Does IKEA Offer Quartz Countertops?

IKEA is one of the most popular home furnishings stores, known for its wide selection of affordable and stylish furniture, home decor, and organizational products. When it comes to kitchen countertops, IKEA offers a variety of options to suit different budgets and styles. Here is a detailed look at whether IKEA offers quartz countertops.

An Overview of IKEA Countertops

IKEA provides the following main countertop materials:

  • Laminate – IKEA’s most affordable countertop option made from laminated plastic bonded to particle board. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Wood – Offered in oak, birch, and beech veneers. Provides a natural look. Requires sealing.
  • Stainless Steel – Modern, industrial look. Durable and easy to clean. Can show scratches.
  • Stone – Includes granite, marble, and soapstone. Most expensive option but durable and heat resistant.
  • Concrete – Has an urban, industrial vibe. Can be stained in different colors. Needs sealing.
  • Tile – IKEA offers a small selection of ceramic tile countertops. Provides a high-end look at a lower cost.

Does IKEA Offer Quartz Countertops?

No, quartz countertops are not currently an option offered by IKEA. Quartz countertops are engineered stone made from ground quartz combined with polymer resins and pigments. The resulting material looks like natural stone but requires less maintenance.

Quartz is one of the most popular higher-end countertop materials due its durability, visual appeal, and low maintenance. But it comes at a higher price point than IKEA’s current countertop selection. This higher cost may be why IKEA has not added quartz to its countertop lines.

Why Quartz Countertops Are Not Available at IKEA

There are a few possible reasons why IKEA does not offer quartz countertops:


Quartz countertops are more expensive than the countertop options IKEA currently provides. The average cost of quartz is $80-100 per square foot installed. IKEA aims to provide furniture and home goods at low price points to make their products as affordable and accessible as possible. Offering premium quartz countertops would go against IKEA’s budget-friendly mission.


IKEA products are designed for customer assembly. But installing quartz countertops requires professional fabrication and installation to precisely cut seams and mount the material. IKEA may have determined that selling quartz countertops does not align with their DIY, customer-assembly model.

Limited supplier partnerships

IKEA maintains specific supplier partnerships to source affordable materials for their products. The company may not have established manufacturing relationships with quartz fabricators to bring quartz countertops to their product lineup.

Alternatives to Quartz Countertops at IKEA

Although quartz itself is not sold at IKEA, some alternatives provide a similar high-end, low-maintenance look:

Concrete Countertops

IKEA’s concrete countertops offer the dark grey tones and sleek lines of quartz at a lower price point. Concrete requires sealing but resists heat, stains, and scratches like quartz.

Ceramic Tile

IKEA’s tile countertops provide the look of stone without the higher cost. The grouted seams require more cleaning than a slab, but ceramic offers durability and style.


IKEA sells marble countertops that resist heat and etching better than other natural stones. Marble provides the classic veining patterns of quartz for a more affordable price.


IKEA’s most affordable option. High-quality laminates resist scratches, stains, and impact better than traditional formica. Provides the color and pattern diversity characteristic of quartz.

Installation of Non-IKEA Quartz Countertops

For those wanting the durability and beauty of quartz in their IKEA kitchen, custom cut quartz slabs can be purchased through third party suppliers. An experienced fabricator can then install the material on IKEA cabinetry. This presents an opportunity to pair IKEA’s affordable cabinets with higher-end countertop materials.

While shoppers won’t find quartz countertops stocked in IKEA’s warehouse, alternative materials are available that emulate the performance and aesthetics of quartz. For those desiring the real thing, custom ordering through a quartz fabricator allows the pairing of IKEA cabinetry with quartz countertops. With some effort, IKEA’s functional yet stylish designs can be combined with the durability and elegant look of quartz.

FAQ about Quartz Countertops at IKEA

Does IKEA sell quartz countertops for kitchens?

No, IKEA does not currently sell or install quartz kitchen countertops. The most similar options sold at IKEA are marble and ceramic tile. To have quartz countertops on IKEA cabinetry, you would need to purchase quartz slabs elsewhere and have them custom cut and installed.

Why doesn’t IKEA sell quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops do not align with IKEA’s business model of affordability, customer assembly, and specific supplier partnerships. The higher cost and need for professional installation causes IKEA to focus on lower priced countertop materials that customers can install themselves.

Can you put IKEA cabinets with quartz countertops?

Yes, it is possible to pair IKEA cabinetry with custom cut quartz countertops. An experienced countertop fabricator can order quartz slabs and professionally cut and install them onto IKEA kitchen cabinets. This allows combining IKEA’s affordable cabinets with high-end countertops.

What are the best IKEA countertop alternatives to quartz?

Some of the best IKEA countertop options that provide a look similar to quartz include:

  • Concrete (for a grey, sleek look)
  • Ceramic Tile (replicates stone at a lower cost)
  • Marble (has veining like quartz)
  • Laminate (variety of colors and patterns)

Can you add quartz to existing IKEA countertops?

It is not possible to apply or add quartz material directly onto existing IKEA countertops. To have quartz countertops on IKEA cabinetry, you would need to fully replace the existing countertop with custom cut quartz pieces.

Is IKEA phasing out laminate countertops?

IKEA has no plans to phase out their popular laminate countertops. The low cost and variety of laminate colors and patterns make it an ideal countertop material aligned with IKEA’s affordable and accessible product mission. Laminate will remain a kitchen countertop staple at IKEA.

Will IKEA eventually offer quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops seem unlikely to become an IKEA offering anytime soon due to their higher cost and fabrication requirements. However, it’s possible that manufacturing advancements or supplier partnerships in the future could make quartz countertops feasible for IKEA to provide. Customers should not expect quartz options at IKEA in the near future.


While desired for its durability and visual style, quartz countertops are not currently offered by IKEA due to the higher costs and construction considerations. IKEA focuses on providing affordable, customer-installed kitchen components that align with their specific supplier model. Homeowners who want the look of quartz in their IKEA kitchen do have attractive options like concrete, tile, laminate, and marble. For those set on having quartz, IKEA cabinetry can be combined with third-party quartz countertops professionally installed. This allows customers to get IKEA’s affordable cabinets paired with the elegance and performance of quartz countertop materials. With some effort, IKEA’s reliable products can be adapted to include premium upgrades like quartz countertops.