Can You Sell Used Quartz Countertops?

Evaluating Your Used Quartz Countertops

Before attempting to sell your used quartz countertops, take time to thoroughly evaluate their condition. Carefully inspect for any cracks, chips, stains, or other damage. Quartz is remarkably resilient, but even it can become worn with excessive use over time. Consider the following when assessing your countertops:

  • Surface appearance – Does the quartz still have a smooth, glossy look? Is it stained or etched?
  • Condition of edges – Check edges around sinks and cooktops for chips or cracks.
  • Installation quality – Was the original installation done properly? Poor seams can bring down value.
  • Thickness – Thinner quartz tends to be less valuable than thick, heavy pieces.
  • Size – Large, contiguous countertop sections will fetch more than small, oddly-shaped pieces.
  • Color/pattern – Neutral colors and patterns are easier to match and sell. Busy or bold styles appeal to fewer buyers.

Once you’ve evaluated condition, you can decide whether to try selling as-is, offer refinishing services, or dispose of pieces unlikely to sell. Knowing what you have makes pricing easier.

Pricing Used Quartz Countertops

Setting a fair asking price is key when selling anything secondhand. Some factors that impact quartz resale pricing include:

  • Original purchase price – Higher quality, more expensive quartz usually retains value better than lower priced materials. What was paid initially provides a baseline.
  • Age – Newer quartz in good shape commands more money. Price drops as age increases.
  • Size of sections – Larger pieces mean less work cutting for buyers, increasing value. Small chunks or odd shapes are harder to use, lowering price.
  • Color/pattern – More neutral and versatile colors are preferable. Trendy or bold patterns age faster, reducing resale potential.
  • Condition – Excellent condition quartz sells closest to original price. Damage like stains and chips dramatically lower value.
  • Popularity of style – Current design trends affect price. More modern, stylish pieces sell for more. Outdated patterns are worth less.
  • Installation labor – Pricing as “ready to install” gets more than just selling the raw slab.
  • Local quartz prices – Compare your asking price to current new quartz costs in your area. Price competitively based on local market rate.

A good rule of thumb is to price your used quartz around 40-60% of original purchase price if in excellent condition. Adjust down for any damage or wear. Price higher for larger, more salable pieces.

Where to Sell Used Quartz Countertops

Once priced, it’s time to pick sales venues. Top options include:

Online Marketplaces

  • Craigslist – List locally for free. Meet potential buyers in person to show countertops.
  • eBay – Auction or list for fixed price. Handle shipping logistics for non-local sales.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Reach buyers in your area. List for free and coordinate local pick-up.
  • NextDoor – Post to neighborhood-specific app. Nearby buyers may want small projects.

Home Improvement Resale Sites

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Donate pieces for resale and tax deduction. Great for leftover scraps.
  • Second Life Countertops – Specialty site connects used countertop sellers and buyers.
  • Direct cabinet/countertop retailers – Some accept used pieces for resale on consignment. Call local companies to ask.

Contractors and Handymen

  • General contractors – They may buy full sections for small jobs and flips.
  • Kitchen/bath remodelers – An affordable source of quality materials for projects.
  • Stone/quartz fabricators – Can reuse in new jobs and may purchase.
  • Handymen – Buy smaller pieces for rental unit or DIY customer repairs.

The key is linking with buyers who value the specific qualities of your used quartz. Patience and persistence pay off.

Preparing Quartz Countertops for Sale

To maximize resale value, properly prepare your countertops once ready to list:

  • Clean thoroughly with quartz-safe cleaner to remove soil, oils, soap scum, etc.
  • Repair any minor damage like chips with color-matched filler.
  • Disclose any unfixable flaws upfront in your ad descriptions.
  • Photograph each piece from multiple angles to show true size, color, and condition.
  • Group pieces from the same original slab, as buyers often want consistent appearance.
  • Measure sections accurately so buyers know precisely what they’re getting.
  • Remove from cabinetry with care to avoid cracks or breaking seams.

Taking time on prep work makes your quartz more appealing and easier to sell.

Can You Successfully Sell Your Used Quartz?

With the right pricing, sales approach, and preparation, selling used quartz countertops is very achievable. Quartz’s durability and timeless aesthetic make it hold value well compared to most other countertop materials. Connecting with the right buyers is key. Contractors, remodelers, secondhand building supply stores, and do-it-yourselfers are all prime targets. With reasonable expectations about pricing based on age, wear, and damage, almost any used quartz can find a new home. Just be sure to take quality photos, advertise thoroughly on multiple platforms, and accurately describe condition. With some patience and persistence, your old quartz can be turned into cash for your next remodeling investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Used Quartz Countertops

Can I sell quartz countertops from a rental property or flipped home?

Yes, you can sell quartz countertops removed from a rental unit or flip project. Clearly advertise they were previously installed. Price based on overall condition, not new cost.

What’s the best way to remove and transport quartz countertops to sell?

Carefully detach from cabinetry, keeping seams and corners intact. Wrap edges with protective padding and plywood backing. Use A-frames, dollies and lifting straps to move without bending or cracking.

Is it worth trying to sell small leftover quartz scraps?

It may be for very usable smaller pieces. Check with fabricators or DIYers. Small crumbs are likely only salable for recycling.

What should I do if my quartz countertops break during removal?

If possible, glue cleanly broken seams back together using color-matched epoxy adhesive. Clearly disclose any unrepairable damage to buyers. Price accordingly.

Can I sell quartz countertops that are heavily damaged?

You can try selling badly stained, etched, or cracked pieces for a very low price. Be upfront about damage in ads. Most buyers will only want small, cheap projects.


With quartz countertops’ combination of resilience and timeless beauty, selling used pieces is very feasible. Evaluate condition, price competitively based on local markets, photograph and advertise thoroughly, and connect with buyers who value used quartz. Homeowners, flippers, and landlords can potentially recoup 40-60% of original purchase costs. With realistic pricing and smart sales techniques, your old quartz can fund the next big kitchen remodel.