Are Granite Countertops More Expensive Than Quartz?

Granite and quartz are two of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. Many homeowners find themselves trying to decide between these two beautiful natural stone materials. The big question often comes down to cost – so are granite countertops more expensive than quartz?

The Short Answer

The short answer is: granite countertops are generally more expensive than quartz countertops. On average, granite costs $60-$100 per square foot installed. Quartz averages $50-$80 per square foot installed. So while there is some overlap in price ranges, granite tends to be pricier overall.

The Long Answer: Factors That Affect Cost

However, the costs of granite and quartz countertops are dependent on several factors. Simply comparing average prices per square foot does not tell the whole story. Here are some key considerations when comparing granite vs. quartz countertops:

Granite Color and Pattern

Granite is a natural stone that comes in many different colors and patterns. Rare or exotic granites in bold colors or unique patterns often cost more. For example, a basic white or black granite may cost $40/sq.ft. while a multicolor granite with veins or swirls can run $100+/sq.ft. The more dramatic and unique the look, the higher the price.

Quartz Color and Pattern

Quartz is an engineered stone made from natural quartz crystals and resins. While not as widely varied as granite, different quartz styles do vary in price. A basic white or black quartz runs around $50/sq.ft. More unique finishes like mirrored, color-flecked or heavily-patterned quartz costs $70-$100+/sq.ft.

Material Grade

Granite and quartz come in different grades that affect durability and longevity. Higher-grade materials have greater scratch, stain, and heat resistance but cost more. Lower grades may have more flaws and be prone to damage over time. Be sure to pick a high enough grade for your kitchen usage.


Standard thickness for countertops is 3 cm (1.25 inches). Going up to a 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) thickness increases cost but provides more strength. Thinner countertops (2 cm) are also available but may crack or warp more easily.

Edge Profiles

The edges of countertops also impact installation costs. More ornate ogee, chiseled, or laminated edges add stylistic detail but are pricier than standard eased or straight edges.

Fabrication & Installation

Professional fabrication and installation is required, especially for natural stone slabs like granite. Local labor costs play a big role. Complex kitchen layouts or specialty cutting for cooktops/sinks also increases fabrication time and expense.


Natural granite is quarried worldwide and must be shipped to local distributors before fabrication. Transportation costs are embedded in the overall price. Quartz is more readily available through US manufacturers.

Cost Comparison Table

Here is a general price comparison between basic granite and quartz options:

| Material | Price Range |
| Granite | |
| Basic solid color | $40-60 per sq.ft. installed |
| Premium exotic multicolor | $80-100+ per sq.ft installed |
| Quartz | |
| Basic solid color | $50-70 per sq.ft. installed |
| Premium patterned color | $70-90+ per sq.ft. installed |

So while basic quartz is slightly less expensive than basic granite, premium or exotic styles of either material can get quite pricey.

Other Factors in the Granite vs Quartz Decision

Price is just one aspect of choosing between granite and quartz countertops. It is also important to consider:

  • Appearance – Which look do you prefer? Granite offers unique natural patterns while quartz provides uniformity.
  • Maintenance – Quartz is nearly maintenance-free. Granite requires annual sealing.
  • Durability – Quartz is harder and more scratch/stain resistant. But granite is also very durable.
  • Use – Quartz works better for heavy usage kitchens. Granite can withstand heat better.

Carefully weighing these factors along with pricing will help you select the right material – granite or quartz – for your kitchen remodeling. And help determine if the higher initial cost of granite is worth it over quartz for your needs. Be sure to get quotes for both materials from reputable fabricators before making your decision.

Are Granite Countertops More Expensive Than Quartz? The Bottom Line

In most cases, yes – granite countertops do tend to be more expensive than quartz countertops. But there are price overlaps depending on the specific materials, colors, and fabricators you choose. Set your budget, weigh all the pros and cons, and you can find stylish, durable countertops in granite, quartz, or another material to suit your home. With thoughtful planning, you can have the beautiful kitchen you want at a cost you feel comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying more for granite over quartz countertops?

Whether it is “worth it” to pay more for granite depends on your priorities. Granite is more expensive but provides a unique natural look. It also handles heat better than quartz. But quartz practically eliminates maintenance needs. Decide which benefits matter most to your lifestyle and goals.

How much more expensive is granite than quartz?

On average, installed granite countertops run $10-20 per square foot more than installed quartz countertops. But you can find granite and quartz options at similar price points, so focus on finding the specific material you love rather than just the lowest price.

Can quartz be cheaper than granite?

Yes, basic quartz styles in solid white or black can be slightly cheaper than basic granite. But premium or exotic granite and quartz will be more expensive. Make sure to compare quotes on the exact materials/colors you want before deciding.

Is granite worth the extra cost over quartz?

Granite may be worth the extra cost if you prefer its natural beauty and want to highlight it in your kitchen. It also holds up better under direct heat. But quartz practically eliminates maintenance needs. You’ll have to evaluate which benefits and drawbacks matter most to your kitchen.

Should I stretch my budget for granite countertops?

If having natural granite is really important to your dream kitchen, it may be worth stretching your budget a bit, as you’ll enjoy it for years to come. But make sure to get quotes on different granite grades – you can find affordable options to work with your budget.


When choosing between granite and quartz countertops, carefully weigh the pros, cons, and costs. Granite provides a stunning visual impact but requires annual sealing. Quartz offers effortless maintenance yet lacks natural patterning. Set your budget but remain open to materials and quotes within your range. With an informed decision, you can find beautiful, durable countertops to fit your lifestyle and space. Focus on the long-term enjoyment of your kitchen rather than just the initial price tag. The right countertop material for you is out there!