Can You Use an Instant Pot on a Quartz Countertop?

Using an Instant Pot on a quartz countertop is generally safe, but there are a few factors to consider. Here is a detailed look at whether Instant Pots are compatible with quartz countertops.

What is Quartz?

Quartz countertops, sometimes called engineered stone, are made from ground natural quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments. The resulting material is non-porous, stain-resistant, and durable.

Quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops because it:

  • Is scratch resistant
  • Doesn’t require sealing
  • Resists stains
  • Is easy to clean
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns

It’s more affordable than natural stone while still offering many of the same benefits.

Are Instant Pots Safe for Quartz?

Yes, using an Instant Pot on a quartz countertop is perfectly safe. The polished quartz surface is able to withstand the heat from the Instant Pot without any damage.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using an Instant Pot on quartz:

  • Use a heat-resistant pad – Place a silicone or cork trivet under the Instant Pot. This protects the quartz from potential scratches and dissipates heat.
  • Don’t slide the pot – When moving the Instant Pot, carefully lift it straight up and set it back down. Sliding can scratch the surface.
  • Clean spills quickly – Immediately wipe away any food or liquid that spills out to prevent staining. Quartz is stain-resistant but not stain-proof.
  • Avoid temperature extremes – Never place a very hot Instant Pot directly from the cooker onto a cold quartz countertop, as rapid temperature changes can damage the material.

With some basic care and precautions, an Instant Pot poses no risks to quartz countertops. The smooth, nonporous material can stand up to the heat and pressure.

Advantages of Using an Instant Pot on Quartz

Using an Instant Pot on a quartz countertop has some important benefits:

  • Sturdy surface – Quartz provides a hard, durable surface that can support the weight of even the heaviest Instant Pot models. It won’t bend or crack under pressure.
  • Stain resistance – Spilled sauces or juices won’t permanently stain or damage properly sealed quartz. It wipes clean easily.
  • Heat tolerance – Instant Pots generate significant heat, especially at the bottom. Quartz can withstand temperatures up to 300°F without issue.
  • Nonporous material – Unlike natural stone, liquid doesn’t seep into quartz’s solid surface. This prevents both stains and bacteria growth.
  • Stylish look – A high-end Instant Pot complements the sleek, modern aesthetic of most quartz patterns and colors.

Quartz has the ideal set of properties to handle an appliance like the Instant Pot that can generate intense heat and pressure in a small footprint.

Precautions When Using an Instant Pot on Quartz

While using an Instant Pot on quartz is safe, following a few basic precautions helps prevent damage:

  • Always place a trivet or pad under the Instant Pot. Silicone or cork pads protect against scratches and heat.
  • Avoid sliding the Instant Pot on the countertop when moving it. Lift straight up and set down gently.
  • Clean up any spills from the steam release valve or pot rim right away to limit staining risks.
  • Don’t put a piping hot pot directly from cooking onto a cold quartz surface, as the sudden temperature change can cause cracks.
  • Don’t leave a running Instant Pot unattended, as overflow or spewing foods can quickly make a mess.

With some care and common sense, it’s easy to maintain the condition of your quartz countertop when regularly using an Instant Pot.

Cleaning an Instant Pot After Use on Quartz

Here are some tips for cleaning up after using your Instant Pot on quartz:

  • Wipe down the countertop surface with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Immediately use a plastic scraper or spatula to remove any stuck-on foods from the pot’s bottom. Soak if needed.
  • For stubborn stains inside the pot, fill with water and run a cooking cycle to loosen residue, then wash by hand.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or acidic cleaners that can damage the quartz sealant.
  • For the exterior of the Instant Pot, wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Never submerge the base.
  • Make sure all food debris is removed before putting away, to avoid odors or mold growth in storage.

With quartz countertops and the Instant Pot both being low-maintenance, it’s easy to keep your kitchen looking great after pressure cooking. Just address spills quickly and use gentle cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the instant pot scratch my quartz countertop?

It’s unlikely, but possible if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Always use a protective pad or trivet and lift the pot straight up when moving to prevent scratching from the bottom. Avoid sliding.

What temperature can quartz withstand?

Quartz countertops can withstand temperatures up to 300°F. The heat generated by an Instant Pot is well within this range, even during the highest pressure setting.

Is it ok to cut food on quartz countertops?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to cut and prepare food directly on a quartz countertop. The durable material resists scratches, stains, and damage from knives. Just avoid any super hard or sharp objects that could chip the surface.

Can hot pans damage my quartz countertop?

While quartz is heat resistant, placing extremely hot pans directly on the surface can potentially damage it. Always use hot pads or trivets with pans fresh out of the oven. Avoid thermal shock from large temperature swings.

How can I get rid of stains on my quartz countertop?

For most stains, wipe with a soft cloth, warm water, and a small amount of non-abrasive soap. Rinse thoroughly. If needed, use a non-acidic cleanser designed specifically for quartz. Avoid abrasive pads or scrubbing.


Quartz offers an ideal surface for regularly using appliances like the Instant Pot. Its durable composition and stain-resistant properties allow it to easily withstand the heat and pressure. With some basic precautions like using trivets and cleaning spills quickly, quartz countertops pair beautifully with the convenience of an Instant Pot for cooking. Just be sure to avoid harsh cleaners or scratches and your kitchen can enjoy these easy-care appliances harmoniously.