Can You French Mitered Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. One of the advantages of quartz is that it can be fabricated into various edge profiles, including a french mitered edge. This elegant edge style can add visual interest and value to your countertops.

What is a French Mitered Edge?

A french mitered edge is a type of countertop edge profile where the front edge is beveled at a 45-degree angle and the corners are mitered at a 45-degree angle as well. This creates a distinctive look where the countertop almost appears to wrap around the corners.

The mitered corners create clean, sharp angles and the beveled edge has a refined appearance. This type of edge works well for both modern and traditional kitchen designs. It can add a touch of sophistication to any quartz countertop installation.

Benefits of Choosing a French Mitered Edge

There are several benefits that make a french mitered edge an appealing choice for quartz countertops:

Unique Stylish Look

The angled bevel and sharp mitered corners create a one-of-a-kind look that stands out from the typical bullnose or square edge options. The french mitered edge adds elegance and a furniture-like appeal to your countertops.

Enhanced Durability

The crisp 45-degree angles are more durable than a straight 90-degree corner. This helps prevent chipping or damage to the vulnerable corner joints over time.

Ease of Cleaning

The beveled edge prevents crumbs and spills from accumulating on the counter’s surface. The angled front makes it easy to wipe away messes with a sponge or cloth.

Smoother Transitions

The mitered corners create seamless transitions between countertop sections. This gives the countertop a unified, upscale look.

Works with Various Quartz Colors and Patterns

Whether your quartz surface is a solid color or contains flecks and veining, the french mitered edge can complement the material. The distinctive edge doesn’t detract from the natural pattern and beauty of the quartz.

The French Mitered Edge Fabrication Process

Constructing a french mitered quartz countertop requires special fabrication skills and techniques. Here is an overview of the process:

Precise Measurement

The installer will take exact measurements of your kitchen or bathroom space. The countertop will be custom cut to fit your cabinetry and allow for overhangs.

Digital Template

Rather than creating a physical template, advanced fabricators use a digital scanner to obtain an accurate 3D model of your cabinets. This ensures a perfect fit.

Cutting the Slabs

The selected quartz slabs are cut to size using advanced cutting tools like CNC machines. This allows for precision cuts.

Creating the Beveled Edge

The front edge of the countertop is then machined at a 45-degree angle to create the distinctive beveled appearance.

Mitering the Corners

The corners are carefully cut at 45-degree angles as well so they seamlessly meet at the joints. The mitered corners create the clean lines.

Smoothing and Polishing

Sanding tools are used to smooth out the edges and surfaces. Finally, the countertop is polished to a brilliant sheen.

Inspection and Quality Control

The installer will thoroughly inspect the countertop before installation, checking for any defects in the materials or fabrication.

Professional Installation

The countertop will be securely fastened to your cabinets using adhesive and hardware. The installer ensures an exact fit.

FAQs About French Mitered Quartz Counters

Can any quartz be used for a french mitered edge?

Yes, any type of quartz material can be fabricated into a french mitered edged countertop. Natural stone quartz slabs contain minerals that create unique veining and patterns. Engineered quartz mixes natural quartz with polymer resins for consistency. Both work well.

Does it cost more than a standard edge?

Due to the extra fabrication time and specialist skills required, a french mitered quartz countertop tends to cost 20-30% more than a standard square or bullnose edge. However, the elegant appearance can add value that outweighs the extra expense.

How durable is a french mitered quartz edge?

Quartz is an extremely hard, non-porous material resistant to scratches, stains and heat. The mitered corners do not weaken the structure. When professionally installed, a french mitered quartz counter is just as durable as other edge styles.

Can the sharp corners be prone to chipping?

With a french mitered edge, the crisp 45-degree angles are actually less prone to chipping and damage than a standard 90-degree corner. The beveled edge also helps protect the front corner joints.

Is there extra maintenance required?

A french mitered quartz countertop requires the same simple maintenance as any other quartz counter. Just use a mild soap and water to clean. No sealants or polishing required. The angled edges do not collect messes or require special attention.

Can you cut directly on a french mitered quartz counter?

It’s not recommended to directly cut on quartz countertops as the surface could become scratched or damaged over time. Use a cutting board instead. The french mitered edge style does not impact this.

Getting the Most Value from a French Mitered Quartz Countertop

To get the best results from a french mitered quartz installation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Work with an experienced fabricator that specializes in this edge style. Their skills will ensure a top quality finished product.
  • Carefully select your quartz color and pattern to complement your kitchen or bath design. The french mitered edge works with both bold and more subtle aesthetics.
  • Consider extending the french mitered edge to any related surface areas like a backsplash or nearby furniture. This creates a cohesive upscale look.
  • Properly maintain the countertop by promptly wiping up spills, avoiding direct cuts on the surface, and using trivets for hot pans.
  • If needed, have a professional carefully polish or resurface the countertop to restore its original luster. Avoid DIY polishing.
  • Enjoy the elegant and refined appearance of your french mitered quartz countertop for many years to come. The timeless edge style will never go out of fashion.

Investing in a french mitered edged quartz countertop can give your kitchen or bath a touch of European flair and sophistication. With the right fabricator, even the most delicate details of this specialized edge treatment can be achieved to enhance your home’s beauty.


A french mitered edge can be an excellent choice to add refined style to a quartz countertop installation. With its angled beveled front and crisp mitered corners, this edge profile creates a furniture-like look that gracefully transitions between countertop sections. A french mitered quartz counter brings durability, ease of maintenance, and a unique elegance to kitchen and bathroom designs both traditional and modern. Taking the time to select the right quartz material, skilled fabricator, and properly care for the surface will allow you to enjoy the beauty of a french mitered countertop for years to come.