Can I Clean White Quartz Countertop With Bleach?

White quartz is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its durability, stain resistance, and attractive appearance. However, like any surface, quartz countertops require proper care and cleaning to keep them looking their best. When cleaning quartz, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners which can damage the finish. So can you clean white quartz countertops with bleach?

An Overview of White Quartz Countertops

White quartz countertops, often referred to simply as white quartz, are engineered stone surfaces made from natural quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments. The quartz provides strength and durability, while the resins allow more flexibility in color and pattern.

Some key features of white quartz:

  • Extremely durable – resistant to scratches, stains and heat
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Color and pattern run throughout so superficial damage is less noticeable
  • Non-porous so does not need to be sealed
  • Available in a bright, crisp white and other light neutral shades
  • Provides a clean, contemporary look popular in modern kitchens

Maintaining white quartz requires minimal effort compared to other natural stone surfaces. But it still needs proper care to prevent damage.

Is It Safe to Use Bleach on White Quartz?

Most quartz manufacturers advise against using bleach or other chlorine-based cleaners on quartz surfaces. The reasons are:

  • Bleach can discolor or dull the surface – The chemicals in bleach can react with the resin used in quartz and cause fading or discoloration over time. This can permanently damage the crisp white finish.
  • It can degrade seams and joints – Bleach and other harsh cleaners can break down the adhesives used in quartz fabrication. This allows moisture in that leads to damage.
  • Voids the warranty – Many quartz warranties state that bleach and other harsh chemicals will void the terms of coverage. This leaves you fully responsible for repairs.

While diluted bleach is fine for cleaning in small quantities, regularly using full strength bleach on quartz is not recommended by manufacturers. The damage may not be immediately noticeable, but can build up over time.

Recommended Cleaners for White Quartz

To safely clean white quartz and maintain its bright finish, experts recommend using pH-neutral stone cleaners or mild dish soap. Here are the best cleaning options to use instead of bleach:

Mild Dish Soap and Water

  • Dilute a few drops of mild liquid dish soap like Dawn in warm water
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to gently clean the surface
  • Rinse well and dry with a soft towel

PH-Neutral Stone Cleaners

  • Specifically designed for natural stone surfaces
  • Won’t etch or damage the finish
  • Safe for daily use
  • Rinse residue after cleaning

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water
  • Helps remove stains and discoloration
  • Rinse surface thoroughly after use

Baking Soda

  • Make a paste with baking soda and water
  • Gently rub paste over the surface with a soft cloth
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry

Water and Microfiber Cloth

  • Dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water
  • Wipe down quartz countertops to remove dirt and debris
  • Dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth

Tips for Keeping White Quartz Looking Bright

  • Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining
  • Regularly clean with a PH-neutral quartz cleaner
  • Avoid placing hot pans directly on the surface
  • Use cutting boards to protect from kitchen knives
  • Reseal quartz once a year to refresh water repellency
  • Avoid using abrasive cleansers or scrub pads

Can I Use Bleach on Other Quartz Colors?

For other quartz colors beyond white, it’s also best to avoid bleach. The chemicals can react with the pigments used to create the colors and patterns. A PH-neutral quartz cleaner is the safest option for all shades of engineered quartz countertops.


While white quartz countertops are durable and stain-resistant, bleach is too harsh for routine cleaning. The chemicals in bleach can damage and discolor the finish over time. To keep white quartz counters looking their best, stick to mild dish soap, stone cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or just water and microfiber. Avoiding bleach helps maintain the warranty and prevents long-term damage. With proper care, white quartz countertops will stay looking bright and beautiful for years.