How Much Are Quartz Countertops At Lowes?

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. With their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance, it’s no wonder many homeowners are drawn to quartz. If you’re considering new countertops, you may be wondering how much quartz countertops cost at Lowes. Let’s take a closer look at what affects the price and get an idea of what to expect.

What is Quartz?

Before we dive into specifics on cost, let’s make sure we all understand what quartz countertops are. Quartz is an engineered stone made from roughly 90% ground natural quartz crystals combined with pigments and resin. It’s sometimes referred to as engineered stone or reconstituted stone.

The quartz crystals give the material its strength and hardness. The pigments bring out the natural colors and patterns, while the resin binds it all together. Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, and Viatera are some popular quartz countertop brand names.

Compared to natural stone like granite, quartz offers superior consistency in color and pattern. It also requires very little maintenance, unlike granite which needs periodic sealing. Quartz is scratch and stain resistant as well, though not completely impervious.

Quartz Countertop Cost Factors

Many variables affect what you’ll pay for quartz countertops from Lowes or any retailer. Let’s examine what goes into the price.


Quartz countertop prices can range quite a bit depending on the brand. Certain brand names like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria come with a higher price tag. Less expensive options include brands like MSI, Viatera, and DuPont Zodiaq.

The difference lies in the quality of materials, number of color/pattern options, and reputation of the manufacturer. Sticking with a value brand can save you 30% or more compared to premium names.

Color and Pattern

Plain white or light solid colors are generally the most affordable quartz options. Dramatic patterns and bold dark colors tend to cost more. There are so many gorgeous options available, but just know the more exotic selections can increase the price per square foot.


Most quartz countertops are either 3/4″ or 1 1/4″ thick. Thinner 3/4″ slabs reduce cost but are not quite as durable for counters that will see heavy use. Go with 1 1/4″ thickness for best performance, though it will raise the price by 25% or more.


You can either purchase fabrication and installation services directly from Lowes, or buy quartz slabs and hire your own contractor to cut and install. Lowes charges around $40-$60 per linear foot for fabrication and installation. If you hire out, total install costs typically range $100-$200 per linear foot including materials.

Edges and cutouts

Edge treatments like bevels and ogee edges add stylistic detail but also cost more to fabricate. The more cutouts needed for sinks and cooktops, the more fabrication time required too. Simple straight polished edges and minimal cutouts help lower the price.

Perimeter size

The total perimeter length of your countertops also impacts the cost. Larger kitchens with more surface area and longer runs of countertop will have a higher quartz price tag than smaller installations.


Labor and material costs vary across the country. Quartz countertop prices in New York City or San Francisco can be 30-50% higher than prices in small towns. Location makes a difference.

What is the Average Cost of Quartz Countertops at Lowes?

So what can you expect to pay for quartz counters from Lowes? Here is a look at typical price ranges:

  • Quartz slabs only: $40 – $100 per square foot
  • Fabrication & installation: $100 – $200 per linear foot
  • Total installed cost: $80 – $150 per square foot

According to 2020 Remodeling magazine cost data, expect to pay around $75 per square foot for inexpensive quartz, $105 for mid-range, and $140+ for high-end designer brands.

Quartz will generally cost more than laminate by at least $30-50 per square foot but looks much more attractive. Quartz also costs $20-30 psf less than natural granite or marble.

Let’s look at a real world example. Say you have 30 square feet of countertop space with a total perimeter of 25 linear feet. Using 1 1/4″ thick material from a mid-range brand like MSI installed by Lowes, you would pay:

  • 30 sq ft x $105 per sq ft = $3,150 for materials
  • 25 linear ft x $50 per linear ft = $1,250 for fabrication & install

Total Cost = $4,400

That comes out to around $110 per square foot for a typical quartz countertop installation. Prices under $100 psf are doable with value brands or smaller spaces. High-end designer quartz can exceed $125 psf.

How to Get the Best Deal on Quartz Countertops

Looking to maximize savings on your new quartz countertops? Here are some tips:

  • Shop sales & look for discounted remnants
  • Stick to 3/4″ thickness and straight polished edges
  • Choose a lower-priced quartz brand like MSI
  • Minimize seams & cutouts needed
  • Get quotes from 3+ local countertop suppliers
  • Provide your own measurements to ensure accurate quotes
  • Consider supplying your own materials if hired a contractor independently

Timing your quartz countertop purchase during a promotional period can save you 10-15%. Taking some measurements yourself rather than relying on vendor measurements can also help avoid surprises.

Installing counters yourself rather than using Lowes fabrication & installation services can potentially reduce costs as well, though this is only realistic if you have the necessary skills and tools.

Pros & Cons of Quartz Countertops

Now that we’ve broken down the cost factors, let’s quickly summarize the pros and cons of quartz as a countertop material.


-Very durable and scratch/stain resistant

-Easy maintenance – doesn’t require sealing

-Consistent color and patterns

-Stylish modern appearance

-Resists cracking and heat damage

-Non-porous surface inhibits bacteria growth


-Higher cost than laminate

-Limited number of colors/patterns compared to solid surfacing

-Not immune to damage from heavy impacts

-Can’t successfully polish or repair seams onsite

-Resins may yellow slightly over time

Attractive, Durable Option for Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops

Quartz delivers unparalleled durability and low maintenance – explaining much of its popularity. By understanding what impacts the pricing at Lowes and other retailers, you can better plan for your remodeling budget.

While not the least expensive choice, quartz offers great value given its quality and longevity. With reasonable care, your quartz counters should maintain their beauty for many years before needing replacement.

If you seek stylish, fuss-free countertops able to handle busy kitchens and baths, quartz is sure to satisfy. Visit your local Lowes quartz supplier to view designs and get pricing for your specific project. Their knowledgeable kitchen designers can help you navigate all the available options.

With the right information and planning, you can install gorgeous, affordable quartz countertops that stay looking like new for decades!