How Much Do New Quartz Countertops Cost?

Installing new quartz countertops can significantly upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. With their durability, low maintenance, and vast design options, quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners. But before deciding on quartz, an important question to ask is – how much do quartz countertops cost?

What Factors Affect the Cost of Quartz Countertops?

Several key factors impact the total cost of new quartz countertops:


Quartz is priced per square foot, typically between $50-150. More premium brands like Caesarstone and Cambria cost $100-150/sq.ft. Budget-friendly options from IKEA or local suppliers run $50-80/sq.ft.

Color and Pattern

Plain white or light quartz is the most affordable option. Unique colors like blues and grays, and designs like marble patterns, increase costs. Popular patterns can add $5-10 per square foot.

Edge Styles

The edge or backsplash shape affects installation work. Simple square edges are the most economical. Decorative ogee, bullnose, or dupont edges run $10-20/linear foot more. Backsplashes add $10-15/sq.ft.


Standard thickness is 3cm (1.25″). Thicker options of 2cm (0.8″) or 5cm (2″) impact cost. Thinner pieces save money but don’t withstand heat/chipping as well. 5cm is ideal for heavy use.


Hiring a professional to template, fabricate, and install generally adds $40-100 per square foot depending on contractor rates and complexity. DIY installations save significantly.

Countertop Size

Total surface square footage determines materials needed. Larger countertops over 50 square feet cost more overall than small 25 sq.ft. pieces. However, price per square foot typically declines for bigger projects.

Average Costs for New Quartz Countertops

With all these factors considered, here are typical price ranges for new quartz countertops:

  • Low End: $80-100/sq.ft. total. This covers inexpensive quartz slab around $50/sq.ft., simple edges, 3cm thickness, and DIY installation.
  • Mid-Range: $120-150/sq.ft. total. Represents mid-tier $100/sq.ft. quartz, standard edges and thickness, and professional installation.
  • High End: $170+/sq.ft. total. Includes premium $150/sq.ft. quartz, decorative edges, 5cm thickness, complex fabrication, and professional installation.
  • For the average 10×5 kitchen of 50 sq.ft., expect to budget $4,000-$6,000 for mid-range quartz counters.
  • Smaller 25 sq.ft. bathroom vanity tops often run $1,500-$2,000.
  • Price per square foot usually declines on larger projects over 80-100 sq.ft.

How Much Does Installation Cost For Quartz Countertops?

If hiring a professional, there are typically three parts to the installation process:

  • Template: The contractor visits to precisely measure and template the countertop dimensions. Cost is usually $50-100.
  • Fabrication: The quartz slab is cut to specifications in a workshop. Simple edges run $40-50/linear ft. Elaborate edges $60-100/linear ft.
  • Install: The contractor returns to install the finished countertops. Basic install costs about $45/sq.ft. Difficult removals or plumbing add $10-20/sq.ft.

For a 50 sq.ft. kitchen with a 25 linear ft. perimeter, fabrication ($1000) and install ($2250) would total around $3,300. DIY kits can reduce this by 50% or more.

Can You Install Quartz Countertops Yourself?

To save on installation costs, many homeowners choose DIY quartz kit installation. The steps include:

  • Measure accurately and order pre-cut quartz pieces to size.
  • Carefully remove old countertops and prepare the base cabinets.
  • Set the quartz pieces in place and secure together tightly.
  • Seal seams with adhesive and add final polished edges if needed.

With proper planning and patience, DIY installs can save 50% or more on costs. But they require strong DIY skills, as quartz is heavy and fragile. Hiring a professional is highly recommended for complex projects.

Factors That Increase Quartz Countertop Prices

Several options can raise your total quartz countertop investment:

  • Premium quartz materials exceeding $100/sq.ft.
  • Extensive edge profiles like ogee and dupont designs.
  • Thick 5+ cm quartz for heavy duty use.
  • Intricate patterns like marble swirls and embedded metals.
  • Large kitchens over 50 sq.ft. of coverage.
  • Professional fabrication and install versus DIY.
  • Complex removals of old materials prior to install.
  • Special plumbing or electrical modifications needed.

Carefully weigh the design extras versus your budget before selecting options. Simpler countertop styles often provide the best overall value.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Quartz

To maximize savings on your new quartz countertops, consider these tips:

  • Shop warehouse stores like IKEA for budget quartz pricing.
  • Choose simpler square edge profiles over decorative edges.
  • Install thinner 3cm pieces instead of heavy duty 5cm quartz.
  • Select light solid colors over dark variegated patterns.
  • Handle install yourself instead of hiring a contractor.
  • Get multiple bids and negotiate prices with fabricators.
  • Avoid complicated removal of old countertops to reduce costs.
  • Repurpose old countertops as laundry or bar tops to save disposal fees.
  • Time the project for winter or fall when demand is lower.

FAQs About Quartz Countertop Costs

How long will quartz countertops last?

With proper care, quartz counters last 15-20 years on average. Their durability makes the investment worthwhile for most homeowners.

Does thicker quartz cost more?

Yes, 3cm pieces run $50-100/sq.ft. while 5cm heavy duty slabs are $100-150/sq.ft. Thickness significantly impacts durability.

Is installation cheaper for quartz vs granite?

Quartz doesn’t need sealing and is more resilient, making install somewhat easier than natural stone. But both materials have similar installation costs.

Can I install quartz myself?

With ample DIY skills, proper planning, and patience quartz can be self-installed to save 50% or more on costs. Kits are available, but the materials are heavy and fragile.

Is white quartz cheaper than colored quartz?

Generally yes, a basic white or light toned quartz slab runs $80-100 per square foot, while colored varieties can reach $120-150 installed. Patterns also increase the price.

The Bottom Line

Quartz countertops offer unparalleled durability, visual appeal, and value. While not cheap, their reasonable price point between $80-150 per square foot installed makes them attractive for most budgets. Carefully weigh the design and installation options to tailor costs to your needs. With some smart planning and shopping, quartz can be within reach and provide an elegant kitchen or bath focal point that lasts for decades.