Can Quartz Countertops Help The Value Of Your Home?

Quartz countertops have become an extremely popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in recent years. With their sleek, modern aesthetics, durability, and wide range of colors and patterns available, it’s easy to see why quartz has surged in popularity compared to natural stone and laminate options. But can investing in quartz countertops also help boost the value of your home? Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes Quartz Countertops So Popular?

Quartz counters are composed of ground natural quartz crystals combined with polyresin binders. This combination makes them highly durable, resilient, and low maintenance compared to other countertop materials. Here are some of the top benefits of quartz:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Quartz comes in a vast array of colors, patterns, and finishing textures that mimic high-end natural stone and concrete looks. This allows quartz to fit in with nearly any home decor style.
  • Extremely Durable – Quartz is non-porous and resists scratches, stains, burns, and damage from daily wear and tear better than most surfaces. With proper care, quartz can last decades without showing signs of damage.
  • Low Maintenance – Quartz requires very little regular upkeep. Simple wiping with a damp cloth easily removes most spills and messes. It does not need to be sealed or re-polished over time like natural stone.
  • Hygienic – The non-porous nature of quartz prevents bacteria and microbes from growing in tiny pores in the way they can with natural materials like granite or marble. This makes quartz ideal for kitchens and baths.

How Quartz Counters Can Enhance Property Value

With its sleek appearance and reputation for quality, durability, and low-maintenance, quartz is considered a high-end material that can improve the desirability and resale value of a home. Here are some of the key ways new quartz counters can boost home value:

Modernizes Kitchens and Bathrooms

The clean, contemporary styling of quartz can lend a refreshed, updated look in place of dated laminate, tile, or worn natural stone. This can help make the home seem newer and more move-in ready.

Signals High-Quality Finishes

Quartz is generally a premium-priced material, so it signals to potential buyers that no expense was spared on finishes. This perception of luxury can increase property value.

Broad Buyer Appeal

With the wide color and pattern options available, quartz offers flexible aesthetics to suit any buyer’s style. Neutral quartz counters have the broadest appeal.

Promotes Quicker Sales

The low-maintenance nature and durability of quartz can help homes sell faster. Buyers don’t have concerns about delicacy, sealing, or upkeep requirements that come with some surfaces.

Higher Resale Value

In general, updated kitchens and baths with new quartz counters command higher resale prices. This material improvement directly translates to recouped value.

Key Factors to Consider

To maximize the value boost quartz counters can provide, here are some key considerations:

  • Color/Pattern Choice – Play it safe by selecting more neutral tones like whites, grays, and blacks which appeal to the widest range of buyers. Very bold patterns could niche your appeal.
  • Overall Condition – If the rest of the kitchen or bath is very outdated, new counters alone won’t add as much value. Consider other small updates for a complete refresh.
  • Installation Quality – Improper installation can ruin the look and detract value. Choose an experienced fabricator/installer for a seamless final product.
  • Total Budget – Balance the investment in counters with expected home price range. Going overboard on a high-end counter may not recoup costs fully. Seek the middle ground.

The Bottom Line

In most cases, installing new quartz countertops is a smart upgrade that can positively impact the desirability, condition, and value of a home. For maximum resale value boost, opt for neutral, stylish colors paired with other small kitchen or bath updates as needed. Seek a total refresh without over improving. With strategic upgrades and professional installation, quartz countertops can indeed help increase a home’s worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much value can new quartz counters add to a home?

It depends on factors like current condition, other upgrades, and home price range – but typically new quartz counters in the kitchen can add $1,500 – $3,000 in resale value, while new bathroom counters may add $500 – $1,000.

How long do quartz counters last?

With proper care and maintenance, a quartz countertop should last an average of 15-20 years before needing replacement, though many last 25+ years. Their longevity is a selling point.

Does color choice affect resale value?

More neutral quartz colors like whites and grays have the widest appeal. Bolder patterns or colors could be polarizing. Simple is usually best for resale.

Should I hire a pro for installation?

Absolutely. Improper installation can ruin the counters. The fabrication and precision required for a seamless install is best left to experienced quartz pros. Don’t cut corners.

Are quartz counters better for resale than granite?

In many cases, yes. Quartz requires less maintenance, is more resistant to damage, has contemporary styling, and comes in more design options. Granite can chip, stain, and feel dated.


With their sleek and modern aesthetics combined with incredible durability and low maintenance requirements, quartz counters offer both beauty and functionality. Strategically investing in this popular material as part of kitchen or bath remodeling projects can provide great returns in increased home value. Just be sure to select more versatile neutral colors, complete other needed updates, and hire a true professional for fabrication and installation. With the right approach, quartz can be one of the best countertop upgrades for boosting your home’s worth.