Are DuPont Quartz Countertops Good?

DuPont quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. Here is an in-depth look at whether DuPont quartz countertops are a good option for your home.

What is DuPont Quartz?

DuPont is a brand name for engineered stone countertops made from quartz crystals mixed with resins and pigments. The resins bind the quartz particles together to create a hard, non-porous surface. DuPont pioneered the engineered stone category in the 1980s and remains a leading manufacturer today.

Some key facts about DuPont quartz:

  • Made from about 90% ground quartz crystals combined with polyester resins and pigments.
  • Offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Non-porous so resists staining and etching better than natural stone.
  • Does not require sealing like granite.
  • Harder and more scratch resistant than granite.
  • Carries a 10-year limited warranty.

Pros of DuPont Quartz Countertops

There are many benefits that make DuPont quartz an attractive countertop choice:


DuPont quartz is highly durable and resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches in everyday use. The quartz particles make it tougher than granite. It can stand up well in busy kitchens and bathrooms over years of use.

Easy Maintenance

Quartz requires very little maintenance compared to other countertop materials. It never needs to be sealed, and only needs occasional cleaning with a mild soap and water. You don’t have to worry about treating spills before they can stain.


The non-porous surface makes DuPont quartz resistant to bacteria growth. It does not require sealing to keep germs at bay. This makes it a hygienic option.

Stain Resistant

Spills and stains easily wipe off the surface of quartz countertops. Even wine, coffee, juice, and oil only require mild soap and water for removal. Acidic foods like lemon juice do not etch quartz like they can marble.

Affordable Luxury

While not cheap, quartz costs significantly less than natural stone counters like granite or marble. The price is reasonable for a low-maintenance surface that imitates the look of these more expensive options.

Stylish Appearance

DuPont offers quartz slabs in a vast array of colors and patterns that mimic granite, marble, and other natural stone looks. There are also solid color options. The material can be an elegant focal point.

Integrated Sinks

Seamless, integrated sinks can be carved from a quartz slab to give a boutique, high-end look. This is not possible with natural stone.


DuPont quartz contains no toxic materials and produces no radiation. It is a safe, eco-friendly material.

Cons of DuPont Quartz Countertops

Quartz has its drawbacks, although they are relatively minor:

  • Cost – Quartz is more expensive than options like laminate. Granite remains a less costly alternative.
  • Seams – Noticeable seams are usually present between slabs. These should be considered during planning.
  • Heat Damage – Direct contact with very hot pans can damage the surface. Using trivets is recommended.
  • Repairs – Seamless repairs are not possible. Damaged sections need replacement.
  • Porosity – Although non-porous, some liquids can penetrate quartz if left for prolonged periods. Timely cleanup is important.
  • Upkeep – Occasional cleaning and resealing of seams will be needed to keep counters pristine long-term.

Are DuPont Quartz Countertops a Good Choice?

For most homeowners, the pros of DuPont quartz outweigh the cons, making it a practical, stylish, and durable countertop material. Key advantages like low maintenance, durability, stain resistance, and appearance make quartz a top choice for busy kitchens.

DuPont quartz offers a great combination of form and function. It pairs the elegant aesthetics of natural stone with extreme resilience against cracking, staining, and heat damage. Maintenance requirements are very minimal compared to other stone materials. From a quality and performance perspective, DuPont quartz makes an excellent countertop choice. It can provide long-lasting beauty in kitchens and baths.

Homeowners should consider factors like costs, color options, and styles available when deciding if quartz is right for their home. For many people, DuPont quartz offers the ideal balance of durability, ease of care, and design flexibility. It remains one of the most popular options when selecting new countertops today. With proper installation and care, DuPont quartz countertops can provide lasting satisfaction for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DuPont quartz really maintenance free?

DuPont quartz requires very little maintenance, but it is not 100% maintenance free. Spills should be wiped up promptly, and surfaces should be cleaned regularly with a quartz-safe cleaner. Resealing of seams may be needed every 3-5 years.

How durable is DuPont quartz?

Quartz is very durable and resistant to most damage with proper use and care. It can stand up to heavy use and last for many years. However, extremely high impact forces may chip the edges. Heat can damage the surface if hot pans are directly placed on it.

Does DuPont quartz stain easily?

DuPont quartz is non-porous and resistant to stains from spills and everyday use. However, some liquids if left for prolonged periods can penetrate slightly and leave a stain, so prompt cleanup of spills is still important.

Is DuPont quartz expensive?

DuPont quartz is priced higher than options like laminate but is more affordable than most natural stone surfaces like granite or marble. The 10-year warranty also makes it a good value in terms of longevity.

Does DuPont quartz come in lots of colors?

Yes, DuPont offers one of the widest selections of quartz colors and patterns on the market. There are attractive options from white to black that mimic marble, granite, concrete, and more.


With its stylish appearance, extreme durability, and easy maintenance, DuPont’s quartz countertops offer an attractive combination of form and function. For homeowners seeking a sophisticated, quality surface that performs well under heavy use, quartz is an excellent choice. Appropriate care and cleaning will keep DuPont quartz counters looking like new for many years of enjoyment.