Are There Top Mount Sinks for Quartz Countertops?

What are Top Mount Sinks?

A top mount sink, also called a drop-in sink, rests on top of the countertop surface and is surrounded by a lip or rim that sits flush against the counter. The sink creates a recess in the counter and is typically finished off with caulk or sealant around the edges.

Top mount sinks are secured to the countertop from underneath using metal clips, brackets, and silicone adhesive. Unlike undermount sinks which are set into a pre-cut hole, top mount sinks do not require specialized installation and can be installed as a DIY project.

Are Top Mount Sinks Recommended for Quartz?

Quartz manufacturers often recommend undermount sink installations over top mount. The main reason is that top mount sinks leave an exposed rim around the sink that can collect water, dirt, and debris. This makes cleaning more difficult compared to an undermount that creates a smooth transition between the sink and countertop.

However, top mount sinks can absolutely be used with quartz countertops as long as proper care is taken during installation and everyday use. Here are some tips:

  • Select a top mount sink design specifically made for quartz/solid surface countertops. Look for models with tight-fitting rims and minimal overhang. Stainless steel, cast iron, and fireclay sinks tend to work better than porcelain.
  • Use a high-quality caulk or adhesive sealant. This minimizes moisture getting under the rim and prevents leaks. 100% silicone sealant made for kitchen and bath provides the best adherence.
  • Take care not to chip or damage the countertop edges. Quartz is durable but can chip if impacted, leaving an entry point for water.
  • Clean regularly using non-abrasive quartz cleaning products. Pay close attention to the sink rim, using soft cloths and scrub pads.
  • Avoid letting water pool at sink edges. Always keep the countertop dry around the sink perimeter.

Pros and Cons of Top Mount Sinks

Here is a quick comparison of some advantages and disadvantages of using top mount sinks with quartz countertops:


  • Easier and cheaper to install than undermount sinks.
  • Allow more flexibility if you want to replace the sink later on.
  • Rim acts as a backsplash protecting the wall from water splashes.
  • Provide a built-in place to rest kitchen tools and accessories.


  • Exposed sink rim can collect dirt and debris requiring diligent cleaning.
  • Rim edge is prone to chipping or cracking over time.
  • Does not provide as seamless of an appearance compared to undermount.
  • Potential for water damage if rim seal fails.

Installation Tips for Top Mount Sinks

Proper installation is key to ensuring a top mount sink works well with a quartz countertop. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Check that the sink dimensions match the cutout in the quartz. Measure precisely to ensure a tight fit.
  • Set the sink in place without adhesive first to check alignment and fit.
  • Apply silicone caulk generously along the rim bottom to seal against moisture.
  • Use sink clips spaced 4-6 inches apart to mechanically fasten the sink. Tighten evenly.
  • Allow caulk to fully cure for 24-48 hours before using the sink to avoid moisture seeping underneath.
  • Test for leaks by filling the sink with water and checking under for any drips.

Finding Top Mount Sinks for Quartz Countertops

Many major sink brands such as Kohler, Elkay, Ruvati, and Kraus make sink models specifically intended for mounting on solid surface countertops like quartz. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • Elkay Dayton: Stainless steel top mount with cover edges to protect quartz. Available in multiple sizes.
  • Ruvati RVH8300: Workstation kitchen sink with stainless steel ledges and drain grooves.
  • Kraus KHU100-30:Tight-radius stainless steel sink to minimize overhang. Undercoating prevents condensation.
  • Kohler Whitehaven: Enameled cast iron apron-front top mount for a farmhouse look.

Be sure to carefully measure your countertop cutout size to find a properly fitting top mount sink model. With careful installation and regular maintenance, top mount sinks can work successfully on quartz countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Mount Sinks on Quartz

Can you put any sink top mount on quartz?

No, you need to select a top mount sink designed specifically for solid surface countertops. Models with exposed rim edges that sit flush on quartz work best.

Do you have to seal around a top mount sink?

Yes, it is crucial to seal the sink rim to the quartz countertop using a high-quality caulk or adhesive sealant. This prevents moisture from getting under the sink and causing damage.

What is the best material for a top mount sink with quartz?

Stainless steel, enameled cast iron, and fireclay work well. Avoid porcelain sinks which can chip more easily. Copper and granite sinks can also stain or scratch quartz over time.

Can I install a top mount sink myself on my quartz countertop?

Yes, top mount sinks are designed for DIY installation. Carefully check sink and countertop measurements, use sink clips and silicone caulk, and take precautions not to crack the quartz.

How do I clean around a top mount sink on quartz?

Use a soft sponge and gentle quartz cleaning products. Avoid abrasive scrubs. Pay special attention to the sink rim, keeping it free of grime buildup. Be sure to dry water around the sink edges.


While undermount sinks may be preferred for quartz countertops, top mount sinks can also work well as long as the right model is selected and carefully installed. Taking steps to properly seal the edges, clean regularly, and prevent moisture buildup allows a top mount sink to complement a beautiful quartz countertop. Consulting a quartz fabricator for advice can help ensure success. With some diligence, you can enjoy the ease and utility of a top mount sink paired beautifully with durable quartz.