Are There Different Types of Quartz Countertops?

Appearance Variations

Solid Colors

The most basic quartz countertops have a consistent, uniform solid color throughout. Popular options include crisp whites, beiges, grays, and blacks. The color goes all the way through the slab, so chips or scratches don’t reveal a different interior hue. Solid colored slabs provide a clean, modern look.


Many quartz varieties are designed to imitate the look of natural granite. Tiny flecks of color interspersed throughout the slab mimic granite’s speckled aesthetic. Different color variations are available, from whites to grays to darker blacks. The randomly distributed colors provide a natural, earthy appearance.

Marble Look

Slabs that mimic the look of marble feature elegant veining in shades of gray, brown, black or white. The veins are pressed into the slab in patterns to emulate genuine marble. A marble-look quartz provides an upscale, high-end visual.

Other Looks

Some quartz has visible fragments of stone, glass, shells or other materials embedded into the surface. There are also options that incorporate heavy crackle or tumbled looks. These unique styles provide distinctive visual appeal.

Finish Options


A polished finish gives quartz a smooth, shiny look. The sheen emphasizes the color and patterns in the slab. Polished finishes must be regularly sealed to maintain their luster. They also show smudges and fingerprints more.


Honed quartz has a matte, soft finish. It lacks the glossy shine of polished but doesn’t highlight marks as much. A honed finish provides a more natural, subdued look. It doesn’t require frequent sealing.


Textured finishes like a leathered, brushed or etched surface add dimensional interest. Different patterns can create contrast and make the material more stain and scratch resistant. Textures work well for a more rustic style.

Quartz Brands

There are a few major manufacturers of engineered quartz materials. Each produces their own branded lines in a range of colors and styles.


This Minnesota-based company offers a diverse array of quartz countertops. Their Brittanicca line features a marble-look, while the BellaGold has a granitic visual. Cambria slabs come with a 10-year warranty.


One of the first engineered quartz brands, Caesarstone has a wide selection including metallic finishes and variety of textures. Their surfaces are certified low VOC emissions and are NSA certified.


Silestone was the first quartz countertop provider over 20 years ago. They have an extensive collection with unique aesthetics like integrated sinks. Silestone offers a limited lifetime warranty.


For a high-end look, Vicostone’s selections mimic exotic natural stones at more affordable prices. They also incorporate recycles glass, shells and stones into some surfaces.

Other Brands

Several other companies like LG Viatera, Hanstone, Santa Margherita and DuPont Zodiaq also produce quality quartz countertops in a rainbow of color and pattern options.

Are quartz countertops all the same?

While engineered quartz slabs share some similarities, there are definite differences between products from various manufacturers. Here are some considerations when choosing between the types:

  • Appearance – Each brand offers unique styles, colors and patterns. Browse all the options to find your perfect visual.
  • Pricing – Cost can vary between different companies and specific materials. Set a budget and compare quotes.
  • Warranties – Warranty length and coverage details differ. Make sure you understand what defects or damage are included.
  • Maintenance – Some materials are lower maintenance than others. Look for stain, scratch and heat resistance.
  • Sustainability – Several brands use recycled content and environmentally-responsible processes. Research green options.
  • Brand reputation – Look for manufacturers with proven records of quality and customer satisfaction. Read reviews online.

FAQs About Quartz Countertop Types

What is the most popular color of quartz?

Whites, grays and beiges tend to be among the most popular neutral tones chosen for quartz countertops. Soft gray quartz often tops surveys as the most coveted color.

What finish is best for quartz?

For heavy use kitchen counters, polished quartz provides durability and easy cleaning. For bathrooms, honed finishes hide water spots and fingerprints. Both work well but serve different needs.

Does quartz come in unique designs?

Absolutely. Many brands offer quartz with special details like hand-scraped textures, Bold integrated sinks, metallic flecks, recycled glass chips and more. There are myriad possibilities beyond basic solid colors.

Can you get quartz that looks like natural stone?

Yes, quartz designed to mimic marble, granite, soapstone and other stones are available. The patterns are engineered to provide the beauty of natural materials with added durability.

Is quartzmore affordable than natural stone?

In most cases, yes. Quartz is an engineered product formed from natural quartz crystals and resins, so slabs can be produced more efficiently. Granite and marble must be quarried and cut, increasing costs.


While engineered quartz offers some consistent performance qualities across brands, there are many options when it comes to appearance, finish, price and style. Carefully selecting the right variety for your needs and tastes can provide years of enjoyment from this low maintenance, beautiful countertop material. Consult with designers to view examples of different types and visit showrooms to get a feel for each product’s unique look. With so many selections, you’re sure to find the perfect quartz countertops to upgrade your space.