Can You Use Fantastik on Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are popular options for many homeowners due to their durability, visual appeal, and low maintenance. However, like any countertop material, quartz requires proper care and cleaning to keep it looking pristine. Many homeowners wonder if Fantastik household cleaner is safe to use on quartz. Below, we’ll explore whether Fantastik is quartz-friendly and offer tips for keeping quartz counters spotless.

An Overview of Quartz Countertops

Before diving into cleaning, let’s briefly review what quartz countertops are. Quartz countertops are engineered stone made from ground natural quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments. The exact composition varies by brand, but quartz countertops typically contain over 90% ground quartz.

The resins bind the quartz particles together to form a durable, non-porous surface. Quartz is harder than natural stone like granite and resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. The material is molded into countertop slabs displaying unique patterns and colors.

Quartz offers an upscale look with minimal upkeep compared to other natural stone counters. However, proper cleaning is still required to maintain its beauty. Using the wrong cleaners can damage the quartz sealant over time.

Is Fantastik Safe for Quartz Countertops?

Fantastik is a popular household cleaner made by S.C. Johnson. It’s marketed as an all-purpose cleaner suitable for many kitchen and bathroom surfaces. But is it safe for quartz counters specifically?

The short answer is yes, Fantastik is safe to use on quartz countertops. Fantastik does not contain any harsh acids, alkalis, or abrasives that can hurt quartz. The cleaner has a pH between 7-8, meaning it’s neutral or mildly alkaline.

Most quartz manufacturers approve all-purpose cleaners like Fantastik. Using Fantastik as directed will not etch or dull the quartz surface.

However, it’s smart to spot test Fantastik on an inconspicuous area first. Check for any damage or change in shine after a few minutes. If no issues arise, Fantastik should be safe to use across your whole quartz countertop.

Tips for Using Fantastik on Quartz

While Fantastik is quartz-safe, follow these tips to properly clean quartz with Fantastik:

Check the Product Variety

Fantastik makes many product formulations under the Fantastik name. Before using, check that you have an all-purpose cleaner variety of Fantastik, not a specialty product like a disinfectant spray. The basic all-purpose cleaner is the safest bet.

Use a Soft Sponge or Cloth

Always use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth to apply Fantastik. Never use rough scrubbing pads, brushes, or paper towels. The mild abrasion can wear down the quartz sealant over time. Stick to soft microfiber, terry cloths, or soft sponges.

Avoid Concentrated Cleaning

Don’t let Fantastik pool or puddle on the quartz surface. Spread the product over the entire counter area you are cleaning. Concentrated Fantastik in one spot could potentially damage the sealant.

Rinse Well After Cleaning

Thoroughly rinse off all Fantastik residue with water after cleaning. It’s also smart to follow up with a quartz-safe polishing spray or conditioner to reseal the counter. Polishing sprays contain sealants to keep quartz water- and stain-resistant.

Increase Dilution for Heavy Duty Cleaning

For stuck-on messes or heavy duty cleaning, dilute the Fantastik concentrate with more water first. This prevents the cleaner from being too harsh on the countertop. If needed, let it soak for 5-10 minutes before wiping.

Don’t Use on Hot Surfaces

Avoid spraying Fantastik directly on a hot quartz surface, like right next to an active stovetop. Heat can react with chemicals in the cleaner, causing etching or damage. Let the surface cool first before cleaning.

By following these tips, Fantastik can keep quartz counters clean without posing risks. However, it’s not the only option…

Alternative Safe Cleaners for Quartz

If you prefer not to use Fantastik, many other cleaners are also safe for quartz countertops:

  • Distilled white vinegar – Mix with water for an effective homemade cleaner.
  • Dish soap like Dawn – Use a few drops diluted in water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Helps whitening.
  • Rubbing alcohol – Disinfects and removes dried spills.
  • Glass cleaners like Windex – ammonia-free varieties are quartz-safe.
  • Mild castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s.
  • Specialized stone cleaners like Granite Gold and Black Diamond Stoneworks.

Avoid anything acidic like bleach, alkaline like baking soda, or abrasive like Comet. Stick to gentle cleaners free of harsh chemicals.

For routine cleaning, warm water and a few drops of dish soap often do the trick. Clean spills promptly to prevent stains setting in.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops

Now let’s outline the proper process for cleaning quartz counters:

1. Remove Surface Clutter

Clear all items off the countertop. Remove any appliances, kitchen tools, and food items. This allows for unobstructed cleaning access.

2. Vacuum or Sweep Underneath

Use a hand vacuum or broom to clear dust, dirt, and crumbs trapped underneath the countertop lip or in crevices. This prevents spreading debris during wiping.

3. Mix Cleaner Solution

Prepare your chosen cleaner according to its directions. Fantastik or other cleaners should be diluted as recommended on their labels.

4. Apply Cleaner Across the Surface

Use a soft cloth, sponge, or paper towel to spread the diluted cleaner over the entire quartz area. Don’t leave excess pooled in one spot.

5. Let Soak If Needed

For tough dried spills, allow the cleaner to soak for 5-10 minutes before wiping. This helps loosen stubborn gunk. Just don’t let cleaner sit for too long.

6. Wipe Clean

Wipe away all cleaner residue using soft buffing motions. Take care to wipe any crevices or seams. Change cloths as needed to prevent redepositing grime.

7. Rinse Well

Thoroughly rinse all areas of the quartz with clean water to eliminate cleaner film. Consider using a spray bottle to help distribute water evenly.

8. Dry and Polish

Blot dry with a soft towel. For extra protection, apply a quartz polish or conditioner spray after cleaning. Buff gently with a microfiber cloth.

Repeat this cleaning routine for quartz counters as needed, around once a week or more for heavy use areas.

How to Remove Common Stains from Quartz

Quartz is less prone to staining than marble or granite. But some spills can leave behind stubborn marks if not handled promptly. Here are tips to remove common quartz stains:

Dried Food Stains

Gently scrape off any chunks first, taking care not to scratch. Let vinegar or diluted cleaner soak to soften, then wipe clean. Avoid abrasive scrub pads.

Grease and Oil Stains

Use a degreasing cleaner like Fantastik or mix baking soda and dish soap into a paste. Let sit briefly before scrubbing off. Rinse thoroughly after.

Watermarks and Mineral Stains

Marks left by water evaporation can be lifted with white vinegar. For heavy mineral deposits, use lemon juice or a mild acid cleaner.

Mold or Mildew Stains

Create a baking soda and water paste. Apply and let dry completely before rinsing. Hydrogen peroxide or diluted bleach also combat mold and mildew.

Dye Transfer Marks

Rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner containing ammonia help dissolve dye from spills. Make sure to wipe off the alcohol or ammonia-based cleaner promptly.

Hard Water Stains

Use a paste of baking soda and water and scrub gently with a soft brush. Vinegar can also help dissolve calcium and magnesium deposits.

Permanent Marker Marks

Rubbing alcohol or hairspray soak into marker stains well. Gently wipe and repeat as needed until the mark fades away.

For really stubborn stains not improving with DIY methods, seek help from a professional stone restoration service. They have access to more powerful cleaning solutions to revitalize quartz.

Maintaining Your Quartz Countertops

With regular care and prompt stain treatment, quartz countertops should stay looking like new for many years. Here are some tips for maintaining quartz:

  • Wipe up spills immediately before they have a chance to set in.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Most advise gentle pH-balanced cleaners.
  • Avoid exposing quartz to strong chemicals like paint removers, nail polish remover, etc.
  • Use trivets or hot pads when setting down hot pots and pans.
  • Keep quartz free of sealant-dulling soils by cleaning regularly.
  • Reapply quartz sealant every 1-2 years with specialty stone polish.
  • Get stains and etching professionally repaired instead of replacing the whole counter.

With proper maintenance, quartz countertops will stay sanitary, stylish, and serviceable for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use other Fantastik varieties on quartz?

Stick only to the standard all-purpose household cleaner variety of Fantastik. Specialized ones like bleaches, disinfectants, or scented varieties may be too harsh for quartz.

What about using Fantastik to clean quartz floors or walls?

Yes, Fantastik is safe for cleaning quartz on shower walls, fireplace surrounds, vanities, and floor tiles. Always spot test first and rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Will repeated Fantastik use dull quartz surfaces over time?

Fantastik residues shouldn’t cause dulling on their own. But improper wiping can allow mineral deposits to build up and create a film. Always rinse off the Fantastik thoroughly after cleaning. Using a quartz polish helps too.

Can you mix Fantastik with other cleaners to boost cleaning power?

Avoid mixing Fantastik with anything but water. Combining it with vinegar, bleach, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc. can potentially create a chemical reaction. Stick to Fantastik alone.

Is it okay to use Fantastik daily on quartz?

Daily use won’t hurt quartz, but it’s unnecessary for routine cleaning. For heavy cooking zones, swipe with soapy water or Fantastik daily. For lighter use areas, clean once or twice weekly instead.


As a mild alkaline cleaner, Fantastik is considered safe for cleaning quartz countertops. Just be sure to dilute it properly, rinse thoroughly after use, and avoid harsh scrubbing. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area first.

Following the proper usage and care tips will allow Fantastik to cut through grease and grime without damaging the quartz surface. However, quartz owners can also use homemade cleaners like vinegar and dish soap with similar effectiveness and safety.

Keeping quartz counters looking like new requires prompt mess cleanup, regular gentle cleaning, and being cautious with chemicals. With the proper care, quartz countertops will maintain their refined appearance for many years before needing professional restoration.

Just exercise common sense when cleaning quartz – never use anything too gritty, corrosive, or concentrated. Playing it safe will ensure your investment stays protected. So you can keep enjoying these stylish, low-maintenance countertops within your home.