Can You Remove Printing on Bottom of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are an extremely popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance. However, some quartz slabs come with a pattern or company branding printed on the bottom side. This has left many homeowners wondering if it’s possible to remove this printing if desired. Here is a comprehensive overview of whether and how printing can be removed from the underside of a quartz countertop.

What Causes Printing on the Bottom of Quartz?

The printing found on some quartz slabs is there as a result of the manufacturing process. It serves a few different purposes:

  • Branding – Some quartz makers will print their company name, logo, or pattern on the bottom side. This helps identify the brand if needed.
  • Pattern Identification – On patterned quartz, the print on the bottom often correlates with the pattern on top and serves as an identifier.
  • Quality Control – Serial numbers, codes, and other prints may be for internal quality control and tracking within the manufacturing facility.

So in most cases, the prints are not intended for consumers to see and are strictly functional for the quartz maker.

Can You Remove or Sand Down Printing?

Removing prints from the bottom of a quartz slab is often very difficult or impossible. Here are the key considerations:

  • Depth of Printing – Most prints extend somewhat into the thickness of the slab, so sanding may not make them disappear.
  • Aesthetic Damage – Aggressive sanding or grinding can damage the look of the bottom surface.
  • Cost – Having a fabricator or refinisher try to remove prints takes time, materials, and skilled work, so it is expensive.
  • Resurfacing Required – Even if prints are sanded away, the bottom still needs to be resurfaced, polished, and made food-safe if in a kitchen.
  • Quartz Durability – Quartz is extremely hard and durable, making printing very stubborn against removal attempts.

For these reasons, most professionals recommend against trying to remove printing from the underside of a quartz countertop. The process is usually either ineffective or alters the appearance or integrity of the slab.

Clever Ways to Hide or Mask Printing

While removing prints from quartz may not be feasible, there are some clever tricks to hiding or disguising them:

  • Apply a thin layer of concrete over the printing. This covers it up fully when painted or stained.
  • Adhere tiles like penny tile to the bottom to mask prints. Good for a vintage look.
  • Attach wood boards with construction adhesive directly over the slab bottom.
  • Build a shallow box frame around the underside perimeter to conceal prints.
  • Use lighting strategically so prints are less visible or noticeable.
  • Keep the area under quartz clean and free of debris so prints are less obvious.

Factors that Determine Print Visibility

If trying to minimize the visibility of printing on the underside of a quartz slab, these factors come into play:

  • Print color – Darker prints are more obvious than lighter ones.
  • Location of prints – Centered and spread out prints are more noticeable than ones near the edge.
  • Quartz thickness – Thinner quartz means prints are closer to view. Standard thickness is 3cm.
  • Lighting – Bright, direct lighting emphasizes prints. Indirect or dimmer lighting helps camouflage.
  • Edge details – A straight modern edge showcases prints. A beveled or rounded edge can create shadows to hide.
  • Cabinet style – Open shelves and glass doors reveal prints. Solid cabinet doors conceal.

Best Practices for Minimizing Visible Prints

When shopping for quartz, keep these tips in mind to minimize printing on the underside:

  • Inspect slabs in person before finalizing, looking at bottom printing.
  • Select patterns or solid quartz where bottom prints are minimal.
  • Choose thicker quartz slabs which increase bottom print distance from view.
  • Use quartz on cabinetry with doors or kickplates to conceal bottom.
  • Install lighting thatindirectly illuminates quartz rather than shining right on bottom prints.
  • Keep the underside clean instead of allowing debris to collect and draw attention.

While removing the printing is not very feasible, applying these best practices allows you to enjoy the durability and aesthetic of quartz while also minimizing the visibility of bothersome bottom prints. With some clever design choices, the prints need not be a dealbreaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sand off or grind away printing on the bottom of quartz?

It’s not recommended. Sanding is unlikely to remove prints that extend into the slab. It also damages the bottom surface. Other methods like etching or chemicals are risky.

If I tile over the bottom prints, will I still see grout lines?

Yes, the grout lines between the tiles will still be visible, but the tiles themselves will conceal the actual prints on the quartz. Use dark grout for a more seamless look.

What’s the easiest way to hide prints on my installed quartz?

Attaching wood boards or a thin concrete overlay are likely the easiest retroactive solutions. For new installs, using a quartz with minimal prints, or a slab thickness of 3cm or more is ideal.

Should I expect to see prints on the bottom of all quartz countertops?

It’s very common, but not universal. Many quartz makers see it as part of their process. There are some brands that do manufacture quartz without any bottom-side prints.

Can I damage my countertop if I try to remove the prints myself?

Yes, you can damage the appearance or structural integrity of the quartz by using harsh chemicals, abrasives, or aggressive mechanical grinding. Leave print removal to the professionals.


While prints on the underside of quartz slabs may seem like an annoyance, they are generally there as an artifact of the manufacturing process. Removing them is often unfeasible or impossible without damaging the quartz. The good news is there are many creative techniques for concealing or disguising the prints instead through lighting, tiles, overlays, and cabinetry choices. With some clever design, you can enjoy durable, low-maintenance quartz while keeping annoying bottom prints out of sight and out of mind.