Does IKEA Install Quartz Countertops? A Detailed Guide

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are the highlight of any home remodeling project. With so many options to choose from like granite, marble, laminate, and quartz, it can be challenging to select the best material for your needs and budget.

Quartz countertops, in particular, have risen in popularity in recent years. Made from ground natural stone and polymer resins, quartz offers an attractive, durable, and low-maintenance surface. But does IKEA, the popular Swedish furniture and home goods retailer, offer quartz countertop installation services?

An Overview of IKEA’s Countertop Offerings

IKEA carries a wide selection of countertops in materials like laminate, wood, and stone. However, IKEA does not fabricate or install quartz countertops. Here is a quick overview of what they do offer:

  • Laminate countertops – IKEA has over 50 different laminate countertop options. Laminate is among the most budget-friendly countertop materials. It’s made by pressing sheets of paper infused with melamine resin into a composite material. IKEA will cut-to-size and install laminate countertops purchased in-store.
  • Wood countertops – IKEA sells solid wood and bamboo countertops that can be cut to custom dimensions. Like laminate tops, they will cut and install wood counters bought at IKEA.
  • Stone countertops – IKEA sells prefabricated granite, marble, and soapstone countertops in set sizes. They do not cut these materials to custom sizes. IKEA will deliver and install these prefab stone counters.
  • Quartz countertops – IKEA does not sell or install quartz countertops. However, they do sell stainless steel countertops that provide a similar sleek, modern look.

So while IKEA has a wide selection of affordable countertop materials, quartz is not one of them. Quartz requires special tools and techniques to fabricate and install that IKEA does not offer.

Why IKEA Does Not Install Quartz Counters

There are a few key reasons why IKEA does not sell or install quartz countertops:

Quartz Fabrication is Complex

Quartz countertops are made by blending ground quartz aggregate with polymer resins that bind the material into a slab. The slabs are fabricated using specialty saws and routers to cutsink holes, edges, and custom shapes. The fabrication process requires precision tools and training that IKEA store staff do not have.

IKEA Focuses on Simplicity

IKEA aims to provide simple, affordable home furnishings. Offering quartz countertop installation would require developing an entirely new service model with trained installers around the globe. This goes against IKEA’s focus on simplicity in stores.

Installation Requires Expertise

Properly installing quartz counters involves meticulous seam work, precision cutting, and experience handling the fragile slabs. Hiring and training installers would be a massive undertaking for IKEA’s stores. They instead allow outside countertop professionals to handle this expert work.

More Expensive Materials

Quartz slabs are a premium material, typically costing $50-150 per square foot installed. IKEA maintains low prices by selling inexpensive laminate and wood counters made in their factories. Marking up quartz to IKEA’s price points could negatively impact quality.

Alternatives to IKEA for Quartz Countertops

Since IKEA does not offer quartz fabrication or installation, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you have your heart set on quartz. Here are some alternative sources for buying and installing quartz counters:

Local Countertop Fabricators

Your best option is to work with a local countertop shop that specializes in quartz fabrication and installation. They’ll guide you through slab selection, handle precise field measurements, fabricate your counters in their workshop, and professionally install them.

Home Improvement Stores

Some home improvement chains like Home Depot and Lowes sell prefab quartz slabs and offer installation services through third-party contractors. This gives you convenience and one-stop shopping. Quality can vary, so be sure to vet installers thoroughly.

Online Companies

There are many online-only quartz brands like Fabstone, MSI, Caesarstone, and Cambria that ship prefab slabs to your home. You’ll need to hire a local contractor to install the counters. Prices can be competitive but cannot match IKEA’s budget rates.

Quartz Countertop Costs Without IKEA

Installing quartz countertops without IKEA’s affordable pricing will still have costs you need to budget for:

  • Quartz slabs – Expect to pay $50-150 per square foot for quartz material. More high-end designer styles can cost over $200/sq.ft. The total depends on your kitchen size and layout.
  • Fabrication – Fabricating the slabs into your custom kitchen or bathroom layout will cost around $150-250 per cutout and edge detail. Simple layouts start around $1000.
  • Installation – Hiring professional installers will cost $150-300 per hour and take 2-3 installers 1-3 days for the average kitchen. This can run $1000-4000+ depending on kitchen size.
  • sinks/faucets – Undermount sinks, new faucets, and plumbing extras can add $500-2000+ to costs.

Expect to invest $8000-$15,000 for a full quartz countertop installation in a medium-large kitchen. Higher-end materials, complex layouts, and special edgework can drive costs even higher. Carefully plan your budget if pursuing quartz outside of IKEA.

Offering to Install Your Own IKEA Quartz

Since IKEA will not fabricate or install quartz counters, you may consider purchasing your own slabs and offering to install them yourself in your IKEA kitchen. This can potentially save on labor costs. However, IKEA may decline for liability and warranty reasons.

If you plan to attempt self-installing IKEA quartz counters, be prepared for:

  • Precisely templating and measuring your IKEA cabinets onsite.
  • Buying slabs and having them fabricated to fit your kitchen.
  • Renting or buying tools like saws, routers, clamps and adhesives.
  • Spending days carefully installing the fragile quartz material yourself. Any cracks or chips will be costly.
  • Having IKEA potentially deny warranty coverage on cabinets due to your custom work.
  • Assuming all liability for injuries or damages that occur during self-installation.

Unless you are very experienced with construction work, quartz fabrication, and cabinetry, self-installing quartz into IKEA kitchens is not recommended. The risks and complexities are quite high.

Quartz vs Other IKEA Countertop Options

Since quartz is not an option for IKEA installations, it helps to weigh it against IKEA’s other countertop offerings:

Quartz Pros

  • Extremely durable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stylish natural stone appearance
  • Highly stain and heat resistant
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Long lifespan of 15-20 years
  • Thousands of color and pattern options

Quartz Cons

  • Expensive material and installation costs
  • Can chip if struck forcefully
  • Limited number of suppliers and fabricators
  • Very heavy, requiring strong cabinet support

Laminate Pros

  • Extremely affordable, starting under $10 per linear foot
  • Hundreds of color and pattern options
  • Fairly durable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to repair scratches and damage
  • Lightweight material

Laminate Cons

  • Prone to swelling from water damage
  • Not very heat or stain resistant
  • Seams are more visible
  • Lifespan of just 10-15 years
  • Can bubble or warp if improperly installed

Stone Pros

  • Natural beauty and stone patterns
  • IKEA will install for you
  • More affordable than quartz
  • Durable if properly sealed

Stone Cons

  • Limited color and sizing options from IKEA
  • Prone to staining and etching
  • Needs frequent sealing to maintain
  • Easier to crack or chip than quartz

Key Takeaways: IKEA and Quartz Counters

While IKEA is a go-to source for affordable kitchen and bathroom furniture, they do not offer quartz countertop installations:

  • You’ll need to purchase quartz slabs separately and hire local professionals for fabrication and installation.
  • Budget $8,000-$15,000+ for a typical quartz kitchen install without IKEA’s pricing.
  • Consider laminate or stone counters from IKEA for significant cost savings.
  • If set on quartz, purchase it independently and do not attempt risky self-installs.
  • Weigh pros and cons of quartz versus economical options like laminate and stone.

IKEA provides many cabinetry and decor options for kitchen and bath remodeling. But for premium counters like quartz, specialized fabricators and installers remain the way to go. With smart planning and budgeting, you can still achieve the upscale kitchen or bath of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About IKEA and Quartz Countertops

Does IKEA sell quartz countertops?

No, IKEA does not sell or install quartz countertops. They sell laminate, wood, and natural stone countertops that they will fabricate and install, but do not offer quartz.

Why doesn’t IKEA offer quartz counters?

Quartz fabrication and installation requires specialty tools, training, and expertise that IKEA store employees do not have. IKEA focuses on selling affordable furniture that is simple for stores to sell and install.

Can you provide and install your own IKEA quartz?

You could purchase quartz slabs independently and try to install them yourself in IKEA cabinets. However, this is extremely difficult for non-professionals and may void IKEA’s warranties. Self-installation is not advised.

Does IKEA install countertops purchased elsewhere?

No, IKEA will only install countertops purchased directly through their stores. They do not offer installation services for materials sourced outside of IKEA.

Is quartz much more expensive than IKEA countertop options?

Yes, quartz is significantly pricier than IKEA’s laminate and stone options. Expect to pay $50-150 sq.ft. just for quartz materials, plus fabrication and installation costs.

Can IKEA cut countertops to custom sizes?

For the laminate and wood countertops they sell, IKEA can cut them to custom lengths and hole sizes. However, they do not offer custom fabrication services beyond their own countertop products.

What are the best alternatives to IKEA for quartz?

Work with local countertop fabricators, home improvement stores, or online quartz brands. Be sure to vet any outside installers thoroughly before hiring.

Is it hard to install IKEA cabinets with non-IKEA countertops?

If hiring experienced installers, it should not be too difficult. Use precise measurements and leave room for countertop overhangs. The biggest challenge is an affordable quartz source.

Can IKEA connect me with quartz fabricators or installers?

Unfortunately no, IKEA does not have any professional relationships or recommended lists for quartz installers. You will need to source these specialists independently.


While IKEA excels at affordable ready-to-assemble furniture, quartz countertops fall beyond their offerings. To enjoy the durability, performance, and styling of quartz in your home, you will need to hire specialized local countertop professionals for fabrication and installation of slabs purchased outside of IKEA’s selection. With careful planning and comparison shopping, you can find competitive quartz pricing even without IKEA’s famous deals. While quartz may exceed IKEA’s budget-friendly counters in cost, its natural elegance and longevity can provide lasting value.