Can You Fix a Chip in Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops are popular choices for many homeowners due to their durability, style, and low maintenance. However, like any other countertop material, quartz can become damaged over time. Small chips along the edges or surface are common issues homeowners deal with. The good news is that minor chips and cracks in quartz countertops can often be repaired. Here is what you need to know about fixing chips in quartz countertops.

What Causes Chips in Quartz?

There are a few common causes of chips and cracks in quartz countertops:

  • Dropping heavy or sharp objects – Quartz is durable, but not immune to chips and cracks from impacts. Dropping heavy pots, pans, or appliances can cause chips.
  • Not using a cutting board – Cutting directly on the countertop, without a cutting board, can cut into the surface over time.
  • Extreme heat – While quartz is heat resistant, extreme direct heat from pots and pans can cause minor chips or cracks.
  • Settling and movement – Normal settling of the home and cabinetry can cause stress chips and cracks in quartz countertops near edges and seams.

Can You Repair Chips in Quartz Yourself?

Minor chips, small scratches, and hairline cracks in quartz can often be repaired successfully without full replacement. However, homeowners should be aware of a few factors before attempting do-it-yourself chip repairs:

  • Chip size – Small chips less than 1/4 inch wide can usually be repaired in-place. Larger chips may require a more specialized repair.
  • Chip location – Chips near counter edges or seams are easier to disguise with repairs than chips in visible flat surface areas.
  • Quartz color pattern – Solid colored quartz is the easiest to match with chip repair kits. Chips in quartz with flecks and veins can be harder to seamlessly blend repair compounds.
  • Skill level – Some quartz chip repair methods require meticulous mixing of fillers or epoxies and artful color matching to achieve invisible repairs.

Step-by-Step DIY Quartz Chip Repair

With the right materials and techniques, many chips can be fixed successfully with a DIY approach:

1. Clean and Prep the Chip

Use Isopropyl alcohol and water to thoroughly clean out all debris in the damaged area. Allow to fully dry. Sand any rough edges of the chip smooth using fine grit sandpaper.

2. Mix Epoxy Filler

Prepare a two-part epoxy filler or adhesive according to package directions. Select a filler that closely matches the color of your existing quartz. Mix just enough to fill the chip area.

3. Fill and Flatten the Chip

Apply epoxy filler into the chip, overfilling slightly. Once dry, sand the filler flat and smooth using fine 400+ grit sandpaper. Reapply filler if needed to eliminate the indentation.

4. Clean and Seal

Once flat, clean the repair area with Isopropyl alcohol. Apply a clear adhesive sealant to help bond and seal the epoxy patch. Allow sealant to fully cure per directions.

5. Inspect and Clean Up

Visually check for any noticeable color mismatch between repair and surrounding quartz. Use small artist brush and touch-up paint to conceal as needed. Clean area well and inspect final results.

Professional Quartz Chip Repair

For large chips, cracks, or damage near counter seams, professional repair may be the best option:

  • Color matching – Professionals have access to a wide range of quartz-specificfillers, dyes, and tools to seamlessly match color patterns.
  • Seamless patching – They can sand, fill, polish, and refinish damaged areas flat and smooth with the surrounding quartz surface.
  • Structural repairs – Professionals can also address underlying damage like loose countertop seams that may be causing recurrent cracks.
  • Convenience – Repairs are completed quickly by experienced technicians so the countertops can be back in service, hassle-free.

While charges can range $150 to $350 or more, professional quartz repairs often yield excellent invisible results and preserve your investment in beautiful countertops.

Preventing Future Chips

To help minimize quartz chips and damage after repairs, be sure to:

  • Use cutting boards, hot pads, and trivets on the countertops
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects that may chip the surface
  • Address any loose areas along the counter seams or edges
  • Follow all care guidelines from your quartz manufacturer

FAQ About Repairing Quartz Countertop Chips

Can you fix chips in quartz countertops yourself?

Yes, small chips and cracks under 1/4 inch wide can often be repaired successfully with a DIY kit if the color and texture can be well matched. Larger chips or structural issues are better left to quartz repair professionals.

What is the best filler for quartz chip repair?

Specialized quartz repair kits with fillers that cure hard like stone are recommended. Clear 2-part epoxy or polyester resin can also be used if colored appropriately. Softer fillers may not last.

Should you use superglue to fix a quartz chip?

No, standard superglues are too brittle and won’t flex with the countertop. An epoxy or resin adhesive designed for stone repair will bond better long-term.

Can you just polish out chips in quartz?

No, polishing alone won’t fill in and repair the missing stone material in a chip or crack. The area needs to be filled with a hard filler first before polishing and sealing.

Will quartz chip repair show?

With small chips fixed properly, repairs should be nearly invisible. But larger patches may be more noticeable if the color and pattern can’t be perfectly matched. Careful technicians can usually blend repairs very smoothly.

Does homeowners insurance cover quartz countertop chips?

Maybe – check with your provider. Some home insurance policies may help cover repairs for accidental quartz damage, subject to deductibles and claim limits. Damage from normal wear and tear is generally not covered.


Minor chips and cracks in quartz countertops are common but can fortunately be repaired in many cases without full replacement. Small edge chips under 1/4 inch can often be fixed well with DIY repair kits. But for best results minimizing visible repairs, seek out an experienced professional quartz repair technician for your countertop chips or structural damage. With the right repairs, your quartz countertops can look beautiful and last for many more years in your kitchen.