Does Lowes Sell Quartz for Countertops?

What is Quartz?

Before diving into what Lowes offers, let’s quickly overview what quartz countertops are. Quartz is an engineered stone made from roughly 90% ground natural quartz crystals combined with pigments for color and resins for binding. The result is a non-porous, stain-resistant, low-maintenance surface that comes in a wide range of styles.

Compared to natural stone like granite or marble, quartz is less prone to staining, etching, and cracking. It doesn’t require yearly sealing like granite. It also resists scratches better than laminate. With quartz, you get the high-end look of stone with more durability.

Does Lowes Sell Quartz Countertops?

Yes, Lowes does offer quartz countertops! Lowes carries two major brands of quartz: Cambria and Silestone. Between these two brands, Lowes has a sizable selection of quartz colors, finishes, and patterns.

Cambria Quartz at Lowes

Cambria is an American-made quartz manufactured in Minnesota. It’s known for its stylish designs and variety of color options. Lowes carries a couple dozen Cambria quartz designs for countertops and backsplashes.

Some popular Cambria styles at Lowes include:

  • Brittanicca – Speckled black and white.
  • Ella – Light greige background with wisps of white.
  • Langdon – Dark charcoal with subtle blue undertones.
  • Weybourne – Crisp white with grey veining.
  • Windermere – Rich blue-toned brown.

Cambria quartz comes with a lifetime limited warranty. It resists staining, scratching, and heat up to 425°F. Prices range from $50-$100 per square foot.

Silestone Quartz at Lowes

Silestone is another well-known quartz brand carried at Lowes. Manufactured in Spain, it consists of about 94% quartz mixed with resins and pigments. Silestone is known for its vibrancy of color.

Some favorite Silestone quartz collections at Lowes include:

  • Calacatta Gold – White background with dramatic grey veining.
  • Charcoal Soapstone – Rich dark charcoal color.
  • Eternal Calacatta Gold – An even whiter version of the popular Calacatta Gold.
  • Pearl Jasmine – Neutral background with subtle grey/brown mottling.
  • Polaris – Clean bright white.
  • Snowy Ibiza – Crisp white with faint grey marbling.

Silestone comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s scratch, stain, and acid resistant. Cost is similar to Cambria, roughly $55-$100 per square foot.

How to Buy Quartz Countertops at Lowes

Purchasing quartz countertops at Lowes involves a few simple steps:

1. Choose your style: Browse quartz options online or in store. Narrow down color, pattern, finish.

2. Measure your space: To get a quote, Lowes needs accurate measurements of your countertops. Measure length and width precisely.

3. Schedule an in-home consultation: A Lowes associate will visit to verify measurements, discuss layout, and provide an exact quote.

4. Place your order: Once you accept the quote, Lowes will place the order and schedule professional installation.

5. Enjoy your new quartz! Installation typically takes just one to two days. Then you can enjoy a beautiful, durable new countertop.

Lowes also offers financing options to help spread out payments over time.

The Pros of Choosing Lowes for Quartz

Why might you want to purchase your quartz countertops at Lowes? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Wide selection: With Cambria and Silestone, you get dozens of styles to choose from.
  • Professional installation: Lowes has experienced installers to handle the countertop fabrication and installation.
  • Reliable brand names: Cambria and Silestone are leading quartz manufacturers.
  • Peace of mind: Lowes provides warranties and guarantees the quality of your countertops.
  • One-stop shopping: You can purchase your quartz countertop along with your new cabinets, flooring, etc.
  • Financing available: Lowes offers project loans and credit cards to finance countertop projects.

While not the cheapest option, Lowes takes the guesswork out of the quartz buying process. Overall, it’s a convenient and reputable option for many homeowners.

FAQ About Lowes and Quartz Countertops

Does Lowes fabricate the quartz onsite?

No, Lowes works with outside local fabricators to cut and install the quartz. However, Lowes schedules and coordinates the whole process for you.

What thickness options are available at Lowes?

Lowes offers three standard thicknesses: 3cm (1.2 inches), 2cm (0.8 inches), and 1.2cm (0.5 inches). 3cm is best for heavily used surfaces like kitchen counters. 1.2cm works well for backsplashes.

Does Lowes offer any discounted or economy quartz choices?

Not currently. They only sell from the Cambria and Silestone luxury brands, without budget quartz options. Other retailers like Home Depot sell lower-priced quartz.

Can I supply my own quartz slab purchased elsewhere?

No. For full warranty coverage, Lowes only allows installation of quartz purchased through Lowes.

Does Lowes offer prefabricated quartz countertops?

Lowes has some prefab quartz options for bathroom vanities. However, kitchen countertops are mainly custom cut to your specifications.

Is Lowes Right for Your Quartz Countertops?

If you’re looking for name-brand quartz in the latest styles, excellent warranties, and professional installation, Lowes is a great choice. Their selection from Cambria and Silestone allows tons of customization. Just be prepared for higher prices than discount or DIY options.

We hope this overview has helped answer the key question: does Lowes sell quartz countertops? Let us know if you have any other quartz buying questions! Our team would be happy to offer guidance to help you get your dream countertop.