Does Lowe’s Have Any Sale Prices on Quartz Countertops?

Quartz Countertop Brands at Lowe’s

Some of the major quartz countertop brands available at Lowe’s include:

  • Silestone
  • Cambria
  • Caesarstone
  • Viatera
  • LG Hausys
  • DuPont Zodiaq
  • Wilsonart
  • MSI

These brands offer high-quality quartz with unique aesthetics, textures, and colors to choose from.

Typical Price Ranges

On average, expect to pay:

  • Entry-level: $50-70 per square foot
  • Mid-range: $70-100 per square foot
  • High-end: $100-200+ per square foot

However, sales can bring certain styles down into lower price ranges temporarily.

Sales and Discounts

While quartz is not the most budget-friendly countertop option upfront, Lowe’s does offer some sales throughout the year to help save on costs:

  • Special holiday sales: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and other major holidays often feature sitewide sales that apply to quartz.
  • Clearance/discontinued styles: Lowe’s clearance section includes discounted quartz.
  • Volume discounts: Buying multiple slabs may qualify you for 5-10% off per slab.
  • Cart/order minimum discounts: Spending over a certain threshold may unlock a discount code.
  • Lowe’s credit card: Signing up for a Lowe’s credit card can provide 5% off a first purchase.

Timing Major Sales

Some of the best Lowe’s sales on quartz tend to align with the following times:

  • Early May (Memorial Day sales)
  • July 4th week
  • August-September (Labor Day sales)
  • Late November (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Watch for promotions during these periods for the top deals. Signing up for Lowe’s email alerts can help you stay on top of any countdown deals or limited-time offers as well.

Strategies to Save on Quartz

Beyond watching for sales, a few other tips can help minimize quartz costs:

  • Stick to neutral tones: White, gray, and black quartz tend to be more affordable. Vibrant colors and bold patterns cost more.
  • Select smaller slabs: Opt for standard slab sizes under 10 feet to avoid overages.
  • Minimize cutting: Strategic design to limit cutouts and seams will reduce fabrication fees.
  • DIY installation: If skilled, DIY install can greatly reduce labor fees, saving $2-5K typically.
  • Bundle home improvement projects: Adding quartz as part of a larger kitchen or bath remodel can qualify bigger discounts.


Does Lowe’s offer quartz countertops?

Yes, Lowe’s has a large selection of quartz countertops from leading brands like Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, and more in a range of colors, finishes, and price points.

What quartz countertop brands does Lowe’s have?

Some of the major brands Lowe’s carries include Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, LG Viatera, Wilsonart, and DuPont Zodiaq. Their quartz inventory covers a wide range of both affordable and luxury options.

What are typical quartz prices at Lowe’s?

Quartz prices at Lowe’s generally range from $50-200+ per square foot installed. More affordable entry-level options start around $50-70 per sq. ft. Many mid-range quartz styles cost $70-100 per sq. ft. High-end, premium quartz runs $100-200+ per sq. ft.

Does Lowe’s ever put quartz on sale?

Yes, Lowe’s offers quartz sales periodically throughout the year, especially around major holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. They also discount select quartz through clearance deals and volume purchase incentives.

When’s the best time to buy quartz at Lowe’s?

The best sales on Lowe’s quartz tend to coincide with Memorial Day, July 4th week, Labor Day, and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday timeframe around late November. Watch for promotions during these times to save the most.


While not the most budget-friendly surface, quartz counters can fit into diverse budgets thanks to Lowe’s wide selection of quality brands, price points, and sales opportunities throughout the year. Taking advantage of major holiday promotions, clearance deals, bulk purchase discounts, and neutral color palettes can all help minimize the quartz investment for your home. With some strategic timing and savvy shopping, Lowe’s can be a great outlet to purchase stylish, durable quartz countertops at a more affordable cost.