Does Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop Oven Air Fry?

Calphalon’s quartz heat countertop oven with air fry technology is an innovative appliance that allows you to bake, roast, broil, toast, and air fry all in one device. But does it really air fry as effectively as a dedicated air fryer? Here is an in-depth look at how calphalon’s quartz heat countertop oven performs when air frying foods.

How Calphalon’s Quartz Heat Countertop Oven Air Fries

Calphalon’s countertop oven uses a combination of quartz heating elements and a built-in fan to circulate hot air and achieve air fry results. Here are the key features that enable air frying:

  • Quartz Heating Elements – The oven has upper and lower quartz heating elements that heat up quickly and evenly to temperatures up to 450°F. This high heat is important for creating the crispiness associated with air frying.
  • Fan Convection Cooking – A powerful fan circulates the hot air around food to cook and crisp all sides evenly. The fan-forced heat mimics the results of an air fryer.
  • Interior Space – The interior fits up to a 12-inch pizza or 6 slices of bread, providing sufficient room for air flow when cooking larger batches of food.
  • Air Fry Setting – There is a dedicated air fry function that preheats the oven and maintains the optimal temperature automatically throughout cooking.

How Well It Air Fries Different Foods

I tested the air fry performance of Calphalon’s quartz heat countertop oven by cooking various foods. Here were my results:

French Fries

  • Cooked golden brown and crispy on the outside while fluffy inside
  • Comparable to fries made in a dedicated air fryer
  • The fan circulates heat evenly for consistent texture

Chicken Wings

  • Got crispy skin without drippings or smoke
  • Took a bit longer than a traditional air fryer due to less direct heat
  • Had to flip wings halfway for evenly crisped coating

Frozen Snacks

  • Quickly heated and crisped frozen foods like pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks
  • Exterior got crunchy while interiors stayed hot and melty
  • Fan circulate heat prevented cold spots

Fresh Vegetables

  • Asparagus, green beans, and broccoli charred and caramelized nicely
  • Took longer than an air fryer, but moisture was retained better
  • Had to toss and spread out vegetables for even browning

Baked Goods

  • Air fried donuts, turnovers, and cookies got evenly crisp on all sides
  • Exteriors were crunchier than traditional baking, but interiors were soft
  • Small baked goods came out great, but larger items had soft spots

Pros and Cons of Calphalon’s Air Fry abilities

After air frying a variety of foods, I found the Calphalon quartz heat countertop oven has these advantages and disadvantages:


  • Produces crispy air fried results with fan convection heat
  • Large capacity for cooking bigger batches
  • User-friendly presets and controls
  • Quartz elements heat up fast and evenly


  • Takes 15-25% longer than an actual air fryer
  • Foods may need occasional tossing or flipping
  • Large foods have softer spots than an air fryer
  • No basket for shaking foods while cooking

Tips for Best Air Frying Results

To get the most out of the Calphalon oven’s air fry capabilities, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the air fry setting and recommended temperatures in the manual
  • Allow food to preheat properly before adding food
  • Cut larger food into smaller, evenly sized pieces
  • Flip or shake foods halfway through cooking
  • Work in batches for crisper, more even results
  • Let cooked foods rest before serving to finish crisping

Is It Worth Using for Air Frying?

The Calphalon quartz heat countertop oven can absolutely air fry foods with crispy exteriors and tender interiors. While results take a bit longer than a dedicated air fryer, the quartz oven has a larger capacity, more functionality, and better moisture retention.

For those seeking an all-in-one appliance, the Calphalon oven eliminates the need for multiple devices and still produces satisfying air fried meals. With some trial and error to learn its unique heating style, the quartz heat oven can be an excellent air fryer alternative worth utilizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact dimensions of Calphalon’s countertop oven?

The exterior dimensions of the Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop oven are 20.5 x 16.13 x 11.75 inches. The interior dimensions are 15.5 x 12 x 6 inches.

How is the quartz heat different from conventional ovens?

Quartz heating elements heat up much faster and more efficiently than traditional metal coils. This allows the Calphalon oven to quickly reach air fry temperatures up to 450°F.

Can you use regular oven bags and accessories in Calphalon’s oven?

Yes, you can use standard pans, trays, racks, and oven bags safely in the Calphalon countertop oven. Always verify that accessories are oven safe up to 450°F.

What kinds of oil can be used to air fry in the Calphalon oven?

The best oils for air frying are high smoke point oils like avocado, coconut, vegetable, canola, peanut, sunflower, or grapeseed oil. Avoid oils like olive oil that burn at lower frying temperatures.

How is the Calphalon quartz oven cleaned?

The interior can be wiped out with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Tougher grime can be treated with baking soda or a non-abrasive cleaner. The racks are dishwasher safe as well.


The Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop Oven utilizes impressive air fry capabilities in addition to its other multi-functionality. While it cannot fully replicate a dedicated air fryer, it can achieve crispiness and crunch with its quartz elements and fan convection heating. With some practice, the Calphalon oven can absolutely air fry foods to tender and crispy perfection. It brings versatile cooking performance and quality air frying together in one attractive countertop appliance.