Does Lowe’s Sell Wilsonart Quartz Countertops?

Wilsonart quartz countertops are a popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. With a wide range of colors and patterns available, it’s easy to find a Wilsonart quartz design that matches your style. Many homeowners wonder if Lowe’s sells Wilsonart quartz countertops. Here’s what you need to know.

An Overview of Wilsonart Quartz Countertops

Wilsonart is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered stone countertops. Their quartz countertops are made from crushed quartz aggregates combined with resins and pigments. This creates a durable, non-porous surface that resists scratches, stains, and heat.

Some key benefits of Wilsonart quartz countertops include:

  • Stylish designs – Wilsonart offers over 100 color and pattern options including realistic marble and granite looks.
  • Low maintenance – Quartz requires very little maintenance compared to natural stone. Simply clean with soap and water.
  • Durability – Engineered quartz is resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches. It can withstand heat up to 212°F.
  • Non-porous – The resin binds the quartz particles creating a surface that’s impervious to stains.
  • Antibacterial – Silver ions added during manufacturing help inhibit bacterial growth.

Wilsonart carefully controls the engineering process resulting in high-quality, stylish countertops backed by a 15-year limited warranty. This durability and wide range of design options make Wilsonart quartz an attractive choice for many homeowners.

Does Lowe’s Sell Wilsonart Quartz?

So does Lowe’s carry Wilsonart quartz slabs and countertops? The answer is yes! Wilsonart has partnered with Lowe’s to offer their quartz products both in-store and online.

You can browse an extensive selection of Wilsonart quartz designs at your local Lowe’s. The store displays full slabs allowing you to see the patterns and colors in person. Lowe’s also offers Wilsonart quartz countertops pre-fabricated in standard sizes. These can make the installation process easier.

If you prefer, Lowe’s allows you to conveniently shop the entire Wilsonart quartz collection online. Simply browse the available styles, colors, and patterns online. Then you can order samples or coordinate professional installation through Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Wilsonart Quartz Brands

Lowe’s carries two primary Wilsonart quartz product lines:

Wilsonart Quartz

This is Wilsonart’s core engineered stone quartz brand. It offers a wide range of colors and styles from white marbles to bold patterns. The Wilsonart Quartz line includes unique technology like Antimicrobial Protection and Heat Reflection.

Wilsonart Dekton

Dekton emulates the look of natural stone but has enhanced durability and stain resistance. It’s composed of a proprietary blend of quartz, glass, and porcelain. Lowe’s carries over 25 colors and patterns under the Dekton brand.

In addition to slabs, Lowe’s provides prefabricated countertops, vanities, shelves, and backsplashes in both Wilsonart Quartz and Dekton. This allows customers to conveniently purchasequartz products sized for their specific project.

Shopping for Wilsonart at Lowe’s

Lowe’s makes the process of selecting, purchasing, and installing Wilsonart quartz countertops straightforward. Here are some tips for shopping Wilsonart quartz at Lowe’s:

  • Browse in-store – Visit your local Lowe’s quartz and natural stone displays to view slabs and get design inspiration.
  • Order samples – Order free 2×2 inch samples online or pick up larger pieces in-store to visualize colors and patterns in your space.
  • Compare pricing – Lowe’s provides upfront pricing online for materials, fabrication, and installation. Compare quartz vs. natural stone.
  • Coordinate installation – Lowe’s can schedule professional measurement, fabrication, and installation of your new countertops.
  • Use promos – Take advantage of any specials or rebates offered on Wilsonart purchases at Lowe’s. Sign up for Lowe’s credit card for 5% off wilsonart.
  • Apply for financing – Get approved for a Lowe’s credit card or other financing to pay for your quartz countertops over time.

Lowe’s makes Wilsonart quartz more affordable by offering special promotions and convenient payment options. Be sure to also ask about additional savings that may be available.

FAQ About Wilsonart Quartz at Lowe’s

Does lowes sell wilsonart quartz countertops?

Yes, Lowe’s offers the complete line of Wilsonart engineered quartz countertops. You can shop Wilsonart slabs and prefabricated countertops in-store or online.

What colors of wilsonart quartz does Lowe’s have?

Lowe’s provides over 100 Wilsonart quartz designs ranging from white marbles to bold colors like crimson and emerald. Be sure to browse the patterns available at your local store.

Does Lowe’s fabricate and install wilsonart quartz?

Lowe’s can arrange for professional fabrication and installation of Wilsonart quartz countertops purchased through their stores. Get a quote for your project online or consult with a kitchen designer.

What are the prices of wilsonart quartz at Lowe’s?

Wilsonart quartz prices at Lowe’s generally range from $50-$120 per square foot including materials, fabrication, and installation. Prices vary based on slab colors and patterns chosen.

Does Lowe’s offer any discounts on wilsonart quartz?

Yes, Lowe’s frequently offers instant rebates, percentage-off coupons, and special financing options that can lower the cost of Wilsonart quartz countertops. Ask a salesperson about any current promotions.

Can I buy wilsonart quartz vanities at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s provides a selection of prefabricated Wilsonart quartz vanity tops ready for installation on your bathroom vanity base. These typically cost $200-$800 depending on size.

Does Lowe’s have wilsonart quartz in stock?

While some sizes may be in stock ready for pickup, most Wilsonart purchases involve selecting a slab which takes 1-2 weeks for fabrication and installation. Be sure to plan accordingly for your project timeline.

What are the Wilsonart quartz reviews from Lowe’s customers?

Wilsonart quartz buyers at Lowe’s give high marks for the durability, appearance, and ease of maintenance. Most mention the extensive design options and good value relative to natural stone.

The Benefits of Choosing Wilsonart at Lowe’s

Lowe’s makes it convenient to shop the complete selection of Wilsonart engineered quartz countertops. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Wilsonart quartz at Lowe’s for your next remodeling project:

  • One-stop shop – Lowe’s provides materials, fabrication, installation, warranties, and financing for your Wilsonart purchase.
  • Wide selection – Browse the latest Wilsonart designs and colors in-store or access the full collection online.
  • Hands-on shopping – Lowe’s store displays allow you to see and touch Wilsonart slabs before purchase.
  • Expert assistance – Knowledgeable kitchen design specialists help you select the perfect Wilsonart look.
  • Coordinated installation – Lowe’s handles scheduling professional measurement, fabrication, and hassle-free installation.
  • Peace of mind – Wilsonart quartz is backed by a 15-year limited warranty through Lowe’s.
  • Affordable options – Special offers and financing make Wilsonart quartz more budget-friendly at Lowe’s.

Wilsonart is one of the top quartz brands available at Lowe’s. With an extensive selection, experienced assistance, professional installation, warranties and financing, Lowe’s is a great option for purchasing beautiful, durable Wilsonart quartz countertops.

Enjoy Your New Wilsonart Quartz Countertops from Lowe’s!

With proper care, Wilsonart quartz countertops should provide many years of beauty and convenience in your home. Lowe’s makes it easy to shop for Wilsonart and get the custom fabrication and pro installation needed to make your countertop vision a reality.

Be sure to browse the Wilsonart quartz collection at your local Lowe’s soon. Bring home durable, low-maintenance countertops designed to match your unique style. Then you can enjoy the beauty and convenience that Wilsonart quartz delivers for all your cooking and entertaining needs.