Does Lowes Install Quartz Countertops?

Installing new countertops can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Quartz countertops, in particular, have become a popular option due to their stylish appearance, durability, and low maintenance. If you’re considering quartz for your next kitchen remodel, you may be wondering if Lowes offers installation services for these countertops. Here is what you need to know about Lowes and quartz countertop installation.

Does Lowes Provide Quartz Countertop Installation?

Yes, Lowes does offer installation services for quartz countertops. They have dedicated installation experts that can handle the entire process – from measurement and template creation to securing the slabs and finishing the seams.

Lowes partners with top brands like Cambria, Caesarstone, and Silestone to provide a wide array of quartz options. Their installers are well-versed in working with these specific materials. They can recommend the best quartz colors and patterns for your kitchen based on your goals and lifestyle.

The main benefits of using Lowes for your quartz installation include:

  • Convenience: Lowes manages the entire installation process for you, including schedulingTEMPLATE FOR THE TITLE. You don’t have to source different providers for countertop purchase, template creation, and installation.
  • Reliability: Lowes has stringent criteria for selecting their installation technicians. They’re background checked and drug tested to ensure quality work.
  • Warranty: Lowes provides a limited lifetime warranty on installation services. This covers any defects in the original install.
  • Coordination: Lowes coordinates the installation schedule with your cabinet installer if you’re doing a full kitchen remodel. The countertop work starts after cabinet installation is complete.

What Does Lowes Quartz Installation Include?

Lowes installation services for quartz countertops include the major steps involved:

  • Template Creation: The installers come out to take precise measurements of your existing countertops and map out the new layout. This template is used for fabricating your slabs.
  • Securing the Slabs: The installers transport your finished quartz slabs to your home when ready. They inspect for any defects, then secure the slabs tightly to the base cabinets.
  • Seam Finishing: Seams between the slabs are bonded together for a smooth look. The installers use color-matched filler and take steps to make the seams as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Edge Finishing: Edges are polished and finished according to your specifications – polished, beveled, ogee, etc. Appliance cutouts are also made at this stage.
  • Cleaning: Installers thoroughly clean the new countertops once the job is complete, removing any debris or excess materials.
  • Inspection: Lowes will schedule a follow-up inspection of the finished installation and make any adjustments needed.

How Much Does Lowes Charge for Quartz Installation?

Lowes installation prices for quartz vary based on your specific job requirements. On average, expect to pay the following:

  • Template and basic installation: $49 per linear foot
  • Premium installation: $69 per linear foot
  • Edge finishing: $15 per linear foot
  • Appliance cutouts: $75 per cutout

Keep in mind there are often promotions available from Lowes to reduce installation costs. Be sure to ask what current offers they have.

You’ll also pay separately for the quartz slabs themselves. Lowes has prefabricated options starting around $50 per square foot. Higher-end designer quartz can range from $70 to over $100 per square foot.

How to Schedule Quartz Installation with Lowes

Scheduling Lowes for your quartz installation involves just a few easy steps:

1. Select your quartz: Choose your slabs from the designer brands and colors carried at your local store. Have them quote you based on the total square footage needed.

2. Book your install date: Work with the kitchen design staff to select an installation date that fits your remodel schedule. Weekends tend to book up far in advance.

3. Provide cabinet information: Give them the details on your cabinet purchase and install date if coordinating the jobs.

4. Prepare for template: Make sure the old countertops are cleared off so they can thoroughly measure the space.

5. Inspect final install: Review the finished countertops carefully and have them address any issues before making final payment.

Lowes offers different quartz lines at price points to suit most budgets. Their experienced installers can provide a seamless experience getting these stylish and durable countertops installed in your home. Be sure to get a quote specific to your kitchen’s measurements to understand accurate pricing. With some advance planning, you can soon be enjoying beautiful new Lowes quartz countertops elevating your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lowes Quartz Installation

Does Lowes fabricate the quartz slabs themselves?

No, Lowes does not fabricate the quartz slabs in-house. They work with specialized local fabrication shops that will cut and polish your slabs per the measurements taken by Lowes installers.

Can I watch the Lowes installers work on my countertops?

Lowes does not allow customers to watch the installation process. This is to minimize distractions for the install team. But you should absolutely inspect their work before final payment.

Does Lowes offer financing options for quartz installation?

Yes, Lowes provides financing plans to help pay for countertop installation over time. Talk to their kitchen design staff about applying for a Lowes Project Loan.

What if I’m unsatisfied with the Lowes quartz installation?

Lowes provides a limited lifetime warranty on installation workmanship. Notify them immediately about any issues and they will repair or replace installations that are defective.

Does Lowes handle plumbing disconnects/reconnects for quartz installs?

Usually yes, their installers can disconnect sinks, faucets, and other fixtures as needed to remove old countertops and install new quartz properly.

Final Thoughts

With the right expertise, quartz countertops can be installed in your kitchen for a seamless, integrated look. Lowes offers a start-to-finish solution, making the process hassle-free for homeowners. Their experienced installers can provide quality workmanship you can trust. Just be sure to get an itemized quote and understand what is covered under their installation warranty. With some smart prep and planning, you can have stunning new Lowes quartz countertops elevating your space in no time.