Can Caesarstone Quartz Countertops Have An Edge?

Quartz countertops are popular choices for modern kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance. Caesarstone is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered quartz surfaces. Many homeowners wonder whether Caesarstone quartz countertops can have a finished edge. The answer is yes! Caesarstone offers a variety of edge profiles that can give quartz countertops a polished, finished look.

What Is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a pioneering company in the engineered quartz industry. Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was one of the first manufacturers to successfully replicate the look and feel of natural stone countertops using advanced technology and quality materials.

Some key facts about Caesarstone:

  • Headquarters located in Israel.
  • Manufacturing facilities in several countries including USA and Australia.
  • Offers a wide range of engineered quartz slabs and countertops.
  • Quartz surfaces contain over 90% crushed quartz aggregate combined with resins and pigments.
  • Highly durable, stain resistant, and low maintenance compared to natural stone.
  • Offers innovative designs and patterns including metallic, marble-look, and concrete-style.
  • Provides a limited lifetime warranty for residential installations.

With decades of expertise, Caesarstone has built a reputation for reliable, high-performing engineered stone countertops perfect for kitchens and baths. Their signature quartz surfaces are distributed worldwide.

What Is An Edge Profile?

The edge of a countertop refers to the finished front border that surrounds the perimeter. It can be left raw with a blunt 90-degree angle or transformed with edge profiling.

Edge profiles add shape and design detail to the countertop edge. Common edge profiles include:

  • Eased or beveled – The edge is cut at a slight angle for a sloped shape.
  • Pencil round – The sharp corner is rounded off for a curved pencil-like edge.
  • Full bullnose – The entire edge is rounded for a smooth semi-circular shape.
  • Half bullnose – Only the top edge is rounded, the bottom has a flat lip.
  • Ogee – An elegant S-shaped double curve edge profile.
  • Dupont – A rounded top edge that hangs slightly over a blunt bottom edge.
  • Shark nose – Features a chunky convex curve resembling a shark’s nose.

Edge profiles add finished detail, prevent sharp corners, and customize the look of any countertop. Caesarstone offers several edge options to enhance the beauty of their quartz surfaces.

Can Caesarstone Quartz Have An Edge?

Yes, Caesarstone engineered quartz slabs can be cut and finished with a range of edge profiles. While natural stone countertops depend on the characteristics of each unique slab, the advanced manufacturing process for quartz allows more freedom and consistency when it comes to edging.

Caesarstone uses high-quality Breton stone machinery to precision-cut any edge profile into their quartz slabs. Breton is an Italian company world renowned for stone working equipment. Their cutting-edge technology (pun intended!) enables the creation of all standard edge profiles in quartz countertops.

Each slab is custom cut to size for your project and the edges are shaped, polished, and finished by hand. This personalized fabrication process makes it possible to have bullnose, ogee, eased, half bullnose, or any other edge profile on Caesarstone quartz countertops.

That means you can enjoy the latest trends in edge design as well as sharp clean lines or flowing curves to match your personal style. Caesarstone offers a diverse palette of modern quartz colors and patterns that can be combined with different edging to make your countertops truly one-of-a-kind.

Popular Caesarstone Edge Profiles

Here are some of the most popular edge profiles used on Caesarstone quartz countertops:

Eased Edge

The eased edge features a flat angled slope cut into the front side of the countertop perimeter. This simple beveled shape softens the 90-degree corner with an angled facet that measures between 15-45 degrees. An eased edge gives a sleek minimalist look.

Bullnose Edge

A bullnose is an elegantly rounded edge that provides a soothing curved shape along the counter front. Caesarstone offers both full bullnose and half bullnose edges. The full bullnose is entirely curved across the surface and bottom edge. The half bullnose has just the top edge rounded over while the bottom remains flat. These gracefully curved profiles add beautiful finishing detail.

Mitered Edge

A mitered edge offers clean architectural lines with slanted angular facets meeting at a sharp point. Miters are commonly cut at 45 degrees. Caesarstone can create precise mitered edges to give your quartz countertop contemporary appeal.

Ogee Edge

For a more ornate aesthetic, an ogee profile features a refined S-shape with a concave curve flowing into a convex curve. Caesarstone can sculpt stunning ogee edges to provide your countertops with old-world charm and elegance. The Ogee offers a timeless classic edge design.

Dupont Edge

The Dupont edge is characterized by a blunt truncated bottom that sits slightly recessed while the rounded top portion subtly overhangs. This combination of curves and angles creates visual interest with tasteful simplicity fitting for any kitchen. Caesarstone’s quartz durability allows even delicate edges like the Dupont to maintain their beauty.

Shark Nose Edge

As the name implies, the shark nose profile resembles the curved pointed shape of a shark’s nose. This uniquely bold shape stands out with its chunky rolled lip. Caesarstone can give your countertops an ultra-modern look with the heightened drama of a shark nose edge.

The versatile nature of quartz fabrication enables Caesarstone countertops to be shaped and edged with creativity and flexibility to match any design vision.

Benefits Of Edging Caesarstone Quartz

There are many advantages to having edges professionally cut and finished on Caesarstone quartz:

Enhanced Beauty – Edges provide definition and refinement to maximize the sleek good looks of any Caesarstone countertop.

Smart Design – Edge profiles improve functionality with rounded edges that eliminate sharp corners.

Safety – Finished edges minimize the risk of chipping and injury from sharp 90-degree corners.

Precision – Expert fabrication results in exacting edges cut and set to perfectly uniform specifications.

Polished Finished – Edging adds professionally polished finishing that completes the look of your new dream countertop.

Custom Options – With endless profile possibilities, edges can be tailored to complement your unique kitchen or bath style.

Added Value – Investing in edging increases the value of your home and creates an upscale customized appearance.

Every edge detail matters when designing your perfect countertop. Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces can be expertly edged to fulfill both aesthetic appeal and practical everyday use.

How Much Do Edges Add To The Cost?

Having edges professionally cut and finished will add cost over the base price per square foot of Caesarstone slabs. However, this upcharge is typically money well spent to get the premium details that maximize your countertop investment.

Exact edging prices can vary, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Eased edge – $5-15 per linear foot
  • Standard bullnose – $15-25 per linear foot
  • Half bullnose – $18-28 per linear foot
  • Full bullnose – $25-35 per linear foot
  • Mitered – $18-30 per linear foot
  • Ogee – $25-40 per linear foot
  • Specialty profiles – $30-50+ per linear foot

More intricate and dramatic edges like ogee or shark nose profiles understandably cost more due to increased materials, cutting, polishing, and fabrication time required. However, you get what you pay for with the higher quality construction and visual appeal of exotic edge designs.

Always review your full cost estimate upfront to avoid surprise charges. Reputable countertop dealers will provide a detailed written bid covering all materials, fabrication, edges, seams, cutouts, installation, etc. Extra edging costs are wise investments in the beauty and performance of your new Caesarstone countertops.


Here are some frequently asked questions about edging Caesarstone quartz countertops:

Is it possible to get a decorative edge on Caesarstone?

Yes, the manufacturing process used for Caesarstone quartz enables any type of edge profile from basic eased to elaborate ogee or Dupont designs. Their fabrication experts can cut and polish the edges to match your chosen style.

What edge is best for Caesarstone kitchen countertops?

It depends on your design tastes but some top choices include standard bullnose, half bullnose, or eased edges. Bullnose edges provide a gentle rounded shape that works well in kitchens. Eased edges offer clean lines that complement contemporary spaces.

Can you put an ogee edge on Caesarstone?

Definitely. Caesarstone’s quartz slabs are specially formulated to allow for intricate customized edges like ogees. Just note that ogee and other decorative edges cost more to fabricate.

Is it better to have straight or curved edges on quartz countertops?

This comes down to personal preference. Straight edges like eased or mitered have a more modern sleek look. Curved edges like bullnose and ogee offer a softer more ornate aesthetic. Both profile types work well with Caesarstone.

Should I get polished or rough edges on my quartz countertops?

Polished finished edges are recommended for Caesarstone quartz. The fabrication process includes honing and polishing edges to ensure smooth flawless detailing. Rough half-finished edges would more likely chip and stain.

Can you cut Caesarstone yourself?

It’s not advisable. Caesarstone is engineered stone that requires specialized tools and experience to professionally cut and finish. Do-it-yourself cuts risk cracking and breaking the slabs. Invest in expert fabrication to get the best edging results.

Edge profiling is the secret to taking your Caesarstone countertops to the next level of beauty and luxury. Take your time deciding which edge designs best match your personal style. With the right edges, your new quartz countertops will become a focal point you enjoy for many years.


Caesarstone engineered quartz empowers homeowners to realize stylish countertops limited only by their imagination. Thanks to advanced manufacturing, Caesarstone surfaces can be fabricated with any edge profile for unique dream kitchens and baths.

Whether you prefer straight modern edges like eased or mitered, or curved classical profiles such as ogee and bullnose, Caesarstone offers diverse options. Investing in professional edging pays dividends in terms of aesthetics, quality, and added value.

With Caesarstone, you truly can have it all – durability, elegance, low maintenance, and yes, even the seemingly small yet significant detail of countertop edges customized to your personal taste. Choose from the innovative palette of Caesarstone quartz, mix and match colors and patterns, select your preferred edge profiles, and soon you’ll be enjoying the countertops you’ve always desired.

Caesarstone unlocks a world of design flexibility so you can finally have the kitchen or bath of your dreams edged entirely to your specifications. Say yes to Caesarstone quartz countertops and enjoy the pride that comes with owning a space beautifully made just for you.