Does Quartz Countertops Bring Good Luck?

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability, low maintenance, and sleek appearance. Some people believe that quartz countertops can also bring good fortune and prosperity into a home. Let’s explore where this belief comes from and if there’s any truth to the idea that quartz countertops attract luck.

The History and Meaning Behind Quartz

Quartz is a sparkly natural stone that forms deep within the earth’s crust. It’s composed of silicon and oxygen, making it extremely hard and durable. Ancient civilizations prized quartz for its mystical powers and incorporated it into rituals and ceremonies. Clear quartz was believed to clarify thoughts, amplify energies, and promote healing.

In crystal healing traditions, quartz is considered a “master healer” stone that can align all the elements of the body and mind. It’s thought to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy. This is why some people place quartz crystals throughout their homes – to promote harmony and balance.

The notion that quartz can attract luck and prosperity likely stems from these long-held beliefs about its metaphysical properties. For centuries, crystals like quartz have been utilized as talismans and amulets to draw in good fortune.

The Meaning of Quartz in Feng Shui

In feng shui, an ancient Chinese system of home design and placement, quartz is thought to energize spaces and activate positive chi (life force energy).

According to feng shui principles, quartz can amplify the intentions you set in your home. It’s recommended to place quartz in certain feng shui areas of your home to enhance specific aspirations:

  • Entrance – quartz welcomes prosperity
  • Living room – quartz promotes family harmony
  • Home office – quartz improves focus and concentration
  • Wealth corner – quartz attracts abundance

So from a feng shui perspective, quartz is an excellent material for countertops to improve your home’s energy flow and attract fortunate opportunities.

The Prosperity Symbolism of Quartz

White or clear quartz is often linked to purity, clarity, and higher states of awareness. In light of these positive meanings, it’s easy to see why quartz developed associations with good fortune.

Quartz countertops also symbolize modernity, luxury, and affluence in interior design. Their gleaming surfaces and intricate patterns connote wealth and status. This can create an atmosphere where prosperity is manifest.

The reflective quality of quartz countertops is said to metaphorically reflect abundance and prosperity back to you. It reinforces the aspirations you set.

Evaluating the Veracity of These Beliefs

There’s no definitive scientific evidence that quartz countertops alone can bring monetary wealth and worldly success. However, the power of intention and creating an environment that mentally primes you for abundance shouldn’t be discounted.

If you find quartz visually stunning and spiritually uplifting, it may work to reinforce a prosperous mindset. But quartz isn’t necessarily a magical means of attracting luck. It’s more about aligning your living space with the energy and feelings you’d like to cultivate.

The placebo effect likely also plays a role. If you believe strongly enough that quartz will bring fortune, you’re more likely to unconsciously behave in ways that generate success.

So while quartz itself doesn’t guarantee increased prosperity, the energy and inspiration it provides can motivate you to pursue your dreams – and perhaps enjoy some lucky breaks along the way.

Tips for Using Quartz to Boost Your Luck Potential

If you’d like to see whether quartz can influence your fortune, try incorporating it into your home with intention:

  • Place a quartz ornament or crystal cluster in your prosperity corner to energize that space.
  • Display quartz decor items on your office desk or shelves to invite career success.
  • Set positive affirmations or vision boards on your quartz countertops to reinforce goals.
  • Introduce quartz accents around your home to create a fresh, prosperous ambiance.
  • Cleanse and recharge your quartz regularly with sound, sunlight, smoke, or water.
  • Speak encouraging mantras over your quartz to imbue it with purposeful energy.

By consciously using quartz to cultivate prosperity, you add fuel to those hopeful intentions. And when you feel uplifted by your environment, you’re more magnetized to opportunity.

Quartz Countertops FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about quartz countertops and their connection to luck and prosperity:

Can different quartz colors attract different types of luck?

Certain colors may put you in a more positive state of mind. White quartz symbolizes purity, pink quartz love, and black quartz security. Ultimately any quartz can promote good fortune if you infuse it with that intention.

Which room is the best place for quartz countertops?
The kitchen and master bedroom are ideal spaces to install quartz for its luck-enhancing properties. These are hubs for nourishing family and cultivating prosperity every day.

Do quartz countertops lose their power over time?
As long as you routinely cleanse your quartz, it will maintain its energetic potency. Recharge it by exposing it to sound, sunlight, smoke, or water on a regular basis.

Can I program my own intentions into a quartz countertop?
Absolutely. Set your intentions through a dedication ritual when you first install your countertops, or anytime you feel the need to reinvigorate them.

Does the luck only come from countertops, or any quartz in the home?
You can place quartz anywhere in your home or office where you want to enhance prosperity potential – counters, floors, accents, decor, etc. The more quartz infusing the space, the stronger the amplification.


While the idea that quartz countertops inherently attract wealth and opportunity is more spiritual myth than proven fact, that doesn’t mean the power of intention and auspicious environment should be underestimated. If you find quartz aesthetically beautiful and uplifting for your home, its energy may very well give your luck a boost. Approach quartz as another tool in your prosperity toolkit rather than a magical panacea. Let it inspire you to create the life you truly desire.