How Long Does It Take to Get Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops, sometimes referred to as engineered stone, have become an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in recent years. With their durability, low maintenance, and customizability, it’s easy to see why. But before you settle on quartz for your next countertop installation or replacement, you’ll want to understand how long the process takes from start to finish. Here’s a step-by-step overview of what to expect.

Selecting Your Slab

The first step is selecting the specific quartz material you want. There are many brands of engineered stone on the market, each with their own colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from. It’s important to take the time to view multiple quartz slab options in person before finalizing your selection.

Visiting a stone supplier or countertop showroom allows you to see the slabs up close, so you can evaluate color consistency, granule size, and overall aesthetic. Quartz often has subtle variations from slab to slab, so viewing them in person rather than small samples alone gives you the full picture.

Narrow down your top choices, then confirm slab availability with your contractor or countertop company. From there, they can order the materials once you place a deposit and sign off on the final selection. Expect the slab selection process to take 1-2 weeks from initial viewing to ordering.

Template and Measurements

After you’ve finalized the quartz slabs, your contractor will then come take measurements and create a template of your existing countertops. This is an important step to ensure the new engineered stone countertops are cut to fit your space perfectly.

Using a template helps account for any slight wall irregularities or uneven areas. Your contractor will outline the shape of your countertops with strips of wood and/or heavy paper secured in place temporarily.

Measurements for sink cutouts, cooktops, seam placement, and other special details will also be noted. Allow 2-3 hours for the template creation and measurements process.

Fabrication of the Slabs

Once your measurements and template are complete, the information will be sent to the fabricator to cut and finish your slabs into countertops. Fabricators are specialists with the right tools and workspace to precisely cut engineered stone.

Using advanced cutting and polishing equipment, your selected slabs will be trimmed to your specifications, finished, and prepared for installation. The fabricator may also create any requested edge details or special treatments during this step.

The time frame for fabrication can range quite a bit based on the fabricator’s current workload and queue. Most jobs are scheduled 1-3 weeks out on average. You can expect the total fabrication time to be 5-10 business days typically.

Installation of Countertops

The last major step is installing your brand new engineered quartz countertops! Your contractor will arrive on the scheduled installation day with the finished slabs and remove your old countertops first.

After inspecting that the new quartz pieces fit correctly and making any final adjustments, they will be permanently secured in place. Most contractors plan installation to take a full work day, though less time may be required for small or straightforward jobs.

Once fully installed, you’ll have stunning new countertops that can be enjoyed for decades to come thanks to quartz’s durability and timeless aesthetic. Plan for your total installation appointment to take 6-12 hours typically.

Total Timeline

Now that you understand the key phases of the process, what is the total timeline from start to finish? The complete turnaround time for new quartz countertops is typically 3-6 weeks.

However, actual timelines can vary based on factors like:

  • Slab availability when ordered
  • Current volume of jobs at the fabricator
  • Contractor’s existing schedule
  • Scope of demolition/installation work needed
  • Any countertop seams or special details requested

While it’s not an overnight process, the wait is well worth it for gorgeous and functional engineered stone countertops that will upgrade your space for years to come. Discuss expected timeframes with your contractor upfront so you can plan accordingly around the quartz countertop installation.

Cost Breakdown

In addition to the timeline, the other major consideration for new quartz countertops is the investment cost. What exactly makes up the total price for materials, fabrication, and installation? Here is a breakdown of typical cost components:

  • Quartz slabs – The stone materials themselves account for 30-50% of the total project cost on average. Expect to pay $40-100 per square foot for quality quartz. More premium designer brands can range up to $200 per square foot.
  • Fabrication – Fabricating the slabs into your finished countertop pieces will be 15-25% of total costs. Simple edge profiles start around $40 per linear foot, with more elaborate edges like ogee, bevel, or waterfall raising the price to $65-100+ per linear foot.
  • Installation – Hiring a professional to remove old countertops, install new quartz pieces, and handle plumbing/electrical adjustments will range from $35-100 per hour. Total installation costs often make up 15-25% of the full budget.
  • Additional costs – Other charges like sink cutouts, seams, shipping, design, and demolition/disposal can add another 10-20% typically. Backsplashes and matching islands also increase the total if desired.

In total, expect to invest $80-250 per square foot for your new quartz countertops, with most kitchens averaging $3,000-5,000 total. Luxury designer materials can raise costs to $6,000-10,000 or more. Carefully weighing your budget and options will help narrow down the right quartz choice.


How long does it take to install quartz countertops?

Installation typically takes 6-12 hours for an average sized kitchen. Simple countertop layouts can often be installed in one day. Larger or more complex designs may require 2+ days to fully complete installation.

What is the typical thickness of quartz countertops?

Most quartz countertops are either 1 1⁄4 inches or 1 1⁄2 inches thick. Thicker slabs of 2 or 3 cm are more robust for spaces like kitchen islands. 1 cm quartz can also be used for non-weight bearing applications like backsplashes.

Should I hire one company for the full quartz countertop project?

You can save time and hassle by hiring one company to handle everything start to finish. However, it’s also fine to get quotes from separate slab suppliers, fabricators, and installers to potentially save costs. Just make sure communication between the teams is clear.

How soon can I use my new quartz countertops after installation?

It’s best to avoid using, sitting on, or placing heavy items on your fresh quartz installation for at least 24-48 hours. This allows the adhesive and any caulk ample time to fully cure and secure the countertops properly.

Should I expect to see seams with quartz countertops?

Seams are typically necessary for larger quartz countertop installations, as natural stone slabs have size limitations when manufactured. Experienced installers are skilled at cutting seams in discreet, minimally noticeable locations though.


While quartz countertop installation is not an overnight process, proper planning and understanding what to expect can make your project smooth and successful. Investing the time to select the perfect color and pattern will pay off for years of stylish, low maintenance enjoyment in your home. With an experienced contractor and fabricator, you can expect approximately 3-6 weeks from start to finish.

The unparalleled durability and longevity of quartz countertops make them well worth the wait. By setting realistic time expectations and budgeting accordingly, you can best prepare for each step – from selecting slabs, templating, fabrication, and installing your beautiful new engineered stone countertops. In no time, you’ll have an incredible, customized kitchen or bath space that will upgrade your home’s style, functionality, and value.