Does Quartz Countertops Come in 10′ Lengths?

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. With their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance, it’s easy to see why quartz has become such a sought-after material. When shopping for quartz countertops, one common question that arises is whether quartz slabs come in 10′ lengths. Here is a comprehensive look at quartz countertop sizing and availability.

Standard Quartz Slab Sizes

The standard size for quartz slabs from most major manufacturers is 115″ x 55″ or about 9.5 feet x 4.5 feet. This allows most countertops to be fabricated from a single slab with minimal seams.

Some of the typical quartz slab dimensions you may encounter include:

  • 55″ x 120″
  • 60″ x 120″
  • 65″ x 130″
  • 118″ x 55″

So while quartz does not typically come in a full 10′ length, the 55″ width of most slabs allows countertops up to 9’6″ to be cut from a single piece in most cases.

Why 10′ Lengths Are Uncommon

There are a few reasons why you won’t find many quartz slabs offered in 10′ lengths:

  • Manufacturing limits – Most quartz is produced in large presses that max out at around 9.5′. Expanding machinery to accommodate 10′ production would require significant investment.
  • Transportation restrictions – Delivery trucks and shipping containers have width limitations that make 10′ wide slabs impractical to transport efficiently.
  • Fabrication challenges – At 10′ long, these quartz slabs would be extremely heavy, difficult to maneuver, and prone to breaking during fabrication and installation.
  • Material waste – A 10′ slab would result in more unused material after cutting, driving up costs. The 9.5′ length allows fabricators to maximize yield.

Achieving 10′ Runs with Multiple Slabs

For most kitchen designs, the standard 55″ width and availability of overhangs up to 6″ or more on either side allow a single quartz piece to cover runs up to 10′ in length.

However, for islands or other scenarios requiring a full 10′ length, there are two options:

  • Two standard slabs – The fabricator can seam two standard 55″ wide slabs together. A competent fabricator can create a seam that is barely perceptible.
  • One oversized slab – Some quartz makers like Cambria do offer 65″ wide slabs. This allows a 10′ length to be achieved with a single oversized piece.

Special Order Options

If your design absolutely requires a single 10′ long slab without seams, check with your fabricator about special order options. While rare, some manufacturers will do custom slab sizes, for a premium. Or your fabricator may be able to source a specialty slab distributor that can accommodate 10′ cuts.

Expect to pay a significantly higher price for a custom 10’ slab, and be aware that lead times can be 4-6 weeks or longer. For most homes, going with the standard 9.5′ length or two seamed 55” pieces is the smarter, more economical choice.

FAQ about 10′ Quartz Slabs

Here are answers to some frequent questions about quartz in 10′ lengths:

Can I get a 10′ quartz slab for my kitchen island?

In most cases, a 10′ island can be fabricated from two standard 55” wide slabs seamlessly joined. Oversized 65” slabs also allow a 10’ span with one piece. A custom 10′ slab is possible but uncommon.

What’s the largest quartz slab I can buy?

While a few companies like Cambria go up to 65”, the most widely available max dimensions are about 118” x 55”. Custom oversized slabs are possible but at a premium cost.

Does Home Depot or Lowe’s sell quartz countertops in 10′ lengths?

No, the major home improvement chains will not stock 10’ quartz slabs in their stores. Their quartz selection is limited to standard 9.5’ lengths from leading brands.

Can quartz fabricators make 10′ countertops without seams?

It’s possible but challenging. Most fabricators will seam two standard 55” pieces to achieve a 10’ run. Oversized slabs make it possible with one slab, or custom fabrication if cost is not a concern.

What are the downsides to 10′ quartz slabs?

Such long pieces of quartz can be prone to breaking, difficult to transport and work with, and result in more wasted material. This makes them unpopular outside of rare custom jobs.

The Bottom Line

While quartz does not typically come in 10’ lengths from the manufacturer, skilled fabricators using two or more standard slabs can achieve the look of a seamless 10’ run. For most homeowners looking for quartz countertops exceeding 9.5’, going with normal quartz lengths and expert fabrication is the smartest route. But oversized or custom slabs are an option for those focused on minimizing seams over all else. By understanding the available slab dimensions and talking shop with fabricators, you can find a beautiful quartz countertop solution for runs of any length.