Quartz Countertop Problems

Some quartz countertop problems are easily solved. But other problems may require expensive professional repair. No matter how minor or severe the damages you are having with your countertop, you can find a solution. Whether it is completely replacing the damaged countertop or having an expert repair it, you should not be discouraged by your problems. You can get your counters functional in a timely and affordable manner. Professionals can solve any problems you may be having with countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your house. It is a beautiful and functional material, so you should get any glitches fixed as soon as possible and you will be able to fully enjoy your investment.

Fixing Blemishes In The Surface

Some of the most common quartz countertop problems are those concerning blemishes in the surface. Since it is a natural material it will have natural blemishes. In fact, these are what give it such a beautiful gem like look. Some quartz is man made to make it even stronger. The process of adding strength to the slabs can leave tell marks. Usually, the manufacturer spots these marks before they are installed in a home or sold to a customer. Indeed, many people get amazing discounts on blemished stones. These blemishes are often too small to notice with the naked eye. For the thrifty home remodeler this is a great way to save money on this amazing material.

Even if your slabs are not man made there are many natural blemishes that may cause quartz countertop problems. The cutting of such a hard stone can leave marks. These marks are usually removed in the extensive grinding and polishing process. Also, when the slabs are installed on a counter, the installer will often have to make some last minute cuts to make it fit perfectly. If this is the case, there could be tell marks from the installers blades. No matter who made the marks, they can be fixed without tearing them out. A professional quartz installer should be able to fix the marks.

The process of repairing quartz countertop problems and blemishes is a very special skill that involves complicated processes. The painstaking task often requires painting and chip repair so you should never try to fix blemished pieces on your own. In fact, you should leave all of your installation and repair to professionals. If you try to fix them yourself you will doubtlessly be creating more problems for yourself down the road. This can be an expensive and annoying mistake if you constantly have to repair a wrongly installed countertop.

Just because it is such a strong and durable material does not mean that you should not expect quartz countertop problems. Quartz is virtually indestructible. It is non-porous so water does not damage it. Also, it is a naturally anti-microbial, so it inhibits the growth of bacteria on its surface. And it is one of the hardest materials on Earth. It does not scratch, even when used as a cutting board or chopping block. It does not need to be sealed like marble does, so it requires less maintenance. You can expect a quartz countertop to be free of any problems if it is properly manufactured and installed. But if you do run into quartz countertop problems, you can find affordable solutions.

Cracking And Collapsing

In some extreme cases of quartz countertop problems, customers have reported that their countertops have cracked. This can be dangerous because it such a heavy material. Equally dangerous situations can be when a countertop weighs too much for the cabinets on which it sits. To prevent such quartz countertop problems, make sure that your cabinets are strong enough beforehand. You may need to reinforce the cabinets to make sure that they will safely hold the weight of the quartz for years to come.

If a slab does crack it can be repaired. These cracks are usually the result of the substructure being to weak. If a slab bows or collapses on one end, the whole piece may be compromised. Often, the bowing is not even visible to the naked eye, but it could be enough to make the quartz buckle or crack. After the substructure is repaired a professional installer can basically glue the countertop pieces back together. Then, the installer will hide the crack with precision painting and gluing. This can be an expensive repair so it is always smart to make sure that you take the proper precautions before the initial installation.

Quartz countertop problems are actually very rare. If you have your countertops installed by a licensed, bonded, and insured professional, the likelihood that you will run into any problems in the long run are greatly reduced.

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