Can You Put a Crockpot on a Quartz Countertop?

Many home cooks love using a crockpot for making delicious slow-cooked meals. However, concerns may arise regarding whether placing a hot crockpot on quartz countertops could cause damage. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you determine if you can safely put a crockpot on a quartz countertop.

What is Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops, often referred to as engineered stone, have become immensely popular in recent years. They are made from crushed quartz combined with resin and other materials. The resulting material is non-porous, stain-resistant, durable, and heat-tolerant.

Some key features of quartz countertops:

  • Made from 90-94% ground quartz mixed with resin and pigments
  • Non-porous so does not need sealing
  • Resists stains, scratches and heat very well
  • Available in wide range of colors and patterns
  • Durable but can be damaged by excessive heat or impact

Are Quartz Countertops Heat Resistant?

Quartz countertops are designed to be heat resistant to protect from minor exposures to heat. However, they do have limitations:

  • Can withstand brief exposure to heat up to 212°F
  • Prolonged direct heat above 150°F can cause damage
  • Sudden temperature changes from very hot to cold can create cracks
  • Not resistant to extreme heat of stovetops, pans or baking sheets

So while quartz has good heat tolerance, it should not be subjected to very high, sustained heat as it can cause permanent damage.

Is It Safe to Put a Crockpot on Quartz?

A crockpot cooks food at low temperatures (typically between 200-300°F) for long periods of time. This sustained moderate heat is usually considered safe for quartz countertops.

However, there are some best practices to follow:

  • Use a hot pad or trivet under the crockpot to prevent direct contact with the quartz surface. This helps dissipate the heat.
  • Keep heat settings low to medium – High settings may exceed safe temperatures.
  • Don’t preheat an empty crockpot – This can quickly overheat the quartz.
  • Give space for air circulation around the sides and bottom of the crockpot.
  • Check for cracks in the countertop after removing the crockpot. Extreme shifts between hot and cold can damage quartz.

As long as you follow these precautions, a crockpot should not pose any risks to quartz countertops with normal use. Avoid very high prolonged heat.

Tips for Safely Using Appliances on Quartz

Here are some general guidelines for using kitchen appliances on quartz countertops:

  • Always use hot pads, trivets or mats underneath appliances
  • Leave plenty of space around appliances for air flow
  • Don’t leave heated appliances unattended
  • Keep heat settings low to medium
  • Clean up any spills quickly to avoid staining
  • Avoid putting very hot cookware or bakeware directly on the surface
  • Don’t place heated appliances near seams in the quartz
  • Check for any cracks after removing appliances
  • Don’t use quartz near stovetops or ovens as they can emit extreme heat

With some care and caution, quartz countertops can handle typical kitchen appliances like crockpots. But be sure to monitor their use and avoid excessive heat exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a hot crockpot on a quartz countertop?

Yes, you can place a hot crockpot on quartz countertops, but use caution. Always set it on a hot pad and avoid prolonged direct contact with high heat. Monitor temperature settings and don’t preheat an empty crockpot.

What happens if you leave a crockpot on quartz too long?

Leaving a crockpot running for many hours directly on a quartz counter, especially on higher heat settings, can potentially damage the surface. It’s best to limit continuous contact to less than 2-3 hours.

Can crockpots crack quartz countertops?

It’s unlikely that normal crockpot usage would crack a quartz countertop. However, thermal shock from a very hot crockpot followed by a cold liquid spill could potentially cause cracks. Take precautions like using hot pads.

What temperature can quartz withstand?

Quartz countertops can generally withstand brief heat exposure up to 212°F before possible damage. Prolonged heat above 150°F is not recommended. Sudden temperature shifts also impact heat tolerance.

Is it better to put a crockpot on granite or quartz?

Both granite and quartz can withstand moderate crockpot heat if proper precautions are taken. Granite is more prone to staining while quartz is more vulnerable to damage from impact or extreme heat.

Can you crack a quartz countertop?

Yes, it is possible to crack quartz countertops by subjecting them to rapid temperature changes, direct high heat, or blunt force impact. Cracks are repairable but prevention is best.


Quartz countertops are a popular option because they are durable, stylish, and can tolerate moderate heat exposure. Placing a crockpot on a quartz surface is generally safe if some simple precautions are followed:

  • Use hot pads or trivets
  • Maintain low to medium heat range
  • Allow air circulation
  • Avoid prolonged direct contact
  • Prevent extreme temperature shifts

With proper care, a crockpot and quartz countertops can coexist in your kitchen. Just be cautious and don’t subject the quartz to sustained intense heat from any appliance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and always monitor appliances when in use on quartz surfaces.