standard thickness for quartz countertops is 3/4″. Going up to 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ thickness increases cost by $10-$20 per square foot.
  • Cutouts and Special Shapes – Simple rectangular layouts are most budget-friendly. Adding specialty cutouts for sinks or cooktops or creating L-shaped layouts will increase the installation work and price.
  • Local Market – Prices vary slightly by location. Labor, material transportation costs, and demand impact quartz countertop pricing.

Cost Comparison to Other Countertop Materials

Quartz countertops are generally more expensive than laminate but more affordable than natural stone or solid surface materials. Here’s how they compare:

  • Laminate countertops start around $20-$50 per linear foot installed.
  • Quartz countertops range from $50-$120 per square foot installed.
  • Granite countertops cost $80-$150 per square foot installed.
  • Marble countertops run $100-$200 per square foot installed.
  • Solid surface like Corian is $55-$100 per square foot installed.

Quartz is cost-competitive with other popular options like granite and solid surface. The unique patterns and low maintenance make it a smart investment for many homeowners.

Cost Saving Tips

Here are some ways to get the beautiful quartz countertops you want at a price you can afford:

  • Select a mid-range quartz brand and style like Silestone Lyra for the best value.
  • Stick to a simple edge profile like eased or straight instead of decorative edges.
  • Choose a standard 3/4″ thickness unless you need extra durability.
  • Look for sales events and promotions during kitchen remodeling season.
  • Provide accurate measurements and template to minimize cutting and installation fees.
  • Consider DIY installation if you have remodeling experience.
  • Use quartz for high impact areas like kitchens and baths, not utility spaces.

Home Depot Quartz Countertop Warranty

Most quartz brands sold at Home Depot come with a 10-15 year manufacturer warranty. This covers defects in materials and fabrication. The warranty is typically transferable if you sell your home.

Be sure to register your warranty by submitting your receipt and contact info to the quartz manufacturer. Follow care and cleaning guidelines to prevent damage and maintain warranty coverage.

Home Depot provides professional installation. Their installers are trained specifically for quartz countertop fabrication and installation. This helps ensure your countertops are seamlessly integrated into your kitchen or bath design.

Is Quartz Worth the Investment from Home Depot?

Quartz countertops offer unparalleled durability compared to marble and granite as well as a rich, elegant look. Home Depot provides high-quality quartz options at very competitive prices. Investing in quartz countertops from Home Depot can significantly upgrade your space and increase the value of your home.

Be sure to get an exact quote for your project specifications. Carefully review the warranty, maintenance needs, and pros and cons of different quartz brands carried at Home Depot. This will ensure you get the perfect countertops for your home at a fair price. With proper care, your new quartz counters will maintain their beauty for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions about Quartz Countertops at Home Depot

How much does it cost to install quartz countertops from Home Depot?

Installation fees are typically included in the $50-$120 per square foot total price. Exact installation costs depend on complexity, access, and local rates but average $35-$50 per square foot on top of the material cost.

What thickness quartz countertop should I get from Home Depot?

The standard 3/4″ thickness is recommended for most residential kitchens and bathrooms. Go up to 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ only if you need very heavy duty durability. The extra thickness increases cost significantly.

What quartz colors and styles does Home Depot offer?

Home Depot has over 50 colors and styles from leading brands. Choices range from solid whites to bold blues, grays, and patterns like marble, concrete, and terrazzo. This wide selection makes it easy to find your perfect quartz look.

Does Home Depot fabricate the quartz countertops themselves?

Home Depot partners with professional local fabricators to craft countertops per each customer’s specifications. The store does not actually fabricate the slabs in-house.

What kind of warranty do quartz brands at Home Depot offer?

Most major quartz brands sold at Home Depot offer 10-15 year warranties covering manufacturer defects. Be sure to submit your warranty card after installation.


Quartz countertops elevate the look of any kitchen or bath with an elegant and easy-to-maintain surface. Home Depot provides an extensive selection of top quartz brands at very competitive price points. Investing in quartz counters from Home Depot can add beauty and functionality to your home for years to come. Carefully compare different material costs and warranties as you select the perfect quartz countertops for your next remodel.